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(en) Poland, WORKERS' INITIATIVE: It is not through relationships that feedback feeds only through Amazon - quite manipulation! (Video) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 14 Mar 2019 11:06:42 +0200

We invite you to watch the movie: ---- It's not through relationships that feed back only through Amazon - quite manipulation! ---- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUTDBeZu5cU ---- CHANGES PROPOSED BY AMAZON: ---- - the entry "employee can receive the grade" without any criteria, instead of "the employee has the right to evaluate" (giving feedbacks based on the manager's note) ---- - elimination of the "learning curve", ie a lower standard on new processes ---- - liquidation praise ---- - the possibility of giving feedback to the leaders and controllers ---- - extending the time for handing the feedback from the current 7 days, up to 4 weeks ---- - Amazon did not want to present the social side, as determined by 100% of the standard - it was stated that this is a company secret

- records that make it impossible to uncontrolled and not consulted with the social party to raise standards
- the assessment should be in a month, not a work week
- the assessment should be the sum of different criteria, not only productivity and quality
- the psychophysical capabilities of the employee and independent barriers should be considered in the calculation of performance
- the employer should take into account the diligence and diligence of the employee, as well as hard and soft competences, including entitlements, training, readiness to work in other departments
- opportunities to appeal against a negative assessment, which the employer should consult with the trade union
- praises should negate negative assessments
- evaluation criteria must be understandable (in this way, how the required 100% of the standard is calculated)
- extending the working time with one procedure up to 10 hours. instead of the current 5 hours

Amazon agreed only to the last proposal, but he stipulated that this change would come into effect only if the Unions accentuated the remaining unfavorable proposals of Amazon, which we could not agree to.

From a letter addressed to Amazon Fulfillment Poland Sp. z o. o. March 4, 2019: "The employer was aware of the position of both union organizations operating at the plant, which repeatedly reported that the employee appraisal process can not be based on continuous competition and pressure using digital technology. In spite of this fact, he decided again after the suspension period to introduce Annex No. 3 to the Work Regulations regulating the method of employee assessment, which in our opinion and in the opinion of experts in labor law is inconsistent with Art. 8 of the Labor Code. In our opinion, the evaluation system is blameworthy which does not take into account the positive achievements of the employee and the decision about recommendation for release is made only on the basis of the number of negative assessments generated by the system. "



FISZBAG? But what about kaman?!

1. When can you get feedback?

It should apply to a period of at least one week (counted from Tuesday to Wednesday), if you work no less than 5 hours in a given procedure. The Regulations states: "feedback must be provided within one week at the latest". If you get it later, write in the "employee remarks" field that you disagree with it because of it.

2. And what about new employees?

Their so-called "Learning curve". If you have just recruited at Amazon or are working on a new department (eg you have been sent for a pick-up training), you must do 70, 80, 90 in the following weeks and 100% in the fourth week. The next week is a higher level, ie "level". We can get feedback for quality on the first day. From the beginning, we carefully and carefully do all the activities, and if someone comes and tries to rush us on the first day of work, it is best not to pay attention to it.

3. What are the types of negative feedback?

Negative feedback is a remark about the need to improve. You will get it if you make less than 100% of the minimum (target performance advertised in tables on HR tables) or below 80% of target quality (errors). There are four types of negative feedback:

a) Coaching session (valid for 30 days) - the manager should tell you how to improve the results and determine the time needed for improvement.
b) First assessment of the results (valid for 30 days) - you will get it if you have less than 100% results during the 30 days of the coaching session. The manager must express expectations towards you, set realistic goals, give support and offer training.
c) Second assessment of results (valid for 90 days) - you will get it if you will again have insufficient results within 30 days of the first evaluation of the results. The manager must express expectations towards you, set realistic goals, give support and offer training.
d) Recommendation for dismissal - you will receive it if you have insufficient results within 90 days of the first evaluation of the results.

Amazon says it can change these stages. It can speed up the process, especially when it finds that you act intentionally. If you receive 6 negative ratings within 12 months, you can also get a recommendation for dismissal.

4. Once again, what's the point of this assessment?

A "coaching session" is valid for 30 days. For example, if you got it on November 1, it means that throughout November, you expect that you will be doing a minimum of 100%. If you do not make 100% in the second week of November, you will receive a "first evaluation of results". So if you work slowly for a whole month, then the company says that after just 4 weeks, you can "recommend it for release". If, however, you worked over 100% throughout November, and you had a weak first week of December, because the "coaching session" is only valid for 30 days, it will cancel - for the first week of work in December you will receive another "coaching session" (but already no rung higher "first evaluation of results", again an important 30 days

5. Who can give you feedback?

Your manager. He can possibly delegate this task to another manager. The leader - in accordance with the Regulations - can only provide verbal feedback, which are only guidelines (for which you can not get the so-called recommendation for release). At your request, the manager will give you a copy of the feedback (tell me you want a copy!). - collect these documents, in the situation of recommendation for release, these documents will be needed by the trade union to write your position on your defense.

6. How do you read the received note?

The table contains information about the process and path where you worked. The "% to goal" field will have the same content as "% to curve" if you work more than 4 weeks (otherwise your goal will be higher than the curve, but the% to the curve counts). You do not understand anything from these calculations and tables? Ask the manager on the spot for every detail! You can also ask union members for help.

7. How do you know what the minimum is?

The minimum threshold may change every 4 weeks. New standards should be announced one week prior to their introduction. Usually in POZ1 they are hung on the board at the eastern entrance. If you can not find the plots, ask your HR department for them. Also ask leaders for minima when they give individual results. Remember the minimum is not the goal (the norm announced by the leaders on a given day) - the minimum is lower than the goal. The minimum is calculated based on the results of the entire department from the previous period. Never officially Amazon has not presented how it counts, obscuring the secret of the company. According to unofficial information, it is calculated based on the results of the weakest employees in the department. For example, when we have 100 employees on a given path, the best result is 230 items / hour, the next 223 items / hour etc., up to the employee from position 90 - it is his result that is determined as the minimum for the entire department for the next period. One thing we know for sure: the sooner we work today, the higher the minimum will be in the future.

8. Receive, do not receive? Sign, do not sign?

We advise you to receive feedbacks. Even if you do not pick them up, they'll go to your personal folder without your signature. It is better to write in the field "comments of a warehouse worker", why you do not agree with the negative assessment, for example when the breaks at work did not result from your fault. Again, there were scanners, carts, goods on the line, misshands themselves, queue for a sweeper? WRITE IT. The more particulars, the better.

9. You got feedback - what's next?

Do not panic. If you get a "recommendation for release", please inform the trade union to which you belong. We should disagree on the whole system of evaluating us this way. In the Amazon FRA near Frankfurt, the works council blocked the option of terminating contracts based on feedback. When the managers nevertheless handed them "only as a hint", the employees organized an action in which they responded in a way that they felt they were working at 100% of their capabilities. Employees wore plaques with such a slogan. Basically, in Germany, you are not exempt from feedbacks. We also think that making contracts based on them collides with certain provisions of the Polish Labor Code. And above all, judging us by one measure is simply not fair. Do you need more information? Read Annex No. 3 to the Work Regulations - you can find it in HR at the bottom (file for inspection) or ask union members.

Intercompany Commission at Amazon Fulfillment Poland Sp.zoo
contact e-mail: ipamazon@wp.pl

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