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(en) avtonom: Igor Olinevich about the Belarusian revolution [machine translation]

Date Tue, 15 Sep 2020 09:04:04 +0300

Anarchist and former political prisoner Igor Olinevich spoke about his vision of the situation in Belarus in a new video. We also provide a text version from Igor's telegram channel . ---- Hello. My name is Igor Olinevich, I am a former political prisoner of the Lukashenka regime , the author of the book " I am going to Magadan ", where I described the torture and abuse of prisoners in the KGB prison. ---- When I saw the first photographs of the tormented guys from Akrestsin Street, looked through those terrible footage from the ROVD, in which people were dragged out like cattle and put on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs, I learned methods that were painfully familiar from my own experience. Once upon a time, the chastisers beat me with truncheons in a crowd, beat my head on the concrete floor, tortured me with rigid stretch marks, took me along the corridors with broken arms, and humiliated me in every possible way. Even worse, they used sophisticated mental torture and forced to listen to others being tortured. Many years have passed, but the feeling that everything was like yesterday.

Now the network is full of speculations that the surge in violence from punishers was allegedly spontaneous and was even caused by revenge in response to violence from the demonstrators. This is not true. For several years, while in prison, I studied the methodology of repression, and I argue that the bacchanalia of terror and atrocities that the punishers unleashed on the streets of our cities is a planned punitive action to pacify the entire society. Let me emphasize that it is the entire society. That is why there were so many obviously random people among those tortured in dungeons. Chance is the method of punitive action, because fear is only then all-embracing and paralyzes the will when the selection criteria are not obvious, when there is no safe line of behavior. This topic is discussed in more detail in another article, with little-known historical precedents as evidence.

Here, I will only emphasize the conclusion: the punitive action was planned, an order was given to carry it out, the goal was to sow fear and paralyze the will of the people with a decisive cruel blow.

The fascists miscalculated. Instead of kneeling down, the Belarusian people found strength and cheered up. Of course, Lukashenka has a huge experience of holding on to power, after all, for 26 years. And despite the ongoing mass protests, strikes and strikes, the tyrant is still in power. However, his song is sung. A solely bayonet-based mode is neither strong nor durable. Power is already giving in! We have all seen the fear of the tyrant at the MZKT, we have all seen his clowning with an automatic device.

Citizens, despite the fact that his own environment will merge him - don't get fooled! No negotiations, no compromises, no cabinet changes! Only the immediate departure of Lukashenka and the entire top nomenclature of power, absolute and unconditional. Tribunal over the August torturers for war crimes.

If the old elites consolidate their power again, there will be no investigation into the August crimes. For the sake of appearance, they will condemn several of the most odious punishers from above and among the performers. The rest will swear allegiance to the new government and will continue to "serve the people."

I am talking about this because a whole queue has already lined up for negotiations, they already want to establish political parties. Is this serious? What legal methods can we talk about, what procedure for recalling deputies and the functioning of parties? The regime openly tortures and kills people in order to maintain its power. This power is fascist, occupational, state laws have lost even formal legitimacy. They don't talk to the fascists, they are fought with by appropriate methods.

The real strength of the Belarusian revolution lies in decentralization and self-organization. Create horizontal networks across the workplace, school and home. Establish meetings in every yard, in every workshop, in every office, in every educational institution, in every hospital. Promote your trusted delegates to a more global level - city, inter-district, regional; from the shop to the enterprise, from the enterprises to the entire industry as a whole. Let the delegates be under the control of your meetings, and any committees and strike committees under the control of your delegates. Not from top to bottom, as it used to be, but from bottom to top!

When the whole country is covered with a system of popular assemblies, workers' syndicates, volunteer associations, only then the Belarusian people will become a real political entity that can determine the common future.

Without this foundation, the ruling nomenklatura will become bolder and will again rush to power. The experience of the post-communist countries shows that yesterday's stranglers of the people's will and executioners briskly changed their colors and reassigned posts and property to themselves, naturally, under new banners and slogans.

The better and more firmly we are now self-organizing on the principles of direct democracy, the sooner and more consistently we will build a true democracy and a country for life.


The future is in our hands!

We are the people! Fascism will not work!

We are stronger and we will win!

Long live Belarus!

Igor Olinevich


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