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Date Mon, 6 Apr 2020 07:38:30 +0300

We have been confronted for several weeks with the specter of the deadly evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. A virus that mainly affects vulnerable groups of the population, but not only. The great social majority is faced with the disease and thousands of people of our class die massively worldwide, due to the lack of the necessary means of protection. ---- Today, the completely anti-social and deadly character of the state and capitalist system is demonstrated, a system whose orientation is not to meet the needs of the social majority, but especially in times of crisis, to deprive the base social and class of what it needs, to perpetuate its parasitic existence at the expense of the latter, still committing a crime against it.
The plundering of enormous wealth and socially produced resources carried out by the economic and political elites, the over-concentration of populations in large cities, labor camps, prisons and concentration camps for immigrants and refugees, under-functioning diachronic of health systems, at a time when economic and political leaders keep for themselves the possibility of benefiting from the best possible care, demonstrate that: The state and capitalist organization of society, which already condemns millions of people to the died by starvation, disease and war, fights not against the evolving pandemic, but so that political and economic leaders safeguard their privileges and position of power.

Moreover, this is also confirmed by the military announcements of the government, which daily recall the enormous blow in the economic field which will be provoked by the crisis and endeavor to draw consensus from the social restructuring which they are preparing to be implemented to support the capital from its drop in profitability. Under the pretext of the evolving pandemic, a new series of attacks against workers and society is being prepared. What is presented today as "solidarity benefits" at the social base, it is we who will pay them, a thousand times tomorrow, and that with disastrous consequences on the lives of millions of people who will have left injured from this the uneven battle of our time.

Because, in reality, the battle against the pandemic is fought by the social and class base, despite the unfavorable conditions imposed by the authorities. The battle against the evolution of the pandemic is fought by all those who, understanding the danger for their neighbors, take the necessary measures of individual and collective self-protection, giving part of their meager wages to buy what should be directly accessible to all. It is delivered by doctors and nurses who offer all their energy at the cost of enormous personal fatigue and the risk of their lives to save the lives of others. It is delivered by workers who are forced to go to work, by delivery men, by those who work in catering, transportation,

It is the social and class base which, in this extremely difficult situation, reveals its enormous potential, in struggling to resist the pandemic in conditions of generalized poverty and misery. And it is the state and capital that continue to reproduce, constituting not the solution to the pandemic, but the obstacle to face it: it is they who deprive the majority of the population of food, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, human forces available in this battle, devaluing human lives and speculating on death. The only thing they have to promise is the complete militarization of society, the repression of those who survive. They are already preparing the next massacres, imposing dystopia, funding armies instead of hospitals, cops instead of doctors. They favor businesses and employers, while further plundering workers' conquests, through arbitrariness and employer impunity which are increasing in the middle of a pandemic, through layoffs, moonlighting, overexploitation. Even today, they advance in their repressive operations against activists and immigrants, they beat up and seriously injure the anti-fascists, as in Rethymno (in Crete).

They are the ones who, for years, have been trying to dismantle public health structures, through underfunding, layoffs and hospital closings. The result is a huge lack of intensive care units compared to actual needs. The doctors and nurses who work are fighting a gigantic battle and we support all their demands. We demand the immediate and unconditional recruitment (instead of fixed-term contracts and voluntary work) of medical and nursing staff and the provision of all the resources and means necessary to meet the needs of the population in terms of care, the recognition of heavy and unhealthy character of their trade,

Ce sont l'Etat et le capital qui ont incarcéré des dizaines de milliers de personnes, en leur imposant des conditions de vie extrêmement dangereuses. Leur santé, en raison des conditions d'incarcération, est encore plus menacée et nous ne tolérons pas leur traitement en tant que populations à exterminer. Nous exigeons des mesures de soutien immédiates pour les prisonniers et le désencombrement des prisons. Nous exigeons la libération des réfugiés et des immigrés emprisonnés dans des camps de concentration, la réquisition des grands hôtels vides pour leur logement afin qu'ils soient protégés contre la pandémie, la création de structures de santé spéciales pour tous et pour toutes.

They are the ones who impoverished workers and the unemployed so that the latter are faced with the specter of famine. We demand the reimbursement of wages for all workers, regardless of the state of the company in which they work and special care for the poor and unemployed. It is imperative to requisition all the available resources of social wealth that economic and political bosses have stolen to make them available to the social body.

The possible continuation of the campaign of repression carried out by the State against the militants and against the structures of struggle, in this condition, falls under the category of war crimes and it is as such that it will be registered. and processed. Arrests and arrests by bastards from the Ministry of Public Order mean that they do not hesitate, knowingly and in a premeditated manner, to endanger the lives and health of activists and, therefore, parts of society, in order to achieve their long-term goals.

Collectively and individually self-protecting, in the midst of an unprecedented situation that endangers the lives of many, does not in any way mean submitting to the objectives of the state and the capitalist dictatorship which will want to impose even more onerous conditions on the great social majority. Our self-containment at home is prescribed by our social conscience which is absolutely sincere, contrary to the hypocritical interest of the State and the bosses who still force a large part of the social base and class to go to work at risk real life, when their type of work is not linked to the imperative needs of society and which put the population in quarantine, while doing nothing to improve the health system, whether through the recruitment of personnel and the supply of medical equipment or the opening of new intensive care units. The guarantors of social conscience and solidarity are not, and could never be, the State and the police.

Nous mettons en avant la création de groupes de solidarité spéciaux, en prenant toutes les mesures de protection nécessaires, afin d'aider les plus vulnérables dans leurs besoins de base.

The resources for the protection of society remain and it is we, the workers, who have produced them, but their management is in the hands of a minority that has repeatedly displayed its indifference to human life, when their power and their profits come into play. Since we know that the state and capital are only obliged to provide the elementary under social pressure - because they prefer to maintain the power and the wealth of a thin minority rather than health and the lives of several thousand people - we will go out into the streets, when reasons of conscience prescribe it, to fight for life and against death, taking all necessary individual and collective precautionary measures against the pandemic.

The struggle of the social base and class against the epidemic is the first necessary step so that life continues to exist. It will be necessary to wage a second battle, against the state and capitalist system which imposed the conditions making the spread of the virus much more deadly, much more massive, and which today imposes absolute control over us.

Solidarity, mutual aid and the fight cannot be prohibited or quarantined. Class warfare, particularly on the part of those in power, has not been quarantined and there must be no unilateral cessation.

We will, as human beings and not as individualized cannibals, as resistant and not as resigned and frightened, as anarchists, continue the struggle for a society of equality, by putting forward the protection of the vulnerable, the primary interest for social needs, for the prosperity of society against that of a caste of powerful leading humanity to the dystopia of death, misery and control.

Dismissed person, homeless person, hungry person, abandoned person alone in the face of the pandemic







MARCH 2020

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