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(en) XTS TEXTS: Epidemic; State slaughter By APO [machine translation]

Date Tue, 24 Mar 2020 12:23:29 +0200

The dead are lined up behind each other in front of the Bergamo cemetery. This image, more than many others, shows us the reality with all its cruelty. You can't even leave a flower. They can't even accompany them to the end. They died alone, losing their breath slowly. ---- Out of the windows, at predetermined hours, people shout, sing, hit the dishes and meet, amid a climate of ethnic upliftment driven by politicians and the media. "Everything will be fine. We will make it". ---- The government, through brazenly issued decrees , has postponed the debate, even the weak democratic debate, even the exhausted form of representative democracy, and has recruited everyone . The one who disobeys is a criminal, schizophrenic.
To be clear. Each of us is responsible for his actions. We anarchists know this well: for us, the individual responsibility of each for his actions is the foundation of a society of freedom and equality.

Taking care of the weak, the elderly, those who risk their lives more than others is a task we feel very tense about. Always. Today more than ever.

An equally powerful task is to tell the truth , that truth that is not properly filtered by someone who is locked in his house in front of the television. However, for the most part, it is visible to everyone.

Those who are searching for the hidden truth, for a dark conspiracy caused by their beloved villain, are closing their eyes to reality, because those who are openly struggling to change the unfair, violent, tyrannical and murderous order.

Every day, even today, as people get sick and die, the Italian government spends 70 million euros on military spending. With the money spent on one of the 366 days of this year, six new hospitals could have been built and equipped, and whatever was left would cover the supply of masks, laboratories, materials. A snorkel costs 4,000 euros: so 17,500 could be bought every day. Many more than they need now.

In previous years, all governments that have succeeded each other have consistently reduced the costs of health, prevention, and lives for all of us . In the last year, life expectancy has fallen for the first time, according to statistics. Many do not have the money to pay for medicines, medical visits and specialist services because they have to pay rent, food, travel.

They closed down the small hospitals, reduced the number of doctors and nurses, the number of beds, forced the health workers to work overtime, to cover so many holes.

Today, with the epidemic, there are no queues, no more waiting lists for months and years for a diagnostic test: visits and exams canceled. We will do so when the epidemic passes. How many people will get sick and die from diagnostic and curable tumors, how many people's health will deteriorate because they have been quarantined for remaining in public health? Meanwhile, clinics and private clinics are advertising and multiplying their funds, as the rich will never be left without treatment.

That is why the government wants us on the balconies to sing "We are ready for death. Italy invites us "(verses of the Italian national anthem). As good soldiers, as meat for slaughter, as consumables, we require silence and submission. Then everyone who remains will have immunity and will be stronger. Until the next pandemic.

That is why, from our balconies, on city walls, in queues in shops, we say loudly, despite the mask, that what we are experiencing is a state massacre. How many deaths could have been avoided if governments in recent years had done something to protect our health?

Not a wrong assessment, but a criminal choice.

Over the years, researchers dealing with infectious diseases have warned of the danger we were running that a serious pandemic was likely. There were voices of beasts in the wilderness.

The logic of profit does not allow for retreats . When it's all over, drug companies who don't invest in prevention will do the job. They will make money off the drugs that all of these researchers are working for in the community, and not to enrich those who are already rich.

They have made us believe that we are immune to epidemics affecting the poor, those who do not have the means to protect themselves, those who do not even have access to potable water. Dengue fever, Ebola, malaria, tuberculosis are diseases of the poor, "backward", "underdeveloped" populations.

Then, one day, the virus reached a "prominent position" and touched the economic "heart" of Italy. And nothing is the same anymore.

Not immediately though. The media, experts and our government have said that the disease kills only the elderly, the sick, those who have underlying diseases. Nothing new. It's a normal fact: you don't need a medical degree to know it.

So the others thought that in the worst case they would get another flu. This criminal information filled the squares, bars and parties. This is not the reason why individual responsibility has failed, which goes through the capacity to be informed and understood, but has removed a little from the cloak of sanctity that the government is trying to bring to free from its responsibility for the crisis. . And who knows; Maybe even stronger.

We are told that our home is the only safe place. This is not true. The workers who have to go to the factory every day, without any real protection, beyond the few that Confindustria has offered to the state unions, return home every day. There are elderly relatives, children, weak people.

Only a small part of those who go shopping or get some air have protective equipment: masks, gloves, disinfectants are not even available in hospitals.

The government claims that protection is not necessary if you are healthy: this is a lie. What we are told about the spread of the virus is clearly disputed. The truth is: two months after the outbreak in Italy, the government did not provide and did not provide the necessary means of protection to halt the spread of the virus.

They cost a lot. In Piedmont, doctors talked to people with fever, cough, sore throat, urging them to take fever and stay home for five days. If they get worse then go to the hospital. No one went to do the examination. Those who live with these patients are trapped: they cannot leave alone those who are suffering and need help, risking becoming infected if their respiratory illness is due to coronary disease. How many were unknowingly infected and then passed the disease on to others without any protective means?

Exclusion at home will not save us from the epidemic. It can help slow down the transmission of the virus, it will not stop it.

The epidemic is turning into an opportunity to impose working conditions, which allow companies to spend less and earn more. Conte's decrees promoted "smart work" where possible. Companies exploit them to force it on employees. You stay home and work online. Teleworking was introduced by a 2017 law that gives companies the right to propose but not to impose it. It should therefore be implemented in the context of an agreement giving workers guarantees of working hours, its control, the right to cover connection costs, accident coverage. Today, following the Covid-19 epidemic decree, passed by the Conte government,The epidemic therefore turns into an opportunity to impose new forms of exploitation without any resistance.

For fixed-term workers the reintegration fund and the auxiliary funds are reserved, for the poor, the freelancers and the self-employed there is no cover except a few crumbs. Those who are unemployed have no income.

Those who dare to criticize, those who dare say annoying truths, receive threats, are suppressed, silenced.

No regime instrumentalized the complaints of the lawyers of the Nursing Association, an institution that has nothing to do with subversion. Nurses and nurses are described as heroes if they fall ill and die silently, without saying what happens in hospitals. Nurses who tell the truth are threatened with layoffs. Those infected are not recognized as accidents at work because the hospital is not obliged to pay compensation to those who work every day without protection or with poor protective equipment.

Women's autonomy is being attacked by the government's way of managing the epidemic.

The care of children who stay home because schools are closed, the elderly at risk, those with disabilities falls on the shoulders of women, who are already heavily burdened by job insecurity.

In the meantime, silently, homes are being transformed into coercive sites, where female homicides have multiplied.

Amidst this deafening silence of many, 15 prisoners died during a prison uprising . Nothing leaked about their deaths, other than police reports. Some, already in serious condition, were not transported to the hospital but were loaded and transported to jail hundreds of miles away. A slaughter, a state slaughter .

The rest were moved elsewhere. Prisons are overcrowded, they do not guarantee the health and dignity of prisoners even in "normal" conditions, if it is considered normal to lock people behind bars.To protect them, the government has found nothing better than to suspend talks with relatives, and guards can come in every day. The prisoners' uprising erupted in front of the real risk of spreading the infection to places where overcrowding is the norm. Those who supported the prisoners' struggle were targeted and accused. The repression, which supports the restrictive measures of government decrees, has been particularly severe. In Turin they even prevented a mere gathering of relatives and solidarities at the entrance to the prison, deploying security forces to every access point on the neighboring roads around the Vallette prison.

Workers who have spontaneously carried out strikes against the risk of contamination have in turn been accused of violating government decrees for demonstrating on the road to their health.

Nothing should stop production, even if it concerns production that could be stopped without any consequence for the life of us all. The logic of profit, of production comes first.

The government fears that, after the prison uprising, other fronts of social struggle will break out.

Therefore, relentless police scrutiny, the mobilization of the army , which for the first time has public control functions, is not exclusively for the support of police forces. The military turns into a policeman: the osmosis process that began decades ago is coming to an end. The war does not stop. Military operations, exercises, shooting ranges are in full swing. It is the war against the poor in Covid 's day 19.

The government banned all forms of public demonstrations and political meetings.

Risking your life for your boss is a social duty, while cultural and political activities are considered criminal activities.

It is an attempt, not so pretentious, to ban any form of confrontation, debate, struggle, solidarity networks that would really support those in a more difficult position.

Democracy has clay feet. Democratic illusion has melted like snow in the sun in front of the epidemic. The prime minister's measures are enthusiastically welcomed: no debate, no approval from the temple of representative democracy, but a simple decree. Anyone who does not respect it is a murderer, a criminal and not worthy of mercy.

In this way, the real culprits, those who cut back on health spending and increase military spending, those who do not provide masks or nurses, those who militarize everything but do not supply materials because they "cost 100 euros" discharge with the approval of the prisoners of terror.

Fear is human. We should not be ashamed of it, but we should also not allow political entrepreneurs of fear to use it to gain consensus on criminal policies.

We fought to prevent the closure of small hospitals, which would destroy valuable health structures for everyone. We were in the squares next to four hospital employees and in many other corners of our region.

In November we were on the streets against the aerospace industry's exhibition. We are fighting every day against militarism and war spending. We are on the road to the NoTav race , as 1000 hours of intensive care are paid for a meter of Tav.

Today we stand by those who do not want to die in prison, workers accused of protesting against the lack of protection against the spread of the virus, nurses working without protection and risking their jobs by saying so.

Today, much of the political and social resistance movements remain silent, unable to respond, under extreme social pressure, which criminalizes those who do not openly accept the increasing risk situation caused by past and present government choices.

Restricting travel and contacts is reasonable, but even more reasonable is to fight so you can do it safely. We have to find ways and places to fight the violence of those who imprison us because they do not know and do not want to protect us.

As anarchists, we know that freedom, solidarity, equality through our diversity are conquered through struggle, and no one, even less, is entrusted with a government whose only ethics is to maintain positions of power.

No. We are not "ready to die". We do not want to die and we do not want anyone to get sick and die. We will not be classified as armies intended for silent slaughter. We are apostates, rebels, partisans.
We demand the release of prisons, we demand housing for those who do not, we demand that war spending be stopped, that we guarantee clinical trials and that we provide all means of protection against the epidemic.

We do not want only the strongest to survive, we also want those who have lived long enough to continue.

We want those who are sick to have someone to love and care for them: with some F-35 fighter-bombers we can have protective suits and all the necessary means so that no one dies alone.

Everything is gonna be alright; We will make it; It is up to each of us.

Comrades and Companions of the Turin Anarchist Federation (Federazione Anarchica Torinese - FAI)

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