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(en) ait russia: Working performances in Ukraine [machine translation]

Date Thu, 17 Sep 2020 08:37:42 +0300

Protests and strikes by port workers and miners once again brought attention to the class struggle in Ukraine. The speeches of the workers of the port of Reni and the miners of Krivoy Rog are especially resonant. ---- On September 10, several workers from Reni, Odessa Oblast, went on a hunger strike because they were not paid money to clean oil tanks near the local port. "People have barricaded themselves in a tank and are demanding wages. It is located on the banks of the Danube River. The height is about 11 meters, the capacity is about 3 thousand tons," one of the Rhenians said, adding that the protesters also threatened to commit self-immolation if they were pulled out. out. A hunger strike participant has already recorded a special video message, saying that he and 9 other people have been cleaning 2 large containers at the oil depot from coal tar for more than 2 months. They worked in the most difficult conditions, but in the end the representative of the Ukrchem company, which was supposed to pay the money earned, refused to do so. The men were given only part of the money under the pretext that one tank was allegedly not ready to receive diesel fuel. "We have brewed in this tank. We are going on a hunger strike," said the worker

Protests continue in another, Berdyansk, port, where the state intends to dismiss almost 60% of the workforce. All this is done with the aim of the subsequent privatization of the enterprise, which can be given into the hands of a private owner, or at least transfer the port to a long-term concession. From the bankrupt enterprise they throw away the ballast from the "extra" people, at the same time getting rid of basic social obligations. However, workers have already begun to go to protest rallies, demanding from the Ministry of Infrastructure to prevent mass layoffs ( https://ukraina.ru/opinion/20200911/1028884472.html )

On August 29, in the Lviv region, miners from the Nadezhda mine refused to rise to the surface, protesting against non-payment of wages since March. 18 people remained underground, the rest were raised to the surface due to deterioration of health (https://korrespondent.net/ukraine/4272708-rabochye-v-reny-zakrylys-v-neftianom-rezervuare)

Large-scale strike demonstrations in Kryvyi Rih have continued since September 3. At the Oktyabrskaya mine in Kryvyi Rih, 29 miners remain underground. The protest action is complicated by unfavorable conditions in the mine - high levels of humidity and the intensity of the spread of fungi. On September 7, miners of the Batkivshchyna mine at the Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Combine (KZhRK) supported their colleagues from the Oktyabrskaya mine and also began an underground protest. On September 8, in Krivoy Rog, almost 400 miners of the Batkivshchyna, Gvardeyskaya, Ternovskaya and Oktyabrskaya mines remained underground (https://vesti.ua/strana/v-reni-rabochie-zakrylis-v-neftyanom-rezervuare-trebuya-vyplaty-zarplaty).

On September 7, about 200 miners, family members and other citizens gathered in Krivoy Rog for another rally in support of the strikers ( https: //suspilne.media/61213-u-krivomu-rozi-projsov-cergovij-miting-na-p ... )

Hundreds of Ukrainian miners refuse to rise to the surface, demanding higher wages, better working conditions and the return of preferential work experience for miners working underground. The owners of the Krivoy Rog iron ore plant, which is jointly managed by the Metinvest group and the Privat group, stubbornly refuse to fulfill the workers' demands. They refuse to make concessions to the workforce of their enterprise and are struggling to suppress the strike to avoid unplanned expenses and keep their own surplus profits. According to Kryvyi Rih trade union activists, representatives of the owners are putting pressure on the families of the striking miners. And most importantly, they take the rioters to death - in the truest sense of the word. Security guards check the food rations of workers descending underground, so that they do not take "extra" food with them for the protesting comrades who remain in the slaughter for more than a week. The oligarchs' tactics are based on an attempt to silence the resonant strike (https://ukraina.ru/opinion/20200911/1028884472.html )

Meanwhile, as the Kharkiv independent social portal "Assembly" reports, on August 26 in the morning at the local plant "Electrotyazhmash" the 4th rally was held demanding to pay off the wage arrears. Following the results of the previous rally and meeting with the administration, it was possible to achieve salaries for June. This time, the informal initiative group again made an appeal in their Facebook group.

Acting arrived to talk to people. the general director of the plant Viktor Busko, reinstated by the court on August 17. He said that he would try to fulfill the requirements, but this was not yet certain, because it might not work out. The team listened to the next stories.

The agreements reached were announced in more detail by Anton Tolokov: "Until the end of next week July is extinguished, August is planned within 10 days from payment for July. The company needs to be loaded. Working capital is needed. , will come and put him on rods, although, perhaps, more effective methods are needed. "

"Show that we have a stable job, so that we continue to get paid ..."

On the whole, it seems that the situation is stalemate. The ineffectiveness of the leadership and its disregard for the needs of subordinates are faced with indifference to the restoration of the enterprise on the part of the collective, out of about 3 thousand of which only about a hundred take part in the protests. Many people sit on 2/3 of the rate, quit or look for part-time jobs on the side. "And there are not many options. Either believe and wait, if there is money to wait, or leave ... I want to eat every day. Many married couples used to work, but now only wives are left," the ex-factory worker told the Assembly. there were ministers, and Kucher. They promised a lot, but no one did. How they are going to hold local elections, xz. Turbo and hydroelectric production is a lot of money, but with a long production cycle. Working capital and salary came from electric traction production. But now orders are much less. We buy American locomotives, which means the filling is also theirs. This means that ETM without orders and money. We have lost the Russian market, but they build locomotives well. There you will no longer find VL-8, which are in full swing in Ukraine since 1956-1965. Of course, our technical backwardness plays an important role. And the machines are old, and the technologies, and the products also require updating. This requires huge funds and labor resources. And the specialists scattered. Well, this is the problem of the post-Soviet states. " which are in full swing in Ukraine and from 1956-1965 year of release. Of course, our technical backwardness plays an important role. And the machines are old, and the technology, and the products also require updating. This requires huge funds and labor resources. And the specialists scattered. Well, this is the problem of the post-Soviet states. " which are in full swing in Ukraine and from 1956-1965 year of release. Of course, our technical backwardness plays an important role. And the machines are old, and the technologies, and the products also require updating. This requires huge funds and labor resources. And the specialists scattered. Well, this is the problem of the post-Soviet states. "

The monotony of the actions carried out can also contribute to the atmosphere of apathy. Marina Logvinenko, for example, directly states this: "Well, how did you defend your rights today? Or are you again full of breakfasts and are happy if you have begged for some 20% of your salary? I wrote here more than once and I repeat: there will be a real protest - I will take part, and I just don't see the point in supporting this squalor. " Like Vasily Matosov: "You just have to sit down with the whole plant and sit until the money is given, otherwise they will tell a new tale every day." Another employee comments: "What to do? Go with a pitchfork? Will not help. Change work? Who needs us under 60 years old? Go to the panel? Conscience does not allow. And there is no time, and I don't want to. I want stability and poise. To wake up and not think about where to get money.

On Friday, August 28, 25% of the salary for July was paid (https://assembly.org.ua/po-dobroj-tradiczii-chetvertyj-miting-za-zarplatu-na-elektrotyazhmashe/)

They had to pay in full for the month before the end of next week. On Thursday, September 3, First Deputy Director Dmitry Kostyuk entered shop 006, where he turned the calendar over and gave explanations and promises, retold in a post on Facebook by shop employee Alexei Sapronov:

- The second 25% of the salary for July will be paid until next Wednesday, at the most. the plant is waiting for payment from Turboatom in the amount of 13 million hryvnias, and the amounts on the accounts are directed to the purchase of materials and components in order to provide the workshop with further work: "I also walk on the ground, but in order to survive in the future, to work, and to what was it to pay back wages, now I need to buy materials to load production, this is my decision ";

- electric traction production will receive 100% advance payment for products, the main customers are interested in cooperation with the plant, between Kostyuk and acting the general director had a long and difficult conversation, "but Busko and I agreed that the plant should work and be provided with orders, and people - with work and wages";

- regarding the planned next meeting "he said that he cannot forbid us to gather and demand a salary, but these actions have an impact on the image of the plant in front of customers, and the confidence level under the agreements is violated";

- the resigned specialists will be hired back to work, regardless of whether the person quit at three salaries or one at a time;

- an agreement was reached with "Sinara" to revive the production of EDP-810 and ED-515.

The promised "second 25%" has not yet been reported. And the interest itself is a tricky thing. As noted in the group of the enterprise, "25% of the salary of the director and 25% of the salary, for example, of a simple sling, is heaven and earth: more than 200,000 and less than 8,000. Some of this amount will not feed a cat, while others can half department for a month to feed ". So, acting General Director Viktor Busko received UAH 208,745 in June, despite his dismissal in the middle of the month.

The administration has been repeating since last autumn that the money goes to the purchase of materials and one needs to be patient. Therefore, already a week before that, proposals were actively crawling through the team to completely stop work. And not within the framework of legal procedures, because the trade union at the enterprise is de facto incompetent. "These are just scum that are killing the plant. And there is no one to stop the lawlessness - the power is now only impotent and thieves," a former worker of the plant Anton Tolokov told the "Assembly". "People already want to stop work, stop shipping. tired and want to eat corny ... "

Igor Reutov also addressed his colleagues on Wednesday, September 2: "It's time to act, I propose on Monday a meeting of all workers, that is, us, with the blocking of all branches of production for and in the plant, suspension of work until the full payment of wages. we will be polite on our part, we do not throw words to the wind, we are strong, we need to prepare and hope that the second part of the onlookers will see and support, we need a strong, morally stable, collective fist. "

Tatyana Karpenko added: "You want to sit stupidly and do nothing, so they will never be given, everyone will speak" to materials ", but not to the salary. , and explain the situation. Or maybe let them give back the wage arrears to the people and close the plant to hell, and not enrich themselves at our expense. "

Victoria Volkova came up with another option: "We must go not to the White House, but to Busko's office, and sit there until there is a result, and also call Kucher, who promised a lot, but is not capable of anything".

Sergei Krutko, who had previously worked at Electrotyazhmash, also made an appeal to mobilize: "The main shops need to stop! Assembly and procurement workshops! 6, 20, 9, 18 shops! Only by pressure! Only persistently! Only boldly! You can get your salary! And if you hit by the boss - like, you don't like it, you can quit! Boldly answer - you are not a plant director, and I myself (myself) will decide when I quit! "

However, for all the complexity of the situation, so far nothing has come of the announced plans. "In this fist, not all fingers are present," Alexander Korostylev comments in the community. "As practice shows, the same ones do this, and the rest work great at the machine and pretend they don't know anything. and the same ones look out from the windows, nothing changes. "

"Many have realized that this is a useless business. Those meetings do not really solve anything, only beautiful promises are heard, and everyone could see the result," continues in an interview with the "Assembly." "The path to a legal strike will take at least two months, and an illegal , again, up to 100 people will gather. Until there is support from the entire team, or at least 75%, the strike is doomed to failure, with subsequent sanctions from the leadership. "

Alexander Nikolaevich asks about the same: "There is no majority yet, the backbone of people has not yet formed ... A handful of people will leave, demand, and hundreds and more eyes will look out of the windows and think how it will end ... For those who left ... Not yet will be the majority, then there is nothing to talk about. Or are there other opinions? "

So far, the situation is at a dead end, from whatever side you look. The forecasts for the near future in the group are also not very encouraging: "There are orders, just in the light of the latest events related to the outflow of personnel, the volumes that customers want in applications are simply unrealistic, since there are few qualified specialists left who can fulfill orders , and again, Busko said at the meeting that September was contracted for the draft, and for October there was a contract on the way, but otherwise we'll wait and see. "

"Never mind, a new Messiah will come and broadcast his program of promises and the timing of debt repayment. Everything is as old as the world. Another will come to the trough, and until he eats, he will not give to others. Workers will be extreme again. And the union is silent. The union knows how to lay flowers. , and keep silent at the meetings of the next director with the team. "

As of Wednesday evening, September 9, 22.5% of salary for July was paid. Now people are waiting for Friday - but it looks like this is the last amount this week ( https://assembly.org.ua/direkcziya-elektrotyazhmasha-v-preddverii-polnomasshtabnoj-zabastovki-prezentovala-plan-po-razresheniyu-trudovogo-konflikta/)

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