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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Live from CGT congress: management recedes on regional committees (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Fri, 24 May 2019 10:24:37 +0300

Fourth day of the 52 th Confederal Congress CGT. Conventional fire against this new bureaucratic level ; debate on the organization of the isolated and subcontracting ; concerns about anti-union repression ; questions about candidacies for confederal leadership. A report on the spot, day by day, by the blog Libertarian libertarians of the CGT . ---- For this fourth day of the Confederal Congress, the session opened with the presentation of motions of support to various struggles ... The congress generally adopts several, without further discussion. One of them would have deserved to be re-read with the eyes of the ecological unionism that the CGT wants to embody: the one presented by the Federation of Agro-Food supporting the strikers of the sugar refinery of Toury (Eure-et-Loire ), whose plant is to close at the end of the year.

This is obviously not to dispute the fight for employment, but to put into perspective an argument - national food sovereignty - put forward in the motion. Indeed, beyond the nauseating odor that the plant releases, the question of beet sugar, in competition with cane sugar, raises complex questions: the massive use of sugar by the mastodons of cooked dishes raises a public health issue, and the industrial beet crop - which has supplanted wheat in this part of the Beauce - has completed killing one of the country's best agricultural lands and depleting the region's water tables. Drought forces, farmers water the fields from the beginning of April !

But let's break this digression and come back to the results of the votes of the night before. The vote of theme 2 of the guidance document gave 70 % for, 29 % against and 7 % abstentions. A figure consistent with the balance of this congress, with nearly a third of unions in the opposition. It is therefore interesting to note that the vote on theme 5, on internationalism , is adopted at 79 %, with 21 % against and 8 % abstention. This means quite clearly that critical mandates calling for a more radical line are much more than " pro-FSM " mandates . And that's good !

Read also: " CGT: Travel between the lines of the 52 nd Confederal Congress " , Libertarian Alternative of March 2019.
Yellow jackets and union unity
The report on theme 3 (the construction of the balance of power) announced that it had recorded 355 amendments tabled by 102 unions. A small half have been integrated but largely reformulated (99 of them). The questions of yellow vests and trade union unity dominated the debate, with that of the construction of a general strike. An amendment from the SNTRS (the CNRS union) proposing convergence with yellow vests was clearly in the minority.

The debate on trade union unity, as usual, does not escape caricature and sectarian positions which allows the confederal leadership to justify maintaining the wording on unionism gathered. Another SNTRS amendment proposing to replace this formula with the search for a " trade union unity based on clear claims " will also be a minority, but only a small one.

An amendment demanding that the Confederal leadership " push " a work plan and a mobilization calendar with clear demands was also a minority, the commission explaining that the confederal leadership has a role of support but no pilot ... The delegates have yet the impression that when it comes to defending political choices and pushing back amendments, the Confederal leadership firmly drives the votes ! Theme 3 was adopted by 70 % for, 29 % against and 6 % abstentions.

A union from a big Airbus factory turned into a site syndicate to be able to syndicate in subcontracting.
84,000 union members isolated !
The debates on theme 4 (evolution of CGT structures) were dominated by the question of " isolated " (84,000 union members without union) and unionization in subcontracting companies. The question of the unionization of high school and university students has also been debated by various unions, and the amendment to this effect has been rejected very little.

Already present the day before, the issue of trade union repression has also returned to the debates, with sometimes a slightly disturbing naivety. Some comrades do not seem to understand that the only real protection for militant militants is to have a balance of power and a legitimacy gained from co-workers.

An amendment proposing to reject the existence of the new regional committees - whose project has not yet been validated - was also rejected very little. Like an amendment from the National Committee of Unemployed (the CGT-Unemployed) which proposed the creation of a committee of unemployed in each UL, to which the commission replied that one could not freeze a model unique and that the territories have variable collective forms.

A site syndicate to include subcontractors
A union from a big Airbus factory has announced its decision to turn the company union into a site union to be able to unionize the numerous and numerous employees of subcontracting.

All at his option to put forward the multiprofessional union to bring together isolated · s all professions (which amounts to mini-UL) the Confederal leadership has rejected the amendment presenting the assets of the local trade unionism industry claiming that this amendment wanted to create a " single model ". This was not the case at all, but the management was thus sparing a response on the substance and the study of this possibility among others ... Theme 4 was finally adopted with 65 % of for, 35 % against and 6 % abstention.

The CGT-Unemployed proposed the creation of a committee of unemployed in each UL.
Huge tensions at the regional level
But the question of the statutory appendix for the new regional committees has again come to stir up the congress. The presentation of this new structure is ready to smile: it is not at all to align the CGT on new administrative regions, but to " help UL and UD to stay closer to employees " (???). The congressmen subjected the rapporteur to a rolling fire denouncing pell-mell an additional bureaucratic stage ; the aspiration of financial and human resources that are already lacking in ULs and DUs ; the alignment on the pyramidal operation of the CFDT ; the creation of regional CGT secretaries who will be " political superprofets " ...

The subject revealed a tremendous tension, and it took a long break for the Confederal leadership to resign itself to withdrawing the question and ... sending it back to the 53 rd Congress. The congressmen have obviously enjoyed a form of revenge against a platform that, often, handles responses language of wood and clumsy authoritarian postures.

In the same spirit of appeasement, before the election of the Confederal Executive Committee (CEC), she submitted a draft call for the Congress ... after having rejected the idea several times. The call must be discussed Friday morning.

Stability of one third of mandates requiring more radicality
The final vote on the guidance document gave 70 % for, 29 % against and 7 % abstention. This remarkable stability of the " against " demonstrates the existence of a wing that requires more radicality, without being homogeneous or represent a " trend " as it may have existed in the CFDT of the 1980s and in other confederations .

Oh, you realize, suddenly the Info'com delegate - union combining thunderous speeches and very moderate practices - never spoke during the whole congress ...

A beautiful union unit CGT-Solidaires, in 2016, in support of the eight of Goodyear.
Questions on the rejection of certain applications
The election of the CEC and the Control Commission closed this particularly tense day. With a new surge of tension around the rejection of some applications that have been maintained by some of the delegates. The refusal to integrate the candidate of the UD of Seine-Maritime (Gérald Lecorre) is clearly political. Benjamin Amar, UD Val-de-Marne, was not less virulent in his criticism but he is protected by his membership of the PCF ... Gisèle Vidallet, outgoing member of the Confederal Bureau, probably pays his independence of mind and a more insightful understanding of yellow vests.

The commission did not give any clear explanation to the delegates and it is not easy to identify with certainty the reasons for the rejection of Sandra Buaillon (UD of Paris) and Mireille Stivala, secretary of the federation of the Health. In any case, the list of 60 candidates (30 men, 30 women) proposed to the delegates by a vote of 80 % of the national confederal committee is elected, all and all candidates exceeding 50 %. None of the 4 maintained were elected because they had not crossed the bar. One remark: the new CEC has only 8 workers and 15 managers, 12 technicians and 6 supervisors.

May 16, 2019

This article is taken from the blog Libertarian libertarians of the CGT , which publishes a ticket every day on the confederal congress

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