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(en) Greece, vogliamo tutto: SELF-PROTECTION-RESISTANCE-SOLIDARITY-SELF-ORGANIZATION-SOLIDARITY by vogliamo [machine translation]

Date Sat, 28 Mar 2020 10:23:40 +0300

Self-protection against pandemic, individualization, isolation and social cannibalism being promoted as a solution. ---- RESISTANCE to totalitarianism with whatever vehicle it travels. ---- SOLIDARITY with our fellow people irrespective of color, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability. ---- SELF-ORGANIZATION against the state and capital that oversee and manage our lives. ---- Mutual assistance between us to meet basic needs, material and psychological. ---- In this difficult situation as it is shaped both from a health point of view and because of state options we have to protect and protect anyone and everyone belonging to vulnerable groups. Take all the necessary hygiene and protection measures to prevent and prevent the spread of coronavirus. At the same time to think and show solidarity with the elderly, the homeless, the drug addicts, the migrants, the poor, the incarcerated, the workers and to those in need. To anyone and # staying home signals a traumatic experience.

After the harsh measures to limit the pandemic by the Greek state and others around the world, we will try to argue why we have no confidence in any state organization to manage the crisis of the coronavirus but above all in our lives.The Greek state has been and continues to be the one that in recent years under the pretext of the financial crisis has leveled the public health system and promoted, ideologically and in practice, privatization of health care services to operate profitably. There have been dozens of statements by current government executives since the crisis that, with glee and sufficient arrogance, are proclaiming extreme neo-liberal positions to privatize the public health system. They are the same people who are currently managing public money, the public health system and all the biopolitical tools that their generosity in power gives them.They are the same people who decided again, as if the dozens of equipment scandals never happened, investing billions in equipment programs while shutting down hospitals. It is they who prioritized the recruitment of thousands of police officers to enforce the doctrine of law and order while blatantly neglecting the recruitment of ICUs and the recruitment of nurses. It is the same state that enforces a series of bans on one hand but holds thousands of immigrants / detainees in concentration camps, attacks antifascist demonstrators in Rethymno, Crete, and stabs 90 injured in underground parking lots in prisons, imposes extended hours and opening hours on Sunday in super markets leading to the killing of workers (s) without any occupational or health protection.

We cannot trust the state and capital that are the main culprits not so much for the coronavirus, although we believe that plunder and destruction of the planet contribute to the production and spread of social disasters, but they are certainly responsible for its management.

"The disease first developed in the market of Wuhan, capital of Hubei, one of the most densely populated areas of China. An area - built of blast furnaces and cement-makers - that has become the country's smokestack: it is there that the heart that has donated the industrial growth of the Asian giant is beating. The large quantities of building materials and the training of specialized engineers, whose birthplace is the area, have strengthened throughout the post-crisis period. Indeed, during these years the Chinese State has implemented enormous construction and other infrastructure projects. Across China, health coverage is virtually zero. A huge number of workers from other regions, who are - by the way - illegal in their workplaces (because of the diabolical hukou system) and therefore live in a semi-paranoid condition without any cover ... It is important to emphasize that this is a structural condition that is not due to the intense or the rougher cruelty of each ruler. As we have pointed out in other texts[1], the end of Keynesian policies finds one of its explanations for the decline in world profits, a phenomenon that was reinforced by the recession that began in 2008. A study published in an interesting article by the blog Chuang[2]- which we recommend reading - clarifies the fact that if - in the Dongguan area - companies were undertaking to cover their workforce, then they would see their profits cut in half and thus be forced to shift their production elsewhere. Overcrowding in unhealthy and densely populated areas and lack of basic health coverage have contributed to the notorious transition to the human species of Covid-19. According to various studies, it is estimated that in the future the transmission of viral forms from animals to humans will be more and more likely - and we will add - increasingly lethal. "

Excerpt from text by Italian partners, prolprot.espivblogs.net

We cannot trust the state and capital because they are deeply antisocial institutions. It is they who plunder nature in every way and destroy the planet for profit only, without taking into account the lives of all living beings, human and non-human, without considering the social and environmental disasters that are a natural consequence of their choices. . In this case, they may not be directly responsible for the appearance and spread of the virus, but they are responsible for the inability of thousands of people to access basic goods and the state of health structures that are in complete disintegration due to their sophisticated and chronic degradation.Chronic exposure of health systems to neoliberal dreams drastically increases the risk and mortality rates of coronavirus. We cannot accept to use fear as a tool to impose tougher conditions of exploitation and oppression but also to discipline society. We cannot trust that these measures that intensify control, repression, oppression and exploitation will not continue to be implemented even after the current health crisis.

Measures imposing the militarization of daily life, surveillance and total control as a weapon against both the virus and the "irresponsibility" of citizens who "do not count on the individual responsibility they bear". The state therefore speaks through the media about individual responsibility to cover state responsibility for spreading and responding to the virus. It speaks of individual responsibility for covering salaries and on-call dues to doctors and nurses. He is talking about individual responsibility for hiding that he was hospitalized and not hiring in the health sector. He is talking about individual responsibility for concealing that he deliberately undermines the public health system and seeks to turn it into a private enterprise.He is talking about individual responsibility for forgetting that he was hiring cops instead of financing the health sector. When you sow repression, you will find control and discipline of the whole society, not prevention, public health, and solidarity.

It is at least funny that those with the power to speak of individual and equal responsibility. INDIVIDUAL AND EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY HAVE EVERYONE AND WHO ARE EQUALLY MANAGING THEIR LIFE Otherwise individual responsibility is reminiscent of "eating them together". In a class-stratified and hierarchically structured society, "individual responsibility" is the pretext for sharing the burden on everyone and everyone and the privileges of the few.We do not all have the same financial opportunity, we do not all have home, we do not have access to all health services and quality, we do not have access to health and financing decisions, we have no choice but to all work out. It is not easy for everyone to stay home. Governments elected by 20% of society cannot speak for the whole of society, and therefore their main concern is their repressive power (see police recruitment). Individual responsibility is, therefore, enshrined by the state and journalistic parrots to hide the lethal responsibilities of those who rule us and decide for our lives.

In the face of this unprecedented situation, we will not share the same responsibilities with the state and capital from below, as we do not share privileges. We will not trust our lives and our health to government officials, experts, cops, the military and journalists. Because at the moment we need to be protected both by the coronavirus and by the methods of state and capital for further control and enslavement of our lives. That is why we must protect our health and our freedom.

We owe it to ourselves and to our fellow humans to take all the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus . Keeping a distance in our joint meetings, washing our hands regularly, sitting home if we are sick, covering our mouth and nose with a scarf, and following the hygiene instructions.

We do not accept any traffic bans and any military law as necessary evil . Our freedom must not be sacrificed on the altar of any "special purpose" and must go along with the responsibility and freedom of the (neighborhood) in which we live. It is another matter of our self-protection, which we all must take seriously, and another of militarization, control, surveillance and enforcement in the interests of the rulers' plans.

We need to think about what will happen to the thousands of immigrants and migrant incarcerated in concentration camps . Taking state action to tackle the pandemic while stacking thousands of people under desperate and inhumane conditions is the most outrageous element of its intentions. Eliminate concentration camps now and gain access to precautionary information, health services, human housing and nutrition.

We must support inmates' demands for access to health, better health care, against limiting visits and immediate detention.

We need to take care of people who are homeless . To go on leave and observed houses. To ask ourselves if they need anything and to help them. Reopen the housing squads that were evacuated in the past few months and work on the solidarity and mutual assistance structures that housed them.

We need to build networks of solidarity and strengthen what exists. No one, regardless of gender, nationality, age, and language, should be left alone and helpless during these difficult times . Let us not tolerate cannibalistic behavior and discrimination. Sharing announcements, talking to our neighbors, and actively supporting self-organized solidarity structures in social centers and occupations. Self-organization, mutual help, and the collectivization of everyday life are the only response both to the virus and to those who care for our lives.

Support and respect employees in the super market, hospitals, delivery and generally those who are at risk for us . Demand better wages, self-protection, maintaining Sunday holidays, paying overtime and on-call time and supporting employee demands. Do not allow overtime due to work from home. Do not let employees (s) get into the dilemma of "putting back together for the" lost "bosses' profits". To prioritize our needs and think as employees rather than customers.

We have to go through this difficult time to look for saviors in our fellow humans and in our neighbors, not in the rulers. Everyone's health is also a health for all of us. Let us support solidarity with cannibalism. Mutual assistance in isolation and individualism. Resistance to the discipline and tradition of our lives.

anarchist collectivity Vogliamo tutto e per tutti

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