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(en) Canada, ucl-saguenay, Collectif Emma Goldman - Solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en: Repeated Sabotaged Railways in Ontario (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Tue, 28 Jan 2020 10:42:55 +0200

Text published on the Montreal website counter-information. Link to the original, here . 07/01/2020 - Hamilton: simultaneous sabotage of railway bottlenecks in solidarity with the defenders of the Wet'suwet'en land. ---- A decade ago, the Wet'suwet'en inspired more than one when they reoccupied their unceded lands to begin a healing process and to ensure that the land be protected as necessary to ensure the maintenance of the life and practices of the Wet'suwet'en people, the continuity of their existence in their traditional territories. ---- A year ago, the RCMP violently invaded these territories to allow industry to access them. ---- A week ago, the Canadian state criminalized Anuk'nu'at'en - the Wet'suwet'en hereditary law - by granting an injunction criminalizing indigenous people and their allies if they protect the Yintah. destructive forces in the industry.

We honor these birthdays with a huge fuck you to the state.

Early this morning, settlers responded to several calls to action: those from multiple house groups. There are a number of family groups called Yikhs in each Wet'suwet clan, or groups of houses]Wet'suwet'en after having courageously ousted the industry from their non-ceded territories, as well as that emitted by settlers for the settlers.

We made a small contribution to the resistance against our government and the violence it perpetuates. We simultaneously disrupted three strategic CN and CP rail bottlenecks with the intention of blocking all incoming and outgoing traffic from supposedly Hamilton. We did this by using copper wires and jump cables attached to the rail connector cables, to create a short circuit - demonstrative video (open with TOR). This method is safe, easy, relatively low risk and easily reproducible.

CN has shipped and will continue to ship piping to storage yards in preparation for construction. It also has very large isolated infrastructure segments. The first railway installations had a deep and lasting impact on the colonization of Tortoise Island; targeting them today has a direct impact on the economy of so-called Canada.

Although the disruption caused by these actions is only temporary, we hope to send a strong message: respect for indigenous sovereignty - everywhere on Tortoise Island - is not optional. We will not be passive.

We hope that others, across Turtle Island - especially the settlers - will join us to ensure that this is just the start, and to make the Coastal GasLink pipeline untenable to the both for industry and for the state, in any way possible.

01/14/2020 - Toronto: Explorations on railway disruptions in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en

This weekend in Toronto, inspired by the actions of the defenders of the Wet'suwet'en land as well as by a recent call to disrupt the railways, some anarchists took to the rails to contribute to the momentum of the demonstrations, blockades and acts of sabotage that took place on the island of Tortoise.

We were hesitant to write this article because, due to our lack of experience and the location chosen, we cannot be absolutely certain that our sabotage attempt was successful. But finally, we wanted to share our message of solidarity and our commitment in this fight, as well as our own reflections and knowledge acquired during this first attempt.

The articles previously published on this site are an excellent starting point to learn how to execute this type of mission. We chose a site near a railway node and used copper wire to mimic the presence of a train on the rails, which would hopefully block all rail traffic until the disturbance is eliminated. Since we did not have connection cables, which provide a more reliable connection, we quickly rubbed our connection points with steel wool to make sure that no rust hindered the connection.

As mentioned in the previous articles, and it turned out just in our case, it may take a while to find a place where the ribs (which are a great place to connect) line up on both rails . Next time we'll probably look for other places to leave the railway safely, which will give us options closer to where we ended up, instead of having to go back to the where we entered

A little later, when we left, we saw a truck with the headlights on at the edge of the railway. It is difficult to say whether he was parked or headed for the site of the disturbance, but it is good to know that he was there.

Finally, it would have been good to know with certainty if the action really worked. If a connection is successfully established, the barriers to nearby level crossings will drop, so it would have been helpful to target a location close to such a barrier. Otherwise, we could have placed a lookout at a certain distance from the site of the action, to keep an eye on a level crossing, or on any other activity indicating the success of the action.

In conclusion, we say: Pay attention and get started! Eyes on the front line, feet on the street and ... on the railroad tracks!

01/18/2020 - Sabotage of a high capacity railway track

A few nights ago, an anarchist settler sabotaged CN's main transcontinental railroad. If TC Energy wanted to transport anything from southern Ontario, or further east, to the CGL site in British Columbia, it would likely use this railway. I took care to choose an isolated site, as acting alone would take more time. I used the copper wire method described here. To ensure a good connection, I used steel wool and vinegar to remove rust from the tracks. I believe the disturbance worked, since the wire sparked when it was connected to the railroad tracks. I left quickly - even when you don't feel rushed or stressed, it is important to leave as soon as possible - and I have returned home. This action was easy to do, even for a completely inexperienced person.

And especially as settlers, we should continue to find opportunities to disrupt this project. CGL continues to threaten to destroy the Wet'suwet'en territories and way of life.

Solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en! We will continue to show the violent colonial state and CGL that we will not back down. It is so easy to block the infrastructure allowing exploitation projects like CGL.

01/23/2020 - Keep Your Fire Bright: Sabotage of a Burlington Railway

Last night we sabotaged a railway bottleneck in Burlington. This location was chosen because this is where the lines from Detroit and Buffalo meet to go to Toronto and Montreal. We have heard that it is the busiest crossroads of its kind in Canada. This action was taken in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en who are fighting on the front line against the Canadian state and the companies it supports, following a call to sabotage the railways.

To do this, we identified a signaling station and set fire to its power supply to destroy the cables that supplied it. Hopefully it will take them a while to repair and the line will remain closed for as long as possible.

We have done this to show the people who are fighting on the front lines that they are not alone, and that others are ready to make strong gestures of solidarity if the RCMP acts against them. We chose this tense moment in the negotiations that started today to fuel the fire on the front lines.

Let us continue to block the rails, solidarity is a powerful tool which allows us all to build our autonomy. The RCMP, outside Wet'suwet'en territory and everywhere else!

Listed 17 hours ago by Collectif Emma Goldman

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