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(en) el miliciano cnt-ait chiclana: For the 25 hours per week, without salary reduction. For the distribution of work and wealth!

Date Tue, 24 Sep 2019 09:05:48 +0300

The excessive bombardment of images circulating in societies re-built by icons allied with artificial formulas of the simulation has caused the media to no longer communicate. The logic of information has made communication itself a non-communicating tool. The media (in) communicate. In a context of saturation of minds, news appears in the media of "communication" that refer to a necessary reduction in working hours without reducing the purchasing power of the working class as a factor of sustainability of the system itself and this seems to go completely unnoticed among the own workers. The latest information is dated April 25, 2019: ---- "The OECD, the club of countries with developed economies, believes that many of the current jobs will end up automated ... With the advancement of technology and robotization, Spain has a rather complicated perspective: it is one of the countries where the highest percentage of jobs run the risk of being replaced by automatons "(El País).

The CNT-AIT is a revolutionary organization with almost 110 years of history, which has Principles, Tactics and Purposes and, consequently, does not intend to sustain the system: the CNT-AIT has amply demonstrated that life can function in a more fair, egalitarian, ecological, fraternal and supportive than the "provided" by capitalism. The working day of the future society in which the CNT-AIT has a very simple basis: from each according to their possibilities, to each according to their needs.

But we come across the current reality. The reality is that we live in a society marked by deep inequality, where 1% of the world's population accumulates more wealth than the remaining 80%. In a state in which we suffer the unfortunate effect of unemployment, the product of an economic scam derived from the most execrable speculation. As a result, it must be added that the mechanization and computerization of work is assuming more unemployment and more misery for many workers, in a state where legislation is legislated to protect the economic elite, which squanders the life of the class worker. Where corruption and abuse of power is currency.

Faced with this unfortunate situation, the CNT-AIT recalls the forgotten Canadian Strike today, thanks to which the working class, organized through the CNT-AIT, regardless of their origin, nationality, or political creed, fought and won the 8-hour day in the Catalan industry, 40 hours a week. Milestone that served as an example for the fight for its extension to other geographical areas and production centers.

The day of 40 hours per week at the beginning of the 20th century proved perfectly viable. And today, in full S. XXI, with a greater performance in the so-called income of work, the idea of betting on 25 hours per week is not a utopia, as indicated by various studies and realities, unrelated to anarcho-syndicalism. Because the prohibition of overtime would allow the immediate creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Because the reduction of the retirement age would allow hundreds of thousands of young people access to work. Because the 25-hour day, without salary reduction, would allow the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

For all this, against unemployment, precariousness and the decline in the quality of life of workers, from CNT-AIT we call you to inform, organize and fight for your rights.

For the 25 hours per week, without salary reduction. For the distribution of work and wealth! Get organized, mobilize and fight with us and us!

25 hours of Labor Day without salary reduction

Capitalism is not in crisis, it is so. The problem is not the lack of wealth but the unfair distribution of it. The inability of state governments to solve problems that affect the living conditions of the working class is evident. Governments are not capable because they are at the service of banking, of the great fortunes that dominate the world, of capitalism, and that is why we cannot expect anything from their "policies" that only generate misery.

There is no more capital or more wealth than the result of labor. Wealth is created by the working class with our physical and intellectual effort, and we are always the ones who receive the sticks. Now it is OK!

Spain has more than 3 million paradxs, but this figure will increase significantly with the incorporation of automatisms in industrial manufacturing processes. On the other hand, all labor reforms have done nothing but generate precariousness. BE REALISTIC, so that we can all work, we must work less hours and in order to have a decent and relaxed life, we must charge more. These proposals do not interest the leeches that live from our sweat and suffering, who own the land, the industries, the media and control the parliaments. But we are interested in you, and I who live subject to this criminal and exploitative regime called capitalism.

From CNT-AIT we demand 25 working hours without salary reduction as a realistic proposal to end unemployment, poverty and social exclusion.


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