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(en) France, Manifesto of the Union Communist Libertaire UCL - Against all imperialisms (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Sun, 11 Aug 2019 10:27:00 +0300

We place ourselves resolutely on the side of the peoples, against all the imperialisms, whether world or regional. We are campaigning for the abolition of the commercial plunder that is ruining the countries of the South, and for the freedom of movement and settlement of the workers. ---- Kurdish Militian YPJ, Syria, in 2012. ---- cc YPJ-YPG ---- The division of land space into nation-states is a construction linked to the historical development of capitalism and states. It is on the ideological base of "the nation" that the political domination of the State and the ruling classes of which it is the instrument is forged. ---- National ideology rests on the ultimate denial of all the differences, of all the antagonisms on a given territory: negation of the plurality of cultures and languages, negation of the class struggle, negation of the relations of domination and domination. oppression.

We therefore reject the nationalist political logics that actually build a myth based on purity and "cultural autarky" in order to oppose the exploited between them and them, and to justify their submission.

Libertarian federalism seems to allow the coexistence of multiple cultures and their mixing, without a single being imposed on individuals by a political power.

The rise of capitalism, the XIX th and XX thcenturies, has been done without the systematic pillaging of the South of resources. The consequences are disastrous: wars and massacres, destruction of ecological balances, food crops, local production, for the benefit of wealth export sectors to colonial empires. Local economies have found themselves incomplete, dependent, unable to respond to the needs of the population resulting in rising inequality, misery, hunger, exile.

Our anticolonialism
We oppose colonial and neocolonial imperialism, which legitimizes racist speeches, military operations, the organized plundering of natural resources by the alliance between the Western bourgeoisies and their relays at the head of the "old" colonies.

The independence struggles of the XX thcentury led to a redeployment of imperialism. Formal independence has resulted in a shift from direct domination to indirect dominance, based on support for now national ruling classes, but exercising power in the interests of the former. colonial power. In many former colonies, it retains a dominant military and economic presence, and ensures that governments in power are compatible with its interests. These relations of domination were then accentuated with capitalist globalization, through indebtedness, monetary control mechanisms and unfair commercial relations.

The end of the Cold War and the beginning of the XXI thcentury saw new powers emerge at the regional, continental or even global. They compete with the former imperialist powers, challenge their monopoly of neocolonial economic predation and their political influence on the local ruling classes. If the latter can sometimes take advantage of this situation to make their private interests bear fruit, it is only a question of the perpetuation of an external domination for the populations of the former colonies. A new imperialism is replacing or superimposed on another, the competition between the two may even degenerate into a proxy conflict of which the local populations are always the victims.

Resolute opponents of French imperialism, we demand the lifting of the supervision of the French State over the overseas departments, the eradication of Françafrique networks and the end of foreign military interventionism.

The support we bring to the struggles of peoples against imperialism is at the same time lucid and critical. Historically, anticolonialist struggles, always legitimate in their refusal of domination, and in this a priori always to support, have often given birth to bureaucratic regimes militarized, even involved in forms of neocolonialism. So our solidarity goes to the forces that, in their struggle against colonial domination, associate a project of social emancipation, democratic, even anticapitalist and federalist, relying on the proletariat and the peasantry.

In doing so, we place ourselves resolutely on the side of the peoples, against all the imperialisms, whether global or regional. We reject the "campist" reading grid which consists of supporting or despising the popular struggles according to the imperialist camp that they hinder.

Strike for the regularization of the undocumented workers of Man-BTP, in 2008.
cc Sébastien / UCL Paris Northeast
Class solidarity without borders
Capitalism has been built on a global scale. A class strategy would be unthinkable if it were limited to one country. The stakes are international, and the social movements have an important delay to fill. A fight for an internationalist orientation is necessary, which will have to pass on the body of many "sovereignist" and localist resistances .

We are strongly in favor of freedom of movement and installation. The most powerful states orchestrate the free movement of capital and goods, while erecting boundaries and walls between the exploited. These borders do not prevent migration: they kill thousands of migrants. On the other hand, they make it possible to create a category of illegal and private workers in the North. We are campaigning for their regularization, and for the abolition of the commercial plunder that is ruining their countries and throwing them on the roads of exile. There is no possible fight against North-South inequalities without struggle for freedom of movement and settlement.

We advocate international solidarity among workers from all countries, between peoples, feminist and LGBTI solidarity, environmentalists, against states and all imperialisms. International unity remains to be built, particularly through concrete, coordinated actions to confront long-standing multinational powers.

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