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(en) Czech, afed.cz: PF 2019 - To all anarchists, anarchists, and liberal people, we wish all the best to the new year and many forces in the struggle for a fairer world. [machine translation]

Date Mon, 7 Jan 2019 08:59:59 +0200

It is another year behind us, so we have to balance it. There has been a lot, one might feel that the pace in which the world is thirsty for capitalist destruction is constantly accelerating. The year 2018 brought us many challenges, but also opportunities. ---- Support Rojava ---- At the beginning of 2018, the Turkish army attacked, on the instructions of the dictator Erdogan, to the autonomous region of Rojava, located in northern Syria, with which a large number of anarchists and many other freely-minded people solidarize. The Turkish army and Turkey-backed jihadists, recently fighting in the so-called Islamic state, spoke on the pretext of "fighting terrorism" by canton Afrin, who was a safe home for the thousands of people fleeing the war before the invasion.

In support of Afrin and Rojava, Prague activists summoned a demonstration that many Kurds and Kurdek took part in, so we had the opportunity to build new friendships and strategic alliances. The speech of the Prague Anarchist Federation (AF) group was also heard at the event. Other actions to support the Kurdish movement, under the distinctive title "Break the Silence", took place in Prague on 29 March. This time, the criticism was directed primarily at parliamentary political parties that almost invariably dropped the agenda of the Turkish invasion from the agenda. The attack on one of the most progressive projects of today did not want (even if not surprisingly) to entertain the party left-handed and even the "communist". The issue of the wall paper A3 was published .

On 25 February, on the basis of a Turkish request, Salih Muslim, the co-president of the United Democratic Party (PYD), detained the police. It is not often that anarchists and anarchists would act to support politicians. But by reproaching, it is necessary to stand together, and so, although we do not have to always agree with the Kurdish PYD strategy, we felt obliged to support Salih Muslim in court. It took place on February 27, with the numerous participation of the Czech and German Kurds and in front of the Municipal Court in Prague, where, besides the flags in the Kurdish colors, the black-and-white flag also ran. The court eventually ended in a partial victory, and Salih Muslim was released for "freedom" - the extradition to Turkey, where the Kurdish politician would probably have been threatened with a draconian punishment for "terrorism"

Support to Russian anti-fascists

On February 3, a group of anti-fascists and anti-fascists went to the Russian embassy in Corunovacní Street, Prague, to condemn the repression and torture of the Russian anti-fascist and anarchist movement. The situation in the "Czar Putin Empire" has been followed all year and informed of it.

Other actions to support Russian anarchists and anti-fascists took place on March 18th, in two places - in Prague, directed by AF-Prague, and in Brno, where the protest was called Empty Throne, the Association of Colleagues and other individuals. The date was not chosen at random - in Russia that day, there were "confirmation" choices by which Putin once again added to his authoritarian regime the aura of "democracy". Before the Prague Electoral Chamber, discussions were held with information on repression against the anti-fascist and anarchist movement, and as in Brno, passers-by (voters) discussed anarchist ideals in general.

Support squating

One of the most successful events in the media this year has undoubtedly become (again) the occupation of the Šatovka estate in Šárka valley. Squaters and squatters from the Resurp Crew on the roof of the house lasted for five days, and so in the Czech squatting chronicle they recorded a new record in so-called "endurance squatting" - congratulations! Even though the building could not be maintained, we would like to thank all those who attended the event, or the heroes and heroines on the roof, to cheat the level of domestic activist waters. Disrupting the premise of the private (or in this case the urban part of the "managed") property is always meaningful and we are looking forward to other similar actions.

The Clinic is also fighting for its survival - so far successful. The actions that took place in this autonomous center would be given a separate article. Dozens of concerts, lectures, theatrical performances, brigades and ordinary lazy evenings in a circle of like-minded people - all this was like the previous four years of the Clinic. At the Christmas time, there was a sad news that the current owner of the facility, the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), decided to proceed to evacuation (although no court ruled it and negotiations on the fate of a building that had no value for SŽDC, was hopeful). As a result, the college of the autonomous social center of the Clinic calls a protest on the morning of January 10, 2019. The clinic of those "ends" has already survived a lot, so do not pessimism. Pack your sleeping bag and thermos, and on January 10th, we'll see you at the clinic (maybe we'll see "clinic" literally). Many of us have Zizkov in the four years without this project, and the people around him can not imagine. Let's do something - anything - to make the Clinic celebrate even the fifth birthday.

Supporting the fight for climate justice

Hope for the next years gave us the second year of Klimakempu, which again took place in the coal mining district. Several hundred people participated in the direct event and for a few hours left the Bílina brown coal mine. We made a report from the event and our members and members took part as well as the last year of the event. This was also noted by the Interior Ministry, which warned in its quarterly report on extremism about the interconnection of environmental protests and the anarchist movement. We can promise that we will become more and more involved in environmental protests and direct actions. However, it is not opportunism - at a time when we have the last few years to stop the fatal production of greenhouse gases, which is already collecting its tax, we simply have no choice. Participation in rescue operations at a time of imminent global environmental disaster, which - according to the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - may be responsible for millions of victims, becomes a duty, regardless of anarchist convictions. It is, of course, true that the format of direct actions that the ecological movement is increasingly acquiring is sympathetic to us, and we see hope in it not only for the successful cessation of climate change, but also for the embryo of a future society or a movement that could lead to it.

In the Hambach Forest, with the participation of members and members of AF, the next edition of Ende Gelände - a preview of Czech Klimakemp - took place, and it was attended by several thousand people more than last year. The felling of the Hambach forest was able to stop, using many different tactics, but together they formed a wide variety of resistance, which resulted in success. Police and activist Steffen died in a police intervention against activists after an unfortunate fall in the Hambach Forest, the honor of his memory.

... and more and more

Of course, the list of events listed above is far from complete. Just look at "quarter" this year issued two numbers revue Existence. There were many events. So just in a nutshell: an anarchist book festival was held, AF Publishing House has just published several new publications on this occasion. A new radical left-wing group, Kolektiv 115, was formed, which organized two, from our point of view, very successful, the concept of the unspoiled action here - the camp for the city right # VzpurnaPraha and the concert against the SPD. In the Turkish attack on the Afrina region, British anarchist Helen Qerecox (Anna Campbell) - remembering to fight - is our duty to do everything to prevent it from being unnecessary. At the end of 2018, the Revolutionary Defense Committee of Rojava was formed, in which the Anarchist Federation is also involved - at one of the first events members and members of one of the affinity groups fired a smokehouse in the colors of Rojava before entering the building belonging to the Turkish Embassy in the Czech Republic. Hopefully,

Shuffle to New Year

And what view do we enter by 2019? Populist and authoritarian tendencies are gaining momentum all over the world. Whether the parliamentary or non-parliamentary left is unable to offer a rational and credible alternative. The old political division and protest culture are in ruins, as shown by the Yellow Vest movement, which broke out at the end of 2018 by France. We will continue to face the worsening ecological crisis. For the anarchist movement, however, it is an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity to show that the model of the self-governing society we are proclaiming is sustainable and possible. We will have to look for new ways to learn new technologies and communication methods. Anarchist movement should be the most progressive of progressive - let's prove that it is. Think strategically and organize ourselves internationally.

To the New Year, the Anarchist Federation wishes all anarchists, anarchists, our friends and friends from other friendly groups, and all the people free will, all the best, and a great deal in the struggle for a fairer world.

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