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(en) Greece, DYSINIAN HORSE APO: [PATRAS]Call of the women's initiative against patriarchy in the course of pride on Saturday, July 11, 18:00, Olgas Square [machine translation]

Date Mon, 13 Jul 2020 10:02:21 +0300

Posted in: Women's Initiative Against Patriarchy , Processes - Events - Concentrations . Leave a comment ---- We keep the flame of the stonewall revolt alive. ---- In recent months we have been living in a situation of incalculable humanitarian catastrophe and unprecedented social crisis, where the criminal and murderous nature of the state-capitalist system for the majority of society and especially for its most vulnerable and poor sections is emphatically highlighted. The state and capitalist system of organizing society, which is already condemning millions of people to death from starvation, disease and war, is trying to maintain its privileges and position of power. From the dismantling of public health structures through underfunding, layoffs, hospital closures, resulting in the availability of minimal intensive care beds, in relation to real needs, to the benefit of businesses and bosses, at the same time as more looting labor conquests, with employer arbitrariness and impunity growing in the midst of a pandemic, with layoffs, uninsured work, over-exploitation.

The response of the state and capital to the needs of society was to invoke individual responsibility and the obligatory confinement of people in their homes with the aim not of eliminating the pandemic but of discipline and control. At the same time, no progress has been made in improving the health system, either by hiring new staff, by opening new beds at ICUs, or by supplying medical equipment.

At the same time, "Staying Home" was not possible for many people, for the homeless, refugees and migrants, prisoners and, of course, for women and children who experience domestic violence in their own homes. . State campaigns to combat domestic violence are at least hypocritical as we know that this system as it feeds and is fed by the patriarchy and has no disposition to rupture.

Then, "staying home" could not be possible for all those who worked day and night in supermarkets, call centers, hospitals, etc. under destructive working conditions and with minimal -to minimal- protection measures. At the same time, the patriarchally structured society wants the woman to fully shoulder the household and the upbringing of the children in combination with all the above. At the risk of their lives, working women continued to go to work every day, which made them even more burdensome, especially in the case of single-parent families.

Finally, the criminal conditions faced by both migrants in concentration camps and those incarcerated in prisons and psychiatric clinics place these people in a constant state of danger. There, overcrowding, miserable living conditions and a lack of medical care foretell a frightening future, as fast transmission seems inevitable. A typical example is the death of the prisoner Azizel Deniroglou, who died helplessly in her cell, in the prisons of Thebes. Also indicative is the fact that migrant women were denied access to hospitals during the pandemic, even during childbirth.

During this unprecedented, socially, period, the patriarchal violence that already existed intensified for women but also for LGBT people + individuals. Patriarchy is a cornerstone of the world of power and a key element of its social reproduction. Like any form of power, it exists, is cultivated and is imposed at every level of social organization. In addition to the total exploitation and oppression imposed on those below, there is also oppression in the field of gender-based segregation and sexuality.

In response to the oppressive nature of the patriarchal system, on June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Uprising took place , on the occasion of the police raid on the Gay Bar '' Stonewall Inn'' of New York. The events that took place in the streets of New York in those days are considered decisive for the development of the organization of the American and international homosexual movement. Oppressed homosexuals have claimed their visibility and rights on the streets. In the aftermath of the uprising, dozens of LGBTQ organizations were formed that encouraged people not to hide their sexual identities and propagated their active participation in struggle initiatives. It is worth noting that with the Stonewall uprising, the issue of sexual preferences took on a political face. The memory of the Stonewall uprising lives on today with the holding of pride in places worldwide. The memory of the Stonewall uprising inspires all of us.

Today, in the midst of a pandemic, the state is intensifying the repressive planning that it had begun to implement in the past. The occupation of entire areas, the evacuation of occupied areas and structures of the movement, the persecution and arrest of militants, the upgrading of the repressive corps, are now combined in a plan of a comprehensive counter-insurgency campaign, at a time when the state is already carrying out a new sweeping attack and intends to sharpen it. Thus, comes the recent bill for the suppression of demonstrations submitted to the Parliament and attempts to impose conditions on the conduct of demonstrations, criminalizing their bodies with specific offenses, attempting to limit them through intimidation and physical repression of protesters.

Today, it is more relevant than ever to restore the characteristics of the then-insurgents. To be on the road, to fight together: lgbtq + people, women, pupils, students, workers of the Plebian strata against a system that breeds oppression, gives birth to sexism and homophobia, against a system that does not fit us. To resist the regime frameworks defined by the sovereignty and to organize with our own characteristics, anti-institutional and self-organized. To organize and unite class and through our existence on the road to fight every form of power and oppression knowing that only a world of equality, freedom and solidarity can fit us all.





POREA: Saturday 11/07 at 18:00 from pl. Olgas.

Women initiative against patriarchy

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