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(en) Lebanon, kafeh: A study on the classification of the Lebanese parties and currents [machine translation]

Date Thu, 17 Sep 2020 08:37:57 +0300

A study conducted by the Kaffah movement! On the classification of the Lebanese parties and currents and their political position based on the reconciliation between their ideological thought and their practices on the ground. The position of each party will be explained: ---- - Hizbullah: There is no doubt that its religious ideology and expansionist authoritarian ideas place it at the extreme right of the authoritarian, which classifies it as an Islamic fascist party par excellence. ---- The Islamic Group (and its affiliates are Sunni extremist movements): It is also positioned side by side with Hezbollah because of its similarity to it in its quest to control its political ideology and religious extremism.
The Progressive Socialist Party: It is true that its ideology and ideology is a secular socialist, but the domination of the Jumblatt family over it and its Druze sectarian practices makes it an authoritarian, right-wing fief par excellence.
The Baath Party: occupies the center of the moderate authoritarian left, due to its repressive practices wherever it controls.
The youth movement for change: its Marxist ideology places it in the field of the socialist left.
The Syrian Nationalist Party: It is true that it considers itself a leftist, but its ethnic ideology and its similarity to the Nazi-Hitler ideology make it a fascist party par excellence.
Amal Movement: Its Shiite ideas (relatively moderate) and its hegemony over power for decades put this movement in the middle of the right-wing authoritarian square.
The Free Patriotic Movement: the authoritarian family domination, whether within the party or in the decision-making centers as a whole, with its outwardly secular ideology and Christianity in reality, it places it in the authoritarian moderate right.
The Hanshak Party: Yes, its ideology is a socialist left, but its Armenian identity brings it closer to centrism.
The Lebanese Communist Party: It is natural for Marxist-Leninists to be close to socialism in relation to their thought and practices.
The Lebanese Forces: their history, practices, and Christian ideologies place them in the position of the extreme right with loyalty and deification of their leader, who tends it slightly towards authoritarianism despite its calls for democracy.
The Marada Movement: similarity in thought and practice with the forces, with little openness towards leftist and Arab thought, which makes it more moderate.
The Arab Democratic Party: Despite its leftist Arab ideology, its loyalty to the Alawite sect puts it to the right.
The People's Movement: Its position on the moderate left, due to its popular positions and alliances.
The Nasserite Popular Organization: The Nasserite thought is leftist in nature and close to socialism with an Arabist flavor.
The Lebanese Democratic Party: its loyalty to the leader, sect, and political inheritance puts it on the far right.
- The Arab Tawhid Party: the practice of this party and the sectarian and regional hegemony over it (like the Democratic Party, but without inheritance) with its openness to the left, placing it in the position of the moderate right.
- Al-Tashnak: his loyalty to the Armenian community (not the leader), and his openness to all parties, makes him a moderate right-wing.
- Two citizens and two citizens of a country: his secular ideas and his calls for state sovereignty make him in the moderate, semi-authoritarian left
- The Democratic Youth Union: his leftist ideology and the harmony of his faith with the Communist Party with a democratic whiff puts him in the authoritarian little left.
The Lebanese Phalanges: family and religious domination over him places him on the far right, with a liberal twist due to his democratic ideas and practices.
The Azm Movement: its regional foundation and somewhat capitalist ideas place it on the liberal moderate right
Ramgavar: His Armenian identity and liberal ideas make him a right-handed center.
The Popular Observatory for Fighting Corruption: Its anti-authority practices and the leftist whim of most of its members place it in the liberal moderate left.
The Democratic Left: its liberal leftist ideas and its reverence for democracy and freedom of expression make it a liberation trend.
Free Patriots: His liberal ideas and family loyalty determine his position.
The National Dialogue Party: Its capitalist leadership makes it a moderate right-wing capitalist party.
The National Bloc: His family loyalty to his liberal ideas and openness to the left place him in the liberal center right.
You stink: It is true that they reject ideology, but their practices on the ground make them centrists leaning toward the liberal left.
The Socialist Forum: Its Left Trotskyist ideas and practices place it in the field of the liberation left.
The Future Movement: It is a capitalist par excellence with a Sunni sectarian domination over it.
Sabaa Party: also a capitalist, but its secularism brings it closer to right-wing moderation.
The Green Party: Its ideas, attitudes, and practices make it a liberal, centrist, slightly to the left.
Lahqiqi: His structure and ideas place him in the moderate liberal left.
The Kifah Movement!: Its anarchist ideology (libertarian anarchism) and its practice place it at the extreme left of the libertarian anarchist.

In conclusion, the Lebanese popular weight and the majority of party support lies on the right and the majority of it is on the authoritarian right, which makes the Lebanese people in themselves the defender of the oligarchy, the dominant feudal system.

No real change will happen before this people gives up their absolute loyalty and blind defense of the leaders who make up the ruling system.

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