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(en) Greece, anarchist group "pale horse", APO: Patras: Call to the demonstration for the one year since the murder of Zackie / Zackie oh! by malady [machine translation]

Date Mon, 23 Sep 2019 08:55:18 +0300

A YEAR AFTER, WE DON'T FORGET WHO KILLED COSTOPOULO / ZACKIE OH! ---- POVERTY POVERTY AND CANNING. IT IS THE STATE AND THE CAPITALISM ---- AGAINST EMERGENCY - CAPITALIST - PATRIARCHAL CURRENCY AND SOCIAL EXPRESSION ---- On September 21, 2018, Jacques Costopoulos is savagely assassinated in downtown Athens when he is beaten head-on by the jeweler Di Angelo and, at least, another person (known to be a far-right party member). He had entered the store a little earlier for an unknown reason and had been trapped in an apparently bad mental and physical state. His two men are hit in the head (while lying down in broken glasses) in an attempt to unblock him, after which he is attacked by DIAS team members and beaten wildly as he tries to escape. The next few days, a police spokesman publicly defends Jacques' beating, typically saying that "this is how we do it and whoever likes it".

Jacques was an active activist of the LGBTQ + community, known for his action against the patriarchal world, the fascist threat and social discrimination. His assassination was yet another moment of the constant "war against all" that has been declared by the rulers with the primary aim of isolating, excluding and ultimately destroying the most depleted and marginalized part of the social base.

At the same time, the media have taken on the role of misinforming the fact, disguising, distorting reality and legalizing murder in society's consciousness by defining the meaning of life and the boundaries within which it is worth living. They do not even hesitate to vote in favor of the heinous crime. In this context, the most disgusting features of the forced social model of life are attributed to the assassinated in order to distinguish himself from the accepted social model, to undermine his own existence, and to slip into the category of those who live a life not worth living. you do. Toxic-addicted, homosexual, HIV-positive and aspiring robber...

Today, the organization of social life by the state and capital is designed to exclude a section of society according to economic, cultural, religious, gender, sexual, physical or social standards promoted by domination. Whether these exclusions are institutionalized or work informally at the expense of specific demographic groups (drug addicts, homosexuals, immigrants, homeless, seropositive, mentally ill, non-productive-unemployed, etc.) who succeed in achieving it provides them with the existing, thus preventing them from integrating into the imposed lifestyle and being marginalized. This marginalization serves the purposes of the domination of demonization and repression of certain social groups in order to discipline the rest.

We are convinced that the murder of Jacques Costopoulos is a state and capitalist crime, part of the extermination operation that has been carried out for years at the expense of the poor and the excluded. Poor and excluded that power itself creates either through poverty and poverty policies, or through the introduction of an exemption regime for those who are in surplus or are considered dangerous to it.

At this juncture, the opportunistic alliance of various social groups with the state and its bosses is the result of the dissolution of the social fabric and the social jungle conditions it brings. It is the result of the hegemony of the dominant ideology that wants them to be split down and mutually exclusive, but also a consequence of the movement's backwardness and the absence of a visible alternative to the ultimate collapse of the world of power. This is because the social discontent generated by the ferocious attack of state and capitalism is attempted to be tackled - beyond sharp repression - by the cultivation of social excitement, by promoting ideologies that lead to dominant living conditions by all means, targeting. of the socially disadvantaged, individualization and competition. Immediate consequence of the breakdown of social ties, In other words, the recycled violence between the pragmatic strata of society, which we define as social cannibalism. A condition desired and promoted by the sovereigns, as it disorientates and manipulates their anger from the bottom to the truly responsible for the misery of this world and drives it into an incessant war against all within the class of exploiters.

There is an alternative and realistic answer to this reality. And, of course, this is not the overwhelming condemnation of society, the prevalence of antisocial and self-talk within the movements. It is not the enclosure and fortification around ourselves. On the contrary, we have to fight even more today for breaking down conservative reflexes and cannibalistic behaviors in the social field. We must not allow social cannibalism and bullshit to be established and legalized in our cities. We owe it to the righteous anger and indignation that drives us to point it in the right direction, to the real ones and not to disperse it in the void. No more chasing other windmills. This is the time to go out on the streets and show that no other murder will be tolerated, to show the prospect of solidarity, mutual help and the common struggles of all those affected.

The response from the movement must be the intensification of the struggle to overthrow the real perpetrators of exploitation, oppression, poverty, misery, widespread social discrimination and the total plunder of our lives. The emergence of collectivism and solidarity in the face of fragmentation, competition with counterfeits and the fear that power constantly reproduces. Organized socio-class struggles against exploitation, poverty, fascism and cannibalism. The awareness of our common class position and the need for harmonious and free co-existence for all in the light of mutual aid and mutual respect, away from capitalism and the state, the institutional and non-advocates of mediation and reciprocity. The creation of common class and social relations and the development of a collective and companionial struggle against our daily forces, capitalism and the state. Overcoming the imposed state and capital organization of society. Creating a society of equality, solidarity, justice and harmonious coexistence. The social revolution and the creation of a world that will fit many people...






anarchist group "pale horse" member of the Anarchist Political Organization

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