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(en) In the face of the pandemic and the continuing state-capitalist crime ... Society will win! By APO [machine translation]

Date Thu, 2 Apr 2020 09:06:17 +0300

We have been confronted with the specter of the deadly evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic for several weeks. A virus that mainly affects vulnerable groups of the population, but not only. The great social and class majority are at risk of disease and thousands of people in our class are dying en masse around the world, having been deprived of the means necessary to protect them. ---- Today, the complete antisocial and murderous nature of the state-capitalist system, whose orientation is not only to satisfy the needs of the social majority, but especially in times of crisis, is being tragically restricted and deprived of its reach. social and class base, his parasitic existence upon her, committing yet another crime against her.
The depletion of the enormous socially generated wealth and resources available from the economic and political elites, the over-concentration of populations in major cities, the workplaces, prisons and concentration camps for immigrants and refugees, the time-consuming underpinnings of health systems and the for themselves the opportunity to enjoy the best possible care, demonstrate how: The state and capitalist system of organizing society, which already condemns millions The death toll from starvation, disease and war operations fights not against the evolving pandemic, but to keep their privileges, their position politically and financially strong.

This is also confirmed by the government's war-time announcements, which on a daily basis recall the enormous economic crisis hit by the crisis and attempt to draw consensus on the overall social restructuring that is being prepared to materialize. support capital because of its decline in profitability. In the wake of the evolving pandemic, a new round of attacks on workers and society is being prepared. What are today presented as 'solidarity benefits' to the social base, tomorrow we will have to pay multiple times the enormous cost to the lives of millions of people who are already suffering from the uneven battle of our day.

Because the reality is that the battle against the evolving pandemic is given by the social and class base, despite the adverse conditions imposed by its perpetrators. The battle against the evolving pandemic is won by many and many who understand the danger to their neighbors take the necessary measures of individual and collective self-protection, giving their backstory to buy what should be readily available to all. .It is given by doctors and nurses who, with self-sacrifice and tremendous personal fatigue, give each group of their energy by themselves to save lives. It is given to all employees and employees who are forced to go to work, courier services, take-away catering shops, mass media and supermarkets that keep the supply chain at risk for their health, the farmers and cleaning workers.

It is the social and class base that under such difficult conditions highlights its enormous potential, struggling to withstand a pandemic in the midst of a state of general poverty and poverty. And it is the state and capital that continue to reproduce themselves, not the solution to the pandemic, but the obstacle to dealing with it.. Depriving food, medical supplies, available forces from this battle, invoicing human lives and speculating on death. All they have to promise is the complete militarization of society, the repression of those who survive. They are already preparing the next massacres, imposing dystopia by funding armies instead of hospitals, cops instead of doctors. They favor businesses and bosses, while at the same time plundering labor conquests, with employer arbitrariness and nonsense gaining in the midst of a pandemic, with layoffs, uninsured labor, over-exploitation. They are still going on crackdowns on militants, scattering immigrants, hitting and seriously injuring anti-fascists like in Rethymnon.

They themselves have for years tried to dismantle public health structures through underfunding, layoffs, and hospital closures. The result is that few intensive care beds are available, relative to real needs. Working doctors and nurses give a titanium fight and we stand in solidarity with each of them.We demand immediate and unconditional mass recruitment (instead of limited-time contracting and voluntary work) of medical and nursing staff and the provision of all the necessary resources and resources to meet the needs of the population for care, heavy and unhealthy stamps health personnel as well as care not to lead to total exhaustion and to serious risks and to their own health.

They are the ones who have trapped tens of thousands of people in extremely dangerous conditions. Their health due to inclusion conditions is at even greater risk and we will not accept them as consumable populations. We demand immediate support measures for prisoners and the release of prisons. We demand the release of refugees and immigrants from concentration camps and the deployment of empty hotel units to protect them from the pandemic, as well as the creation of special health structures for all.

They are the ones who have made poor and unemployed people in extreme poverty so they are at risk of starvation. We demand that wages be paid to employees regardless of the state of the business in which they work and special care for the needy and the unemployed. It is imperative that every available resource be stolen from the stolen social wealth that the politically and economically powerful have gathered in their hands and made available to the social body.

And the possible continuation of the repressive campaign by the state against the fighters and structures of struggle within this treaty falls under the category of war crime and as such will be recorded and dealt with. Arrests and extraditions under the 'business as usual' of the PRO.PO Ministry it means that they do not hesitate to consciously and by plan put at risk the lives and health of the fighters and therefore of the society at large, in order to achieve their long-term goals.

Collective and individual self-protection measures in the midst of an unprecedented situation that endangers the lives of too many, in no way mean surrendering to the sentiments of state and capitalist dictatorship, which will seek to impose even more onerous conditions for the vast majority of the social population. Our self-limitation at home is for reasons of social conscience that are not at all frank with the hypocritical interest of the state and the bosses who still force much of the social and class base to go to work, while their field of work is not related to meeting the pressing needs of society, (by merely displaying the relevant attestation) at the real risk of its life.Quarantining the population but making no progress in improving the health system, either by recruiting new staff, opening new beds in ICUs or supplying medical equipment. The guardian of social conscience and solidarity is not, and could never be, the state and the police.

We are in favor of creating special solidarity groups that will take all the necessary precautionary measures to help those most vulnerable to their basic needs.

Resources for the protection of the community as a whole exist and have been produced by the workers, but their management is in the hands of the few who have repeatedly shown that they are indifferent to human lives, in front of their power and profits . So we know that the state and capital are only forced to provide the elementary, only after social pressure, because they prefer to maintain the power and wealth of a minority minority instead of the health and lives of many thousands, when and where conscientious reasons dictate. we go out on the road to fight for life and against death, but taking all necessary individual and collective precautionary measures against the pandemic.

The battle of the social and class base against the epidemic is the first necessary step for life to continue. It will also be necessary to wage a second battle against the state and capitalist system that imposed those conditions to make the spread of the virus far more deadly, much more massive, and which now requires total control over us.

Solidarity, mutual help and struggle are neither forbidden nor quarantined. The class war, especially on the part of the authorities, has not been quarantined and must not be stopped unilaterally.

We will continue as human beings, not as personalized cannibals, as resisters and not surrendered and fearful, as anarchists, for the struggle for a society of free equality with the priority of protecting the vulnerable, as the first and foremost interest in the needs of the community as a whole, as its primary concern is the prosperity and service of society, not a powerful caste that drives humanity into the dystopia of death, misery and control.

No fired, no homeless, no hungry, no helpless and abandoned lonely in pandemic




Anarchist Political Organization - Federation of Collections

March 2020

site: http://apo.squathost.com/ | Mail: anpolorg@gmail.com | fb: anpolorg | Twitter: @anpolorg

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