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(en) Russia, avtonom: Lessons from Moscow Protests - Nikolai Dedok [machine translation]

Date Sun, 11 Aug 2019 10:45:42 +0300

On August 3, in Moscow, one of the largest protests with a mass grabber took place. Estimates of the number of participants vary from 1,500 to 10,000. Detained - 1001 people. Given that Belarus and Russia all the time exchange experiences in suppressing protests, and, like real autocracies, are investing huge resources in this matter, it is very important for us to study the experience of Moscow in order to subsequently make its uprising more effective. ---- The most important thing that catches your eye: the government has prepared. Prepared thoroughly and seriously. Somewhere upstairs, they are very stupid people who knew what would happen and how to deal with it as efficiently as possible. They not only fired into the streets a bunch of riot police who beat and dispersed everyone, but applied a whole range of thoughtful and complementary measures.

We list briefly which of this we can learn from for ourselves:

1. The cops are afraid of the deanon. In this protest, unlike the previous one, riot police were masked, because those who revealed their face after July 27 began to mass deanonize and poison on social networks. They fear for their personal safety - which means the further they are, the more they realize their mortality and physical vulnerability. It's good.

It is also curious that through the loudspeaker, convincing the audience to disperse, the propagandist appealed to national unity. From the megaphone sounded: "Dear citizens, do not disturb public order. Rosguard employees serve to ensure your safety. Most of them are your sons. Do not violate public order and the law. "

We will hear more - oh, we will hear more than once! - this is the protests in Minsk from the "moderate opposition", all kinds of negotiators and compromise seekers who will emerge like worms from damp land, as soon as the throne under Luke staggers. But this is a separate issue.

2. The authorities do not constrain themselves in attracting resources: in addition to tens of thousands of personnel, helicopters are used.

Through pressure on private companies, they are forced to switch to the side of evil:

YouDrive car sharing has banned leaving cars inside the Garden Ring.

Disconnection by mobile Internet operators.

Internet disconnection in nearby catering establishments

3 . Great forces were thrown by power to the digital front:

DDoS attack on major opposition sites.

Activation of pro-government trolls in comments and groups on social networks. The most active riveting of military pictures, reactions of "ordinary citizens", etc.

4. As always, authorities fear radicalization of protests. Bags were checked at random passers-by: they were looking for gas canisters and everything that could be used as a weapon. The risk category is middle-aged men. This fact speaks for itself.

5. Cell phones were taken away from detainees for 2 weeks under the pretext that these are material evidence in a criminal case. Later they try to open them (equipment for this to authoritarian countries is supplied by Israeli and Chinese companies). Encrypt your mobile devices! Keep them updated on time.

6. Mercilessly and without hesitation, criminal cases are instituted. There is only one goal - bullying. How am I going from a comfortable home and family for many years to a prison cell?


Decentralized protests work. In general, given the other equal number of people, to suppress such authorities, it is necessary to attract much more resources than for centralized protests.

But legal mechanisms are not. Do not allow lawyers or children's ombudsmen to be detained? Beat those who do not resist, do not provide medical care, force fingerprints? Easy. Dogs in uniform protect not the law, they protect the privileges of the elites, their power and property. Therefore, for a direct, arrogant and continuing violation of the law, the case will not. Hence the logical conclusion that trying to keep the protest and their actions within the law, endlessly appeal to the law as the highest value, and even more so to declare the "provocateurs" of protesters who violate the law (representatives of the opposition like to do this) is silly and short-sighted .. It's like trying to win, fighting by the rules that your enemy wrote. Therefore, all these pathos reading the constitution of the riot police is very beautiful, but naive and frivolous.

This, of course, does not mean that you need to use violence from left to right. Just remember that we have an a priori right to self-defense.

In conclusion, it is important to say that during the dispersal, the former deputy commander of the Berkut, Sergey Kusyuk, who escaped from Ukraine and was noted for extreme cruelty during the suppression of the Maidan, was seen. The Russian authorities are acting smartly - taking on the service of those for whom the bridges were burned. He has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. If the regime in the Russian Federation collapses, it and others like them will face death or life. Therefore, for this power, he will tear and gnaw his teeth to the very end. Accordingly, in order to confront these monsters, we need those who are ready to go the same way to the end - but already on the side of good. The conclusion is simple: prepare yourself.

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Moscow , Russia

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