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(en) Greece, vogliamo tutto: Patience, disappointment, individualism and cannibalism pave the way for barbarity and it is the road that tells us every power [machine translation]

Date Fri, 5 Oct 2018 08:49:22 +0300

Within a global landscape that compose the war, the economic and military interventions, the exacerbation of intra-capitalist antagonisms for world control and hegemony, the plunder of the natural environment and the human societies, it is now more understandable than ever, that impoverishment , our complete submission and extermination are the prerequisites for the perpetuation of the system. The only future that capitalism and every state form of organization have to offer is destruction and death. ---- Warfare on various parts of the globe, and especially on Syrian territory, are not a single conflict, it is the condensation of intricate competition for global control and hegemony.In Syria, the two major US powers are involved, with their ally the EU. (a member of which is also the Greek state) and Russia, as well as regional powers such as Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, who want the largest possible portion of the world reappearance. And if the US (Nato-EU) and the world over the last few years, they seem to be experiencing (for various reasons) vibrations in their omnipotence, which has made it the main enemy of Russia to believe that power correlations can change to its advantage.

At the same time, the change in geopolitical power relations determines the movements and alliances of a number of states, more or less powerful, aiming at more power and wealth. This also shows us what is happening in the southeastern Mediterranean against the background of the AOZ. (Exclusive Economic Zones), where the Greek state has concluded agreements with Israel, Egypt and Cyprus, among other things, for the exploitation of the energy deposits in the south of the island, while at the same time through its alliances it seeks to strengthen its position both in the wider region, as well as in the Turkish state, in this always "competitive neighbourhood". In this direction, the Greek state, as a member of NATO, provides everything that is required to strengthen existing US-NATO military bases (Souda, Araxos) and settle new ones, such as the city of Larissa or Alexandroupolis.

Against this backdrop, the Macedonian issue was reopened due to the intended enlargement of the EU and NATO, two supranational mechanisms of economic and military enforcement.Greece is already a member of these two mechanisms and Macedonia is seeking its membership. Through the negotiation, the name of both states aims to achieve more favorable terms and to strengthen their position towards each other in their future alliance with NATO and the EU. At the same time, decisive for the situation and the restart of the "Macedonian issue" are the aspirations of both the Greek capital for further expansion to the neighboring country as well as the Greek state for the protection and promotion of its economic interests and hegemony in the wider region iochi. While we must not forget the role of the Turkish state, which is trying to promote its own plans both in the Balkans and the Middle East. That is, the matter was reopened to serve the economic, military and political interests of the sovereigns. This is why nationalisms are being stimulated on both sides of the border and polarization is being created.

At the same time, inside Greece, the Syriza-Anel government has successfully undertaken the continuation of the attack on the bottom while maintaining and consolidating nationalist ideology. The left-wing management has gone through the third memorandum, the recapitalization of banks, the blocking of savings to protect the banks, the reduction of pensions, the increase in retirement margins, the Sunday labor in the trade, the electronic auctions and seizures houses of first residence, the privatization of public property.And while celebrating the "end of the memorandum" (ie celebrating their application to the antenna), he hasten to announce pre-electoral benefits to the voters, leaving the core of laws and ministerial decisions intact through which the widespread social oppression continues. At the same time, control and repression are intensified through the use of state-of-the-art electronic systems, the creation of a DNA bank, the installation of cameras in every corner, the control of financial transactions, the limitation of the legal protest, the recording of travels through the electronic electronic identity, the militarization of repression, the widening of 'anti' terrorist legislation,

All of this, of course, in the name of national unity, which implies sacrifices and patience for the recovery of the economy to come up with racist rhetoric, the terrorism that leads to the targeting of the weakest social groups. We understand, therefore, that when more and more authoritarian laws are being constantly enforced, which are constantly exacerbating the impoverishment, control, exploitation, exclusion, and leading increasingly social parts to marginalization, the state attempts to disorient us by trying to reconcile exploiters and exploit under the imaginary community of the nation and convince us that the enemy is national rather than class.And this treaty serves every aspiring political administrator, from the government to the fascists, as they all aim to create a dignified, controlled, frightened and obedient community that faithfully follows the above commandments and applies the authoritative plans. So, on the one hand, the rulers exploit the nationalist rallies as a lever of pressure in the negotiations, intensify the patriotic rhetoric by "fishing" votes in the blurring waters of nationalism and at the same time rallying their "democratic" audience, while on the other side all right and fascists use them to rally under the patriotism,

The Macedonian was the reason for activating all the conservative reflexes of a large piece of Greek society, while the nationalist rallies were the right ground for all fascist marshes to emerge.Participants in the rallies were found side by side with far-right party members, neo-Nazis, military, church and many other graphic presenters of the far-right group, strengthening and socializing the doctrine of PATRIS-RELIGION-FAMILY, nationalism dressed in the pale shroud of patriotism and fascist strikes. Thus, the right treaty was created from above to bring about nationalism, racism and social cannibalism. Fascist troops as loyal servers and devotees of the "divide and reign" devoted themselves to space and, through nationalistic massacres, assaulted, always with the back of the police, in places of resistance and freedom (ESC school, arson of occupation of Libertatia, occupied theater Embros, occupation of a former PIKA). Eventually, the rallies functioned as a symphony orchestra where the mob-depot of patriot voters, sprays, christian-latin, macedonian, and apolitic fanatics mastered the nationalist crescendo and strike line, the first violins, the golden dawn neo-nazis, the fascist hooligans. Undoubtedly, the great winner of the rallies was and is fascism that demonstrated hegemony by wearing a mantle of patriotism.

Fascism is an integral part of the pylon composed of rulers and "democratic bows", judges, cops. He acts as the most faithful servant of the capital both in parliament (8 hours abolition, measures in favor of shipowners ...) and on the streets (strike mechanisms, employers' unions ...). It is an indispensable tool of power against "intruders" (attacks on roofs, immigrants, anyone who does not fit into their obsession). It is the long hand of the repression and the inter-state mechanism that every state Leviathan needs to terrorize, control and neutralize those who question the status quo(attacks on social struggles, fighters). The fascists are genuine representatives of the hypocritical bourgeois-democratic regime (they sell "humanized" humanity to the channels in the midst of a disaster, while members plummet to the burnt).

Samuel Johnson once said: "Patriotism is the last refuge of the rogue". We say today: "the more you steal life, so they feed you with nation and race." The dilemma that has to be put on everyone and all is: I will be with the authority that speaks of patriotic responsibility and calls for national cohesion or I will be with the racing and subversive part of society. Because the enemy is not national, it is class.That is why our struggle is against their state, capital and their fascist reserves. Our struggle is anti-fascist and counter-institutional. It is not carried out in parliaments-in party offices-in court rooms because there is fossilism being raised there and supported by capital as the weapon for imposing upon oppressors and exploiters. Our struggle takes place in the streets, schools and schools, workplaces, squares and stadiums, organized by the oppressed ones themselves and carried out with the weapons they choose for solidarity and equality, self-organized and anti-hierarchical.Our struggle is internationalist, against homelands and borders, against nationalism, intolerance. Our struggle is against the exploitation and oppression of man by man, for a world of equality, solidarity, justice and freedom.

Communities of struggle between natives and immigrants against nationalism, fascism, intolerance and war, for the overthrow of state and capitalist barbarity, for the social revolution, for anarchy and communism.

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