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(en) Freedom Initiative of Thessaloniki: Gathering against the new bill for the suspension of the demonstrations: Thursday 9/7, 19:00, Statue of Venizelos. [machine translation]

Date Sat, 11 Jul 2020 10:31:02 +0300

There will be no silence in the cemetery. Let the streets become torrents of the class wrath of the oppressed. ---- "As freedom recedes into the world, poverty grows, and vice versa. ---- Freedom is not the gift that a state or a leader gives us, but the good that is conquered every day, with the effort of everyone and the solidarity of all." Albert Camus ---- The incessant capitalist barbarism that afflicts the social base on a daily basis and the structural crises of capitalism that periodically erupt and exacerbate the impoverishment of the working-class strata, while at the same time proletarianizing more and more broad portions of so-called "middle-class" to extract the consensus of the social majority against the ruthless class reality that we all experience. The usual tactics for governments are to replace the carrot with the whip, ie welfare arrangements / financial aids and relentless repression respectively. Carrots, as a basic policy of social democracy, have long since ended. Loans have dried up and fat cows have disappeared since the stock market bubble burst. demonstrating that even the meager distribution of wealth within capitalist contexts is not only a scam with short legs, but in the end the bill is called upon by the working class itself to pay. The government, as the political staff of the capital, is currently insisting - and - for objective reasons on the policy of repression, in order to impose and implement the demands and guidelines of the capitalists. In the midst of a capitalist crisis, there is no room for social democratic governance. Let us not forget, however, that historically social democracy has functioned as the breakwater of class resistance, incorporating struggles and sections of the anti-capitalist movement. On the other hand, repression is always embellished through the frequencies and pages of the regime media. which serve the interests of capitalism for a fee. Somehow governments are trying to normalize their terms with the expectation that they will renew and increase the privileges they enjoy from their election. Now the government recipe is as follows: storytelling and misinformation of the masses and repression of those who resist and fight.

The path of austerity and class devaluation of the social majority is intersected by the policy of increased repression and the crushing of rights gained through struggles. The government of ND, like any other bourgeois government, has made the satisfaction of the business and investment interests of the ruling class the central focus of its policy. It aims to implement this strategy by all possible means, no matter how much material and financial violence is needed. After all, we do not have the slightest illusion that bourgeois democracy is only a so-called "democracy." It is nothing more than a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, nothing more than an elective oligarchy.

The central pre-election announcement of ND was the imposition of the doctrine "law-order-security". Opening the time warp of the post-civil war state (and parastate) of the right, the traditional right of our times looks back to the traditional recipe of its political and ideological ancestors, with the main goal of crushing the anti-capitalist movement and imposing a graveyard silence on the social body.

The first strategic move of the current government was the abolition of university asylum in the summer of 2019, completing the "silent" repressive work that SYRIZA skillfully began. The move was aimed at leveling the organization and struggle of the class student movement, striking for a popular freedom that is inextricably linked to the '73 uprising, to align academic and class reality with its "modernizing and developing" data. At the same time, its staff is now engaged in an unprovoked and all-out attack on the world of struggle and sections of disobedient youth. This is evidenced by the persecution and violent actions of the increased repressive forces in the center of Athens. Among many other incidents of police violence that followed, The lock-out of ASOEE and the unprovoked intervention of MAT at the spot were unprecedented. Obviously we are not talking about individual incidents, but it is a broader phenomenon of police violence and arbitrariness to which they belong. All this is an inseparable continuation of the repressive actions taken by the SYRIZA government, but in a more aggressive and unprovoked way. Then, Chrysochoidis' "ultimatum" signaled the government's direct and frontal attack on the anarchist-anti-authoritarian space, with the main focus on evacuating the squatters. The crescendo of state violence and the dynamic resistance of squatters and neighbors averted, albeit temporarily, the government's repressive plan, which, by counting one failure after another, tried to comically and in vain to spare its profile.

The unprecedented conjuncture of covid-19 and quarantine contributed to some extent to the inactivation of the social base and economically weakened the lower social strata. The relative decline of social and class resistance in this admittedly extremely difficult period created the ideal conditions for the suppression of popular freedoms and the violation of labor rights by the state. At the same time, the issue of demonstrations and their sought-after restriction was returned to parliament for consultation. Finally, on 6/29, a bill was submitted for voting, but with obvious roots to the junta, a bill on "public outdoor gatherings".

The law under consideration requires a permit to be issued for any demonstration by a certain protesting official, who will have to "file" it in full with the authorities and provide every detail of the protest to the police. Spontaneous outdoor gatherings will be banned and investigated on a case-by-case basis by the police to see if there are any issues with public order. Any demonstration that is considered illegal will result in a sentence of up to 1 year in prison for the participants in it on the basis of a personal offense. In addition, the organizer of the march is expected to impose police orders on the body of the march, acting as an assistant and executive body of the police. Protests that do not secure a legal permit will automatically be suppressed by the police, thus legitimizing state violence and repression. Anti-concentration is now banned, making it easier for fascists to enter the public sphere. Finally, this bill provides for the establishment of a new special department in the police, which will deal with the prevention of radicalization of citizens (!) In various areas (see workplaces, universities, political collectives, etc.), operating according to standards. of the occupying and junta police department.

This enacted law will be a major legal tool in the arsenal of state power in its attempt to suppress movements and any voice of controversy that is expressed in practice on the road, as it creates a regime of terrorism for marchers and consequently aspires to do so. weapon to be a deterrent to the organization of the street and the formation of mass revolutionary class movements. The dual function of the new law - to curb rallies, but also to isolate movements - will give the repressive forces the opportunity to act undisturbed, with the necessary legitimacy of the state (now also in the letter of the civil law), sharpening thus the conditions of confrontation with the struggling working class, the anti-capitalist movement and the anarchist / anti-authoritarian space. At the same time, this bill aims to further turn the tide towards state monopoly of violence, thus trying to eradicate popular antivirus, the only socially just form of violence, the only response of the oppressed to the constant violence and barbarity of their oppressors. .

As anarchists / anarchists and as an organic part of the working class, we are firmly on the road, actively supporting the unguarded anti-capitalist and anti-state struggles. The road is a field of class confrontation with the state and capital. We are never going to give up this average race, just as we are never going to give up the race itself. It is on the streets, in the neighborhoods and squares, in the schools and in the schools, in the workplaces, that we have to give our strength for the reconstruction of the revolutionary class movement. In these fields we are confronted and will continue to fight against our class enemies, against the parasites of the capitalist oligarchy and their subordinates.

The state policy of precautionary counter-insurgency will not pass. We call for mass disobedience to the new protest bill. We call on all those at the base of the social and productive pyramid to consolidate en masse the lines of the relentless, revolutionary class struggle.





Protest against the new bill to stop the protests:

Thursday 9/7, 19:00, Statue of Venizelos.

Thessaloniki Freedom Initiative (member of the Anarchist Federation)

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