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(en) ait russia: France: 37th Yellow Vest Protest [machine translation]

Date Tue, 6 Aug 2019 09:20:17 +0300

The "yellow vests" movement continues in Paris, Toulouse, Perpignan, Montpellier, Rennes, Nice and other cities, on the streets, at crossroads, at checkpoints on toll roads, continues throughout France. On July 27, the 37th weekly protest was directed against the pension reform project. The longer the movement continues, the more demands are put forward by the protesters, because the government does not listen to them. The resolute "yellow vests" now declare that they will not leave the streets until Macron and his reforms are removed from the streets. ---- The authorities continue to unleash repressions on the protesters and psychologically terrorize them with a massive police presence. The media generally try to pretend that no more protests occur. However, the "yellow vests" are not going to retreat and surrender.

In Paris, the protesters began to gather at the Joffre Square from 9 o'clock in the morning. At about 11.30, they set out on a journey in a peaceful, almost festive atmosphere. "We are here, we are here!" - they chanted. The demonstrators were accompanied by police and riot policemen, who were simply swarming everywhere. At about 12.30 pm the procession was delayed on the Plaza Catalunya. Protesters shouted to gendarmes: "Where is Steve?". After some discussion, the demonstration moved on, still surrounded by police vans and the thunder of drums. From the open windows they were greeted by the Parisians. The demonstrators answered with a cry: "Paris, get up!"

After 1 pm the procession reached Dunfer-Rochereau. People chanted "Macron on the bench." Bumping into a police cordon, the demonstrators shouted to the guards of the capitalist order: "Beat each other! You are murderers!", "Where is Steve?", "Inject, consume and be silent!". The demonstration was blocked, despite permission - pure police provocation! The demonstrators remained calm, stood still and debated. They resumed movement only at 13.45. Passing by the prison of Sante, the protesters demanded: "Free our comrades!" From the inside they were answered with a roar of saucepans. There were shouts: "Justice is nowhere, the police are everywhere," "What is the police doing? It pokes out its eyes," "Revolution, revolution!", "Castaner on the bench!"

At 14.10, the advancement of the demonstrators was again stopped by police vans. People are outraged: "We are not sheep, so that we were stopped!", "This is the end of the Enlightenment!", "Everything will take off into the air!". At 14.20 near the square of Italy: a new stop! ...

Another one, at 15.40. Police surround the demonstrators. Protesters are chanting: "Free our comrade!" Marsh stopped - the participants intend not to go further until it is released. Riot police pushing helmets, brewing collision. Boulevard Bastille. To the sounds of the sirens, the protesters spread out and continue chanting the slogans of porotest ...

Later, the movement resumes, by 4 pm the demonstrators are entering the Bastille square. Police took positions to prevent "yellow vests" on the shopping streets. Here the promotion was again delayed, the demonstrators discussed further actions and sang "Marseillaise". The police were visibly nervous. Chorus "To arms, citizens!" echoing: "We are here!", "Paris, get up!" At 4.30 pm the demonstrators moved towards the square of Leon Blum ...

So, with the stumbling, stopping and chanting of slogans, the demonstrators marched along the route Danfer-Rochereau-Montparnasse-Place de la Bastille-the area of Leon Blum ...

Not without incident. In the evening, near a Republic Square, a certain loyalist Macron tried to prevent the protesters from blocking the road. He slightly naznit sides. The police seized 3 people, accusing them of harming the faithful dog of the regime.

In Toulouse, on the day of the protest, several activities were planned. At 11.00 a "civil cafe" was organized on Wilson Square. At 14.00 a demonstration was scheduled, and in the evening, at 21.00 - a picnic at a roundabout in the Mirai people's quarter.

Demonstrators in Toulouse, walking along the city's streets, chanting to the thunder of the drum: "More property taxes, less homeless," "We are here," "Work, consume, be silent," "Where is Steve?", "Police everywhere, justice nowhere" , "Let us pass," "Toulouse, get up!" "Anti, anti, anti-capitalism," "Free our prisoners." Despite the rain, the protesters were determined, the mood was festive. Speakers through the megaphone urged to continue the movement of "yellow vests" , resist and do not give up.

In Perpignan, the "yellow vests" that came out for the demonstration crushed the bureau of the deputy from the ruling party, Romain Grau, and tried to set it on fire.

In Rennes, during a protest demonstration, clashes with the police took place. "We are here" - chanted "yellow vests". "We will not retreat. Yes, it is true, everything has been going on for 8 months now and there are less of us. But we hope that everything will resume in September," said one of the demonstrators, Louis-Joseph. At about 2.30 pm, demonstrators gathered in the Republic Square moved along the embankments, despite the ban of the prefecture. Pushed back, they tried to break through to the city hall, the approaches to which were blocked by the police. Then the protesters again headed along the embankments; Ahead were dozens of activists from the Black Block dressed in black. On Freedom Boulevard, they brought bottles and cans prepared there from neighboring lanes. On Nemur Street, a battle broke out with the police who had blocked their path, which started up gas. Having regrouped in the city center, the demonstrators continued on their way through the streets, completing the procession around 5:15 pm. Police detained a total of 5 people.

In Nice, "yellow vests" played a street performance during the demonstration, demonstrating the scene of bloody police violence.

In addition to street demonstrations, "yellow vests" continued actions on the roads and highways, blocking traffic or letting motorists along toll roads free of charge.

President Macron acknowledged that the protests of the "yellow vests" were caused by social injustice in France. Social injustice and the difficult financial and economic situation of part of the population are the unresolved problems of France, which lead to protests of the "yellow vests". This opinion was expressed on July 27 by President Emmanuel Macron. A report on his communication with journalists and residents of Bormes-les-Mimosas, located next to the summer presidential residence, Fort Bregancon, showed the BFM channel.

"In our country, the deep-seated problems that have long been known to us, caused by the existing[social]injustice and economic difficulties of the population," continue to remain unresolved, the president acknowledged. Answering the question about the situation with the protests of the "yellow vests", he said: "I absolutely do not think that what caused the sincere rage of a part of the French population at some point now no longer exists." "In my opinion, we were able to answer some of the problems - but at the same time, there are some unresolved issues that we couldn't take due measures, as this takes time. There are also reasons for people's outrage to be eliminated exists in the near future, "- said the French president. He promised that in September,https://tass.ru/mezhdunarodnaya-panorama/6709337 )

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