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(en) What we have fought is still here! -- Announcement of the Anarchist Political Organization on this year's TIF (ca, it) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 7 Sep 2018 09:22:48 +0300

The organization of the annual feast of the state and the bosses in Thessaloniki is the time for the political and economic announcements of the political management. Proclamations related to the main peaks on which the sovereign's attack will be launched for the coming period and form the framework for imposing new more onerous conditions of exploitation and oppression. ---- At this juncture, and without the flames of the recent state-capitalist crime of the destructive pyramids in Attica, which created a hundred-ton of dead people, the TIF is trying to identify itself on the part of the government with the exit from the memorandums, the transition to the period of development, the recovery of national sovereignty and the return to the "normality" of the state-capitalist way of organizing life. The above is part of the government's attempt to present its work so far as a successful and pro-Greek, appearing as the only guarantor for the course of the country (with progressive signaling, right and right-wing alternatives). However, in fact, this year's TIF marks the entrance to a new round of antisocial assault by the state and the bosses.From its turn, the Prime Minister will announce the launch of a new camouflaged attack, this time being in the name of developing and exiting the markets. The Memorandum of Understanding and its implementing laws of previous years, which are now fixed and lasting laws of the state, the political and economic elites that continue to defy the country and their agreement with the Greek state for further intensification of the state and capitalist attack in depth decades, the continuation of trusteeship by transnational mechanisms and the commitment to the satisfaction of high economic goals have prompted the passage to this new phase of updated looting and bleeding of the public the ever-increasing poverty of the social base and the unhindered destruction of the natural world.

Still, the formulation of a framework of promises and promises to those parts of the population that have been hit most all the time, aims to cultivate new false hopes through the spitting of the same, supposedly proletarians, fairy tales on the part of the government. Besides, the present political management has many times demonstrated its ability to create delusions of landscaping of the existing system, weakening and detracting from class and social resistance, and then implementing all the criminal and antisocial policies of the state and capital. It is todaythe most trustworthy and effective manager and spokesman for the interests of the state and the ruling class, as the constant targets for state and capitalist restructuring are faithfully served. Thus, contrary to what has already been announced by government sources, the exacerbation of poverty and impoverishment, the plundering and destruction of the natural world and the local communities, the encroachment of refugees and immigrants in miserable concentration camps, the prize of fascist gangs , state repression and the persecution industry against those struggling are expected to continue with even greater intensity in the next period as they are key points in the overall assault by the state and the bosses.

It is also noteworthy that in this year's TIF there are presently the USA. and their businesses. Another example of the ratification and enlargement of the relations between the Greek and American states and the confirmation of the attachment of the Greek state and capital to the interests of the dominant international political-economic elite, the leading power of which is the US state.They were preceded by Obama's visit to Greece, the visit of Tsipras to America, the announcement of the creation of new NATO bases in the country, the upgrading of the role of the Greek state in the wider region of the Mediterranean Sea through the constitution of the axis Greece - Cyprus - Egypt - .a. With an ideological vehicle the "war on terror", the US state attempted and succeeded in spreading its power by generalizing the attack on the poor and the endless at a planetary level. An attack is being carried out with growing tension on the part of the international political and economic elites, an integral part of which is also the Greek state. Their joint pursuit is to maintain the governing organization of societies, to exacerbate the conditions of modern slavery,

In this way, the reappearance of the "Macedonian" issue in recent months has just emerged as another opportunity to confirm the inclusion of the Greek state in the chariot of the international sovereignty block by trying to resolve an alliance of different power needs. On the one hand, the country's bourgeoisie desperately wants the depth of relations with its traditional allies, ie the Euro-Atlantic axis, especially in a period like today, where geopolitical liquidity stemming from developments in the Middle East, but also in other fronts. On the other hand, the accession of the Macedonian state to the EU and NATO blocks serves the basic aim of widening the influence of world sovereigns in the key region of the western Balkans.

At the same time, as a "national question" for decades, "Macedonian" is a field of convergence for forces wishing to politically impose the nationalist agenda of various state and parastatal factors. Their breadth is large enough, including clubs, party mechanisms of New Democracy and co-converters with SYRIZA, ANEL, ecclesiastical organizations, until the Nazi Golden Dawn and fascist striking groups. The new "vision" of domestic fascism is assembled in the attempt to digest the small Nazi groups together with their common matrix, the Golden Dawn, into a "mass" nationalist zombie, supposedly "anti-governmental" features that underpin their development, not of course in the classroom and against the oppressors of this world,

In this context, attempts by local fascists to establish themselves socially as an "anti-systemic" force also include the nationalist rallies planned for the TIF as a follow-up to those that took place a few months ago, resulting in the arming of Libertatia occupation by a group of fascists acting together with football hooligans, given the police coverage. Concentrations drawn from the darkest pages of human history, which "prepare" and illustrate the bleak outlook of the warring societies where the floods should ideologically be identified with state war machines and intertwine.

At the same time, the nationalist rallies of these days are also the "left" alibi of the government, which is the only force that resists nationalism, trying to conceal the criminal social and anti-labor policies it has implemented and implements while trying to legitimize socially using the bogey of the far-right government in a possible fall.

Against old and new memoranda, against any attempt to renew the social legitimacy of the sovereign attack. Against poverty and impoverishment, terrorism and repression, nationalism and socialism, war, fascism and modern totalitarianism. To build a broad and international front of struggle and resistance. To support with all our strength the focus of social / class struggle and to contribute to their worship with the semen of the total questioning of the exploitation and oppression system.

We continue racing, fighter games from below, where the nationalist block and the fascist manhole that accompanies it are trying to get hold of. We send a message of international solidarity to our comrades in the Balkans and internationally. Only the strengthening of our common struggles can sweep the fascist threat.

Faced with the attack of the decadent dominating world and the dystopia of modern totalitarianism, where the vast majority is impoverished and subdued, the only prospect is class and internationalist solidarity among the peoples, the organized counterattack of the exploited classes and the overthrow of the world of capitalism and the state and the creation of a society of prosperity, equality, peace and justice, without exploitation, transnational wars and disorienting antagonisms.








Anarchist Political Organization Federation of Collectives


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