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(en) anarkismo.net: Greece, The nations are not vegetarian by Initiative for the Total Rebellion Refusal [machine translation]

Date Thu, 3 Jan 2019 06:12:59 +0200

Text that was distributed on 17/12 in hundreds of copies in the center of Athens during an anti-national solidarity intervention to the total deniers of conscription. Re-published from the Initiative's blog for the total refusal of conscription. ---- Nationalist or internationalist is state / capitalist barbarity ---- Today's event (17/12) at the Goethe Institute from the government washing machine "Nikos Poulanzas Institute" titled "Internationalism or Nationalism" - "Socialism or Barbarism" is not accidental in the context of to promote national propaganda in favor of national interests, justifying on the one hand (left) patriotism and ethnocentrism and, on the other hand, attempting to assimilate emancipatory struggles to the sovereignty of sovereignty .

Aristides Baltas, a former minister and current deputy of the (left) governing left party, is one of the leading laws of the groundbreaking governmental program of this enormous moment of the Greek nation called "first and second time left in the third burn ". The politician will forgive us the disrespect, but by persecuting him and his party because we deny the nations and the army, we have the audacity to (but instead) speak socially and to activate the uncontained and non-institutional solidarity without talking to the patrons of blue-white repression and blackmail khaki.

The main speaker of the event is Mikel Levy, an academic, inventor of "revolutionary affinities" of Marxists and anarchists even during periods of brutal suppression or machinations of the former against the second, respectively hiding of the real ethnical affinities of various Marxists and capitalists, as well as his timeless apologist Orthodox Marxism, "Left Patriotism" and of course the State. Let's socialist. Our invexity to the intellectuals, the apologists of the "ruling social class," as the anarchist-Gramsci would say.

A true servant of national interests, internationalism persecutes and besieges (criminally and economically) those who deny military service as a nationalist coercion, creates and fills concentration camps of "stateless" refugees and immigrants, militates and murders at the borders, strengthens and sanctifies the military machine of the national army and NATO, diffuses and socially stimulates patriotism and ethnolealism. This is because the differences between nationalism and internationalism do not relate to a stumbling block for or against the nation-state respectively, but to the different aspects of the same "national" coin that undermines our lives and our consciences. Nations (regardless of whether they are read as imaginary communities, ideologies, historical phenomena, devises or constructions) are still being mystified,

Nations are not vegetarian ...

"Patriotism is to make Greece a leading force on the eastern border of Europe."

A. Tsipras, June 2018

"Greece is a leading force in the Balkans and the South East Mediterranean ... We will not allow them to call us for ministerial and ethnic liberation ... We liberated the country and regained the pride of the Greeks ... Our guide is patriotism ... "

A. Tsipras, December 2018

States with all their ideological and repressive mechanisms, institutions with all their mediations, academies with all their science, religions with all their metaphysics, patriarchy with all its regularity, like any other aspect of the power a shame that defies our lives agrees: each of them is the deep expression of the national destiny. A destiny so fashionable and so conceived that in order to impose history as an "up-and-coming" and "true", it struggled over two centuries almost every corner of the globe, breaking the world into individual nations and offering humanity its most inhuman forgiveness.

Nations are born during the historical transition from feudalism to capitalism. Their "revolutionary" origins concern nothing but the transition of sovereignty and power relations from the context of the theocratic empires to that of modern states. That is why, from the very first moment of their founding as political entities (just two and a half centuries ago), a new cycle of submission, exploitation, deportation and militarization of the "below" is being opened. National ideals (re) produce and institute class, racial, gender or cultural hierarchies (bourgeoisie, white superiority, masculinity, religion, diligence etc.) undermining the sharpening of social / class competition.

It is the pursuit of this conquest of the hegemony (or agnosticism towards it) which has allowed nations to form the imaginary substratum of every modernist model of power and to monopolize and encroach upon the social consciousness and the struggle for emancipation. The conquest of this power, as a stubborn end in itself, as a democratic quintessence or as a "necessary stage for socialism", shapes the analogous embraces with national illusions. Nationalist and internationalist perceptions, regardless of differences and / or coincidences in the management of power, are in fact only two of the basic ideals of "national interest".

Unwarranted Communism (of the Being) of Internationalists and Nationalists

If the government coalition of SYRIZA and ANEL was initially confronted with pessimism about its "resilience", national issues were the main reason. Ultimately, it was also proved to the most unsuspecting that the actual point differences between "right nationalism" and "left-wing patriotism" were deliberately overshadowed in order to consolidate the sovereign pseudopopoulos "internationalism or nationalism". A dipole that conceals that within it there is nothing generally racist or opposed to national ideologies and what authority they carry. For this reason, the "first time internationalist" government, in good cooperation with ethnic ANELs, has shown that apart from the state, the nation continues.

In this context, the works and days of internationalist power not only continued, but were even more dependent on the ethnic-patriotic framework of its predecessors' policy. The restoration of the parliamentary institutions of the nation (which have been permanently diving until 2015), the attempts to bind social / class struggles in the "state struggle" for "popular sovereignty", the nationalization of social resistance through anti-imperialist ideologies, transcribing the economic crisis from social / class pillage into a "national disaster" (which acquiesces the bourgeoisie and legitimizes the known "asymmetric therapies" against the "underneath"), the "democratization" of praetorian they have to kill in streets and police stations,

However, the field in which the left-wing internationalism excelled was no more than the field of "national issues". From "multidimensional foreign policy" (starting with the EU and NATO states, which by "enemies of the people" became "best available allies") to "patriotic national defense", ethnocentrism becomes an end in itself and the disputed on every public agenda. The various transnational and national rivalries - for EEZs, names and continental shelves (Turkey, Macedonia, Albania) - with their "enemy neighbors" who must either fight or be guided for "the interest of the homeland" the friendly political / economic / military co-operation and charismatics with the dictators of Egypt (the former "moving" for the left "Arab spring") and the Israeli state murderer (the same state that used to be a red cloth for internationalist solidarity ") and, of course, the vulgar promotion of" the land of the deceased "immigrant refugees as" national danger ", which was dealt with by the relentless charity of anti-immigration policies, forts, militarization of the thousands of murders (many of which are purely "exemplary"), dozens of camps of concentration and hostage, institutional exclusion from asylum and social exclusion from neighborhoods, schools, work and squares.

The military version of internationalist governance could only follow the same glorious paths. From the 1970s until today, only the left-wing government has managed to appear so quickly and as silently as a manager of social issues (anti-immigration policy, management of "environmental disasters", undertaking public works, etc.), trying to put a mantle of "social welfare" in its deeply repressive role against social resistance and "surplus" populations (at sea, land and inland camps). Alongside, armaments and military funds not only continue in the same frantic rhythms of "right nationalism," but lately they have begun to be tested in practice on real fields and bodies (either through the repression of immigrant refugees or through border militarization and transnational competition). While operational alliances and exercises with NATO or the Israeli army (in order to bomb more "peacekeeping bombs" on the streets of Gaza or Iraq), on the one hand, they are on the rise and on the other they often find the Greek army in the competencies of a trainer rather than a trainee. Thus, it turns out that in the hot episodes or the war operations that are conducting or preparing states and bosses,

Total denial of hostilities to nations and homelands, to war and peace

Faced with the flimsy dilemma of "internationalism or nationalism," military repression against those who deny practically nations and nationalisms stands united and indivisible. In the years of the internationalist rulers, the criminal, institutional and economic blackmail against the total deniers of the army and the unrelenting (against those who refuse to recognize and reconcile the national imperative of forced military service) not only remained, but also qualitatively and quantitatively. The military tribunals (after a temporary pause whereby a mafia-ultimatum was abolished by the regulation of insubordination) continue to repeatedly prosecute the same people for the same "offense" (sometimes resulting in penalties not having a suspensive effect). After all, it is characteristic of the aggravation of military repression that on the same day and in the same place (Ryu Military Court, February 6, 2019) two total deniers of conscription are being prosecuted. In addition, the recruits continue to impose recurring fines of 6,000 euros for every insubordination (in a number of cases, all deniers are in a few months fines with tens of thousands of euros), while an institutional network of taxis, cops, banks, electronic sacks attempts a diligent siege (with searches, adulterations and arrests, seizures of accounts, etc.) for their choice to deny the army, the nation and the world of power.

In an environment where the stench of ethnic partisans spreads from supreme state positions to nationalist rallies, calling us to submit to the commandments of our demons, at a time when militarization and national pride are accompanied by murders of the national torment against those who / (such as the murder of Zak Kostopoulos / Zackie Oh in the center of Athens by Greek-made shopkeepers and cops), in front of a treaty where the war companies prepare the new "peace plans" of the bosses, the political significance of the persecution of the total deniers of conscription becomes more and more pronounced. The total refusal to engage in military service is a political attitude that is placed not only in the denial of office but in the opposition to the whole military mechanism, of militarism, of nation-states. An attitude of life that prefers freedom, self-organization, individual and social emancipation and stands against power, hierarchy, nation-states, segregation, and sovereign institutions. The total refusal of conscription is not a "simple" life stand that hates the wars of the sovereigns. He hates so much and their peace ...

Neither nationalists nor internationalists

Incompetent, stateless and anti-militarists

Below states, nations and armies

Solidarity with total deniers of service

Initiative for total denial of army (Athens)


December 2018

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