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(en) sicilia libertaria: WE OVERWARD THE REVOLUTIONS -- ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE. A break is urgent (it) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 16 Jul 2019 06:35:59 +0300

The imminence of an unprecedented climate catastrophe, considered certain by a growing (albeit minority) number of people, runs the risk of fueling new millennialisms from the end of the world, with presumable apparitions, in the short term, of saviors and sellers of false medicine . There are not only negationists and uncaring members (most of them), but also advocates of anemic and functional solutions to the perpetuation of the current dis-order of things. ---- If it is a fact that a "change" is taking place in the climate (this is the negative sense of change that we have learned to appreciate in the exploits of the current government in Italy), it is less clear how much the influence of human activity affects this deterioration , which would then be better defined as "capitalist mode of production" to avoid a comfortable genericism so beloved by the bloodsucking lords of humanity and the Planet Earth. How it affects, not if it affects.

A dangerous direction provides a reading of the meteorological phenomena in act detached from reality, from the causes, from the responsibilities and therefore from the possibilities, as also from the urgency, to intervene immediately, putting us in the hopeful expectation that the experts, the science, the politicians find the adequate solutions to prevent the announced catastrophe. But the years go by, and if you look around, you can't really see where the reduction of that CO2 that is contributing to the fast warming of the planet should begin. A rather immense and almost unknown theme in its scientific implications, within which, however, something concrete and very linked to our daily lives exists. Something that has certain origins in the industrial development that began in the 1800s and increased at an irrepressible pace until today,
If we dwell on each of these aspects, all closely linked together, we can see how much the social structure in force in the vast part of the Earth influences the possibilities of humanity to be able to live happily: there is therefore a lack of freedom and social justice, the way in which it is produced to the detriment of the possibility of the earth and the environment as a whole to regenerate itself.
It cannot be an Al Gore, therefore, to indicate a solution; nor the little Greta (and the skilled directors who made it a brand) to lead a global response; it is instead necessary to concretize a path of non-tame responses to the bastard logic of the globalized exploitation system. The gentlemen who hold the financial and economic power, and therefore also the political, media and military power, have been forced to include the environmental theme in their agenda, but continue to pursue the pursuit of profit day by day, regardless of the nefarious and lethal consequences on people and the environment, because this is and will continue to be the philosophy of these people, that is, of capitalism. It is no coincidence that its consequences immediately fall on the poorest peoples (those who have not the slightest responsibility), they strongly affect the living conditions of the oppressed classes, proving to have an essentially classist character. Even if we face a new "universal flood", one thing is certain: we will not all be in the same boat! Indeed, probably the rich minority will be on the boats and everything else will be agitated in the waters without life jackets and rubber boats to which to cling.
But let's face it: we live immersed in a daily political fiction where we live: the fable of the "whole s'agusta", of the absolute faith in the science that resolves everything, and of the minimal commitment, that useful to wash our conscience, which manifests itself in small daily gestures: healthy eating, intelligent consumption, differentiating waste, etc. A fable that does not affect the capitalist predatory method, rather it feeds it with new illusions that paralyze us and new market outlets.
To reduce CO2 by some half a degree, everything that revolves around the fossil should be blocked: deposits, mines, power plants, means of transport, industries; but can we think of blocking all this without a definitive stop to the capitalist system? Or do we have to let the system itself pretend to regenerate with a new great deception and blows of blackmail that concern the habits and comforts of that richer part of the Planet where it rightly craves to land the other poorer part?
The task of anarchists, radical ecologists, coherent anti-capitalists, true friends of life, remains that of being able to trigger even in the most modest battles and the most immediate objectives the germ of a more global vision, fighting the attitude of those who will continue to bask in their own little world, forgetting or pretending to forget that instead the world is one, and is sick, and that the cure lies for the most part in the hands of the oppressed, wherever they reside.
Urgent is therefore a break with everything that has contributed to the disaster: capitalism, industrialism, the pursuit of profit, exploitation of nature and the environment, animals and human beings. An urgent struggle without a quarter with all that is related to this system: states, banks, governments, economic and financial bodies, and with all that contributes to the life of this system: military armies and bases, parties, churches and religions, conditioning tools mass, schools, traditional and modern media, etc. An urgent break with the fundamental ideas of this system: authoritarianism, patriarchy, racism, democratic mystification, cult (and trap) of an increasingly unmanageable technology.
States, capitalism, armies, indiscriminate development aimed only at producing profits for the privileged few, and all their priests, however disguised and everywhere positioned, have produced what for many peoples is already a catastrophe. To still have a chance, in order to desire a better world, we must immediately do without them, activate new organizational processes from the bottom, egalitarians and self-managed, forms of self-government and new ways of producing respectful of the earth, water and air and above all of the future, of those to which we will leave every little corner of this planet.
The dream of a world free from exploitation, oppression and social parasites, and the revolution necessary to achieve it, can guide us and save us, but we should also assume the spirit to which Errico Malatesta recalled us back in 1913: "Today, tomorrow and always, we must act, think and behave as if the revolution could be possible at any moment. It's the only way to make it really possible. "

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