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(en) aragon-rioja CNT demands 15 measures from the government to ensure the protection and support of the working class por CNT-Zaragoza (ca) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 30 Mar 2020 08:29:11 +0300

The union asks in 15 points the paralysis of all non-essential productive activity where telework is not possible, to reinforce the essential sectors, as well as social measures for care. ---- From CNT we see how all the measures that have been taken by the Government have been insufficient for most of the workers, leaving their willingness to implement measures such as teleworking, exposing the staff to the employers to situations of risk in the transport or performance of your non-essential work. We also show a concern about the weakening and helplessness in which it leaves the sectors that are most facing the health crisis situation due to Covid-19. ---- Thousands of workers have already been victims of ERTEs, productive layoffs and termination of contracts, as well as false freelancers and freelancers have seen their jobs disappear overnight . The uncertainty, the risk situation and the helplessness of so many millions of other people in the Spanish state. The measures in this regard provided for in RD 8/2020 of March 17 look very good on paper, but they clash head-on with the primitive mentality of the Spanish business class.

For this reason, the CNT demands that the government take immediate measures to guarantee that the working class is not the most affected by this situation. Starting with security, forcing teleworking when possible and when not, and being a non-essential activity, with the suspension of the activity; canceling layoffs, hiring directly in the jobs necessary to overcome the crisis and putting special measures in sectors such as domestic workers. In addition, CNT looks to the future claiming that training should undoubtedly be among the immediate actions taken.

In the same way, the care capacity of people must be guaranteed. It is time to boldly and decisively unfold the rights to reconcile work and family life. We also demand the protection of people with the extension of Temporary Disability to those who are part of a risk group, release prisoners over 65 or with chronic diseases and the closure of the CIEs. Some measures that will have to be reinforced by obtaining funds from those who have the most with a special tax on large fortunes.

The 15 points that CNT requires:
1. Immediate implementation of telework in all those companies where it is technically possible
Teleworking should be extended not only where it was already a practice or where it was to a lesser extent implemented, but companies must be required to immediately adapt to this form of organization. The royal decree of the government opens the doors to the most lazy companies to avoid adapting to telework and continue to risk the health of their staff and the rest of society. And indeed, this is what is happening.

For this reason, all companies must adapt all possible structure to teleworking and for this they will study and provide themselves with all the technical means necessary for collaborative remote work.

2. Immediate and automatic cessation of all non-essential productive activity in those cases where it is not possible to implement telework
Automatic pass for 30 days from all staff to paid leave with pay in all those companies that have recorded a minimum profit of € 3,000 per worker hired during the last year. Application of ERTEs by force majeure in those companies that have not reached these profit margins and after 30 days of permission in those that have.

For these purposes, the services of the Labor and Social Security Inspection will be expressly declared an essential service.

3. Extraordinary training measures
For all those working people whose work cannot be done remotely, we need to take imaginative and innovative measures. Since at other times there is talk of a training deficit that hinders innovation in the economy; since in other contexts, workers are blamed for their lack of employability for lack of training; Since we are constantly encouraged to prepare for changing labor relations, we must understand training as a continuous process. It is time for companies to design and implement massive distance training and updating programs for the part of the workforce that cannot carry out their work remotely.

Consequently, all companies must give effective and immediate development to article 23 of the Workers' Statute to cover the time off from activity with wage maintenance through the development of distance training programs for their staff.

4. Extraordinary measures of work organization
It is time to boldly and decisively unfold the rights to reconcile work and family life. The measures in this regard provided for in RD 8/2020 of March 17 look very good on paper, but they clash head-on with the primitive mentality of the Spanish business class. It is vital today to tend to the distribution of employment, reducing it, to facilitate the tasks of caring for the most vulnerable people, to facilitate the work of health services and the distribution of basic and essential products and services, and to be able to resume activity after confinement.

For this reason, the reorganization of hours where it is necessary must be taken into account in all companies and the design of new schedules, shifts (adding them where necessary), hourly bags, etc .; stop when containment measures can be stopped.

5. Making available to the private production system as necessary
It is urgent to face the fact that it is possible and essential to adapt work in certain companies and sectors to help face this health emergency. It is necessary to give a massive channel to all those popular initiatives that are designing and manufacturing basic medical equipment with 3D printers, that manufacture basic masks in sewing workshops, that create community aid networks for the most vulnerable people, etc.

Being an unprecedented situation, ambitious measures are needed. We must bear in mind that some ERTEs are going to waste resources that in a moment of sanitary collapse it is essential to reuse. In the same way that hotels are enabled to receive patients and their staff is trained to continue with their work, being essential, we believe that other industries must adapt to produce and provide services to meet the circumstances: equipment and facilities must be cleaned up; you have to make single-use masks, gloves, gowns, respirators; disinfectants must be manufactured; food must be brought to those who cannot move or move ...

Therefore, at the local level, companies will be inventoried and executed to adapt, regardless of their sector, to put their resources at the service of the public health sector, social services and any other organizational activity. , planning and management in the context of this health alarm, always keeping in mind the reduction of people affected by ERTEs.

6. Reinforcement of essential services through direct and immediate hiring of all necessary personnel
To guarantee the full performance of these essential services and the companies made available, while guaranteeing respect for the labor rights of all workers, the workforce of these companies will be expanded by putting ongoing contracts between unemployed staff selected by the employment services.

7. Strengthening of protection measures for essential service workers
Implementation of new work protocols and additional preventive measures. In the face of the absolute failure of third-party prevention services, all the third-party prevention services operating at this time will be made available to the public, which will be conducted under the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work and the institutes regional occupational health and safety.

8. Immediate development of new conciliation permits
As established in Article 39.3 EC, that "Parents must provide assistance of all kinds to children born in or out of wedlock, during their minority and in other cases where legally applicable", the permit will be extended with Article 37.3 ET salary to all people who need to care for their children and dependents.

9. Radical invalidity of all dismissals produced during the state of alarm
In order to protect the rights of workers and avoid abusive practices by companies, all dismissals produced in any company will be declared null and void, except for those that expressly accept force majeure measures and have the corresponding authorization from the labor authority. . This measure will be active during the entire validity of the state of alarm and of any subsequent declaration of emergency or site, and during the 180 days after the end of the validity of said states.

10. Extension of Temporary Disability to all risk groups
In all sectors that are of an essential nature, workers who belong to or are within a risk group (people over 60 years of age, with cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure, with diabetes, with chronic lung diseases, with cancer , immunocompromised, pregnant women), to protect their health and their lives will immediately pass to the situation of temporary disability due to professional contingency. All people who go into this situation will continue to receive 100% of their remuneration and no grace period will be required.

11. Specific measures for domestic workers
The same protection measures will be applied to salaried and self-employed domestic workers as to other male and female workers and self-employed, including unemployment benefit.

12. Taxation of great fortunes
An exceptional tax will be imposed on the great fortunes so that they are the ones that take charge of the social spending that will suppose the exceptional situation that the working class suffers essentially.

13. Suspension of payment of rents, mortgages and basic supplies
A moratorium will be established, for at least the entire duration of the alarm states or those that may be in force at the time, for the payment of rents and mortgages for the first home. In the same way, the payment of basic supplies (water, electricity, gas and telecommunications) will be suspended during the same period already mentioned for the first homes.

14. Strengthening of public health and social services
Private health intervention without financial compensation. Move from the management of nursing homes to public hands so that the dignity and right to life and health of the entire population is guaranteed.

15. Social and human rights measures
Prisoners over 65 years of age and those with serious chronic diseases who do not have serious crimes such as rape or sexist killings will be immediately released. All CIEs will be closed, deportations will end, and the repeal of the Aliens Act will be undertaken.

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