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(en) France, Manifesto of the Union Communist Libertaire UCL - Our revolutionary trade union practice (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Thu, 15 Aug 2019 12:24:14 +0300

We promote all the repertoire of revolutionary syndicalism actions - strike, boycott, sabotage, blockage - including their new and reinvented forms, since they are based on the direct action of the workers. ---- SUD-Rail parade during a railway strike in May 2016. ---- cc Jean-Claude Saget ---- The trade union movement was born out of the desire to organize workers in revolt against oppression and exploitation. It makes it possible to oppose to the employers, who rely on the individual isolation of the proletarians, the collective strength brought by the concerted action. ---- The fight against demands in workplaces and studies mainly involves trade union action. We therefore advocate active participation in trade unionism, understood first of all as a practice of struggle and unitary, mass and class self-organization.

As in any form of association, this collective strength benefits the associated individuals and more broadly our class, provided that it is not appropriate by a minority to the detriment of the community. This is the case when there is a distinction between leaders and directors, which results in leaders using the organization to advance their interests rather than serving the common cause. Unionism is not a career !

We are also aware and aware that the trade union movement is - like many things in a non-revolutionary period - crossed by a contradiction between integration and rupture. And that integration generates a strong tendency to social compromises and bureaucracy.

We can not, however, be satisfied with the rejection of the unions by a part of the proletariat. It leads more to the demobilization of employees than to accentuate the balance of power vis-à-vis the state and employers. It is through self-management and class struggle that trade unions will become an attractive tool for social struggles.

The CGT blocked the waste treatment plant in Ivry-sur-Seine in May 2016.
cc Daniel Maunoury
A directory of direct actions
We defend a revolutionary syndicalism that returns to the sources of the proletariat's dynamic of self-organization represented by the trade union movement, by integrating the historical achievements of the emancipatory struggles that have been waged since its inception.

We are therefore promoting the whole repertoire of revolutionary syndicalism - strike, boycott, sabotage, blockage - including their new and reinvented forms, since they are based on the direct action of the workers.

We defend the prospect of a general strike, as a weapon of the proletariat to defend its interests, and a possible lever for a revolutionary takeover of production. This does not mean that it is necessary to multiply, out of context, the incantatory calls to a mythical general strike, but that it must be posited as a strategic aim, structuring our action.

It involves participating in union debates and bringing - and sometimes even simply existing - union democracy to life.

For the workers' unity, despite the divisions
We advocate the independence of trade unions against any outside group to exploit them, internal democracy and federalism, the sharing, control and revocability of mandates. We want to reconnect with an interprofessional practice through the development of tools for the emergence of solidarity and class consciousness: local unions, departmental unions, trade unions and industry federations, confederations.

The union division is the result of several factors: bureaucratisation, questioning of union independence, undemocratic practices, to which have been added since, competition and spirit of chapel. Contrary to this logic, beyond the "organizational patriotism", we affirm the necessary working-class unity and intend to work to create the conditions for a reunification of the class and struggle union movement, without denying the difficulties.

We support other forms of organization that can be given to workers in struggle (general assembly, strike committee, coordination ...), especially when they can complement or even overcome the current limits of trade unions.

We defend international solidarity in the trade union field. Finally, we support a trade union practice that integrates the diversity of the proletariat: workers in the public and private sectors, with or without employment, active and active or retired, regardless of their origin, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. .

Wear a basic democracy
We can be led by the reality of the ground to register our revolutionary syndicalism in different organizations. The essential thing is, for us, the real possibility, offered by this or that structure, to develop militant collectives and to deploy a protest activity. Our syndicalism is therefore thought in terms of ground, is first in the basic structures, but refuses to consider the fragmentation of the trade union movement as positive or inevitable.

It is in the service of this activity of grassroots collectives, and in the scrupulous respect of trade union democracy, that comrades can be mandated, in all positions and at all levels, by the members and adherents of their structures.

Revolutionary trade unionists, we reject the division of social democratic labor between the party that deals with politics, that is to say also social issues, and the union confined to immediate demands. For us, the trade union organization must carry its own strategy of transforming society, developed independently. It is an essential space for the construction of a counter-power. It must help sharpen the self-management skills of our class.

If it seems obvious that the trade union fact, like all the important facts of society, is discussed everywhere, including in the political currents, we refute the practice of "fraction" which leads its members, whatever their opinion, to act in a concerted way to pass on the directives of their political organization in the union, in defiance of the independence and the own capacity of elaboration of the latter.

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