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(en) France, Manifesto of the Union Communist Libertaire UCL - Destroy patriarchy (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Thu, 8 Aug 2019 08:14:56 +0300

The fight for emancipation and equality between women and men is one of the essential themes of libertarian struggle. Our goal is the abolition of patriarchy as a system of domination, civil and social equality between men and women, and the freedom of women to have their bodies, their reproductive capacity and their sexuality. private and domestic space as in the public space. ---- cc Yann Lévy ---- We reject all discrimination based on sex, gender and sexual orientation. Indeed we consider transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, lesbophobia and discrimination of intersex people as manifestations of patriarchy. They are based, in particular, on the existence of only two distinct sex categories, leading to the mutilation of intersex people, and the imposition of a dominant heterosexual model. We are fighting these oppressions by recognizing the junction and specifics of LGBTI struggles.

Patriarchy is a political and economic system based on the gendered division of labor that results in the domestic exploitation still suffered by women all over the world. It produces sexist culture, solidified in a system of us and customs, laws and social codes.

Sexism is the set of prejudices that attribute "innate" qualities or defects to each genre. The "natural qualities" attributed to sexist prejudices lead to a hierarchy between the group of men and that of women. Patriarchy relies on gender - which is a social construct - to justify the existence of male and female categories and the inequalities between them, violence against women, assignment to certain roles according to gender, and to impose a heterosexual and family norm. Its intersection with other relationships of domination based on social class, skin color, sexual orientation, real or perceived beliefs, age, administrative status, etc. generates other forms of domination.

Domination is at once ideological, cultural, social, economic and political, relegating women to subordinate roles and dispossessing them of their life, their bodies, and their sexuality. It is also physical through domestic violence, harassment, sexual violence that impedes women's lives both by their reality and by the constant threat they pose.

Assets constantly questioned
Over the decades, the feminist and anti-patriarchal struggle has brought real advances in consciousness and in life. But no acquis is ever definitive ; we must defend them, and enlarge them still further.

Wherever ground has been won - equal rights, professional equality, abortion and contraception - reactionary movements exert a counter pressure to maintain the system of patriarchal domination.

A specific struggle is necessary
The struggle against patriarchy is a specific struggle that can not be reduced to the struggle against capitalism, although both feed on each other. Capitalism takes advantage of the free labor still largely done by women in the reproduction of the labor force: to bring up, raise and educate children, to do domestic work and care. He takes advantage of the patriarchal system to overexploit women in jobs that are largely undervalued and underpaid.

But patriarchy does not only serve the capitalist class. Even within our social camp, men benefit from women's free work and are freed from a number of tasks that women spontaneously undertake, driven by the various mechanisms that maintain and reinforce this relationship of domination.

More constrained by imposed partial times, unemployment, precariousness, they serve as an adjustment variable for employers according to their labor needs. Conversely, the domestic tasks assigned to women (care of persons, household ...) determine in turn the sexual division of labor (gendered and hierarchical distribution of tasks and occupations).

Religions and the state are also active supporters of patriarchy by imposing a moral order and a heteronormed and hierarchical family model, and by subjecting women and sexual minorities to institutional and police violence. Rather than the patriarchal family, we defend all forms of family and sexual associations without hierarchy, based on consent and that take into account the rights of children, LGBTI people also victims of violence and oppression.

Inclusive and egalitarian practices
Revolutionary organizations are composed of persons who are members of a society at a given moment, and in this, bear the prejudices, modes of operation, conditioning and habits unconsciously acquired by their education, despite their desire to create a more egalitarian society. . That is why it is up to us to fight against patriarchy also within our organization with all the tools within our reach:

work to make the organization welcoming to women and gender minorities through its practices ;
organize in a non-sexist way (in the distribution of tasks avoid "men to politics, women to logistics") ;
to promote the empowerment of women and gender minorities at the local and federal levels by training men not to take up all the space ;
cope with sexual and gender-based violence through the vigilance and insecurity of the aggressors, which will not be tolerated within the UCL, nor in our circles ;
promote single-sex discussion forums to free speech ;
question our own habits and reflexes to ensure that household and emotional tasks are not automatically attributed to women in the organization ;
develop tools that promote the most shy and untrained of the spoken word.
We reject the traditional conception of the revolutionary militant whose availability for the cause is based on the domestic confinement of his spouse. We seek to develop a new, alternative form of militancy that does not reproduce within the movement of emancipation, patriarchal relations and domestic alienations.

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