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(en) Russia, avtonom: International Network. Parents of anarchists against the FSB [machine translation]

Date Thu, 9 Aug 2018 07:31:04 +0300

11 criminal antifascists from Penza and St. Petersburg pass through the criminal case on the terrorist network "Net". Many have already become accustomed to news of torture by the current of the accused, violence and threats . To this, probably, the figurants and their relatives will never get used to. Relatives of antifascists united in the committee "Parent network". They are trying to do something that can help their relatives. ---- The FSB asserts that the "Network" is an international organization. In addition to Penza and St. Petersburg, the conspiratorial cells were allegedly created in Moscow and the Republic of Belarus. But neither in the capital, nor abroad arrested on this case yet. At the same time, the "Parent network" can be called international - except for Penza, Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk, the committee has a representative office in Petropavlovsk in Kazakhstan, where the mother of Viktor Filinkov lives.

Members of the parent committee have already participated in two press conferences - in April and in May . They created a chat in a telegraph office where they discuss current news and exchange opinions, share impressions from the courts and the actions of the investigation, and simply support each other. In addition, parents seek the reaction of the supervisory authorities and the human rights defenders close to the authorities for allegations of torture - they write statements to the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman and the Human Rights Council under the President, complaints to the Investigative Committee and the Bar. OVD-Info talked with members of the "Parent Network".

Tatyana Chernova, mother of Andrey Chernov, saleswoman
In March, it all began. It was the penultimate extension of the arrest, the trial in Penza. I went to see Ilya (Shakursky - ATS-Info ). I knew that there will be human rights activists and journalists. I just went to the people who had gathered for the meeting and asked for help. There was Lev Aleksandrovich Ponomarev (leader of the movement "For Human Rights" - OVD-Info ). He responded and offered to meet in Moscow.

I did not know any of the human rights activists, I did not know where to go or whom to turn to, because I never touched it. And when they discussed it with her daughter, she always pulled me out: "Mom, wait, maybe we will do harm, maybe we will do worse on the contrary".

We came to Lev Aleksandrovich with my husband and said that we simply do not know what to do. We had a lawyer. But the lawyer did his job, and we - the parents - sat and did not know how to help. We were told: "Take the pen and write it down. The first thing to do is to unite with all parents. " After that, I started looking for the phones. Gradually, I phoned everyone.

The Chernov family / Photos are provided by Andrei Chernov's relatives for ATS-Info

Before Lena Shakurskaya could not get through. I wrote her a text: I am such a mother, I want to communicate, if you want, write. She immediately called me back. Probably everyone expected this. It was necessary. We have a common misfortune, and all this has brought us closer. The first time we met with Lev Alexandrovich. Lena arrived. She only heard the whole truth here. Grigoryan (formerly a lawyer of Ilya Shakursky - ATS-Info ) told her quite another. She was met by the Pchelintsevs (relatives of the accused Dmitry Pchelintsev - OVD-Info ), began to communicate with her, to tell. Lena was even sick from what she had learned.

We try to stay together. It happens, so rolls on, it becomes hard. Yes, there are friends. But I can call with this, for example, Sveta (Pchelintseva - OVD-Info ) or Lene (Bogatova - OVD-Info ), I know that they will understand me. Because we are close.

Elena Bogatova, mother of Ilya Shakursky, saleswoman
We had a lawyer Grigoryan. He spoke, warned me that I did not in any way communicate with the relatives of other children. He said: "We protect everyone. Nothing good will come from this communication. " I listened to him. In March, I saw Andrei's mother Chernova. And at Grigorian's insistence, I did not even go up to her, did not talk to her. Then I began to have doubts. I wanted to talk to someone. Probably, God sees us - just in those days Chernova wrote me a sms. We phoned. And I went to Moscow without telling a lawyer. We met with human rights activists, began to discuss everything, talk about children.

One in this situation is very difficult. But now we are together. You realize that you are not alone and that our boys are not alone there. Basically, it's all for them. And to court we wore these T-shirts so that they could see that we were fighting. We went together to all the courts so that they could see that we were all together.

At first I was an "adequate mother". I was friends with the investigator. We talked, the investigator spoke unflatteringly about other parents. Grigoryan invited me to see Ilya for "necessary" conversations. The investigator talked to me: "If you are a normal mother, you must inform him. If, as you say, you have a good relationship ... "Then they let me see him for ten minutes.

Elena Bogatova and Ilya Shakursky / Photos provided by Elena Bogatova for ATS-Info

In February, when Ilyusha signed that they did not use torture, I saw him. We, together with my uncle, persuaded him to sign. Well, of course, we did not understand anything. Grigoryan said: "We must have him sign everything. I work for you. It is necessary that Ilyusha not kochevryazhilsya and signed everything that I give him. " He goggles at me, says: "Mom, what are you doing?" I'm not guilty of anything. " And I told him: "Well, sign, or it will be worse for you. And it will be worse for me - I will not see you. " Selfish. I sank into my grief. For the sake of pity for her son on what pushed. And they used me. On, see - just let him sign. On, hold his hand.

Now it's psychologically easier for me. I feel the strength, the confidence to go forward, to save the guys from these paws. I have no friends as such. First they called and found out. But then less and less. I do not know, maybe they are afraid of the FSB? Afraid to call me again, because they know that my phone is tapped. But I felt how much Ilya friends had. I communicate with the "Parent network" and with my friends. Who are not afraid of anything. We talk on the phone. They and our granny come help. The vegetable garden will be poured into the store, as the Timurites are straight. I look at them and cry for joy.

Natalia, mother of Viktor Filinkova, entrepreneur
It was like snow on my head. I was the wife of Victor, Alexandra. I was ready to go this minute, but they kept me, advised me that I had better not appear in Russia yet. I live in Petropavlovsk - this is northern Kazakhstan, quite near to Omsk. To the border with Russia 60 kilometers.

Then I could no longer, said: "Well, everything, I'm going, come what may." And she went to Petersburg. Everyone was surprised that I was given a date. I was the first one I was given. But there was so little time ... It was so hard, through the glass ... He said: "Mom, they tortured me." I saw his scar. He told me to hold on. To reasonably react to what is happening.

Victor Filinkov / Photos are provided by Filinkov's relatives for ATS-Info

I've never been interested in politics. But now I'm interested in - both Russian and Kazakh, and I read all the news all the time. Where are any accidents, who is tortured, who is being told whom, who is being covered. I read everything about what is happening somewhere, connected with anti-fascists and anarchists.

I think: "Why do not I live in Russia? Why do not I live in St. Petersburg? "Now I can not get over: documents, to register to get up, temporary residence - it's difficult. The most painful place is mine - God forbid, they will close the entrance.

Nikolay Boyarshinov, father of Julian Boyarshinov, artist
This is a terrible state that everyone experienced when you suddenly find out that your son was arrested, and such ridiculous accusations. And it is not clear at all what can be done - a wall in which you can fight your head. And very quickly you begin to understand that you are completely powerless.

I got into the "Network" when there were already quite a few participants. I was completely crushed then. It seemed to me at first that it was for the sake of driving, just not to go insane. But then I began to notice that it gives some results. And then completely departed from his original state. And I began to do something, think, discuss. The participation of the "Network" saved me.

This is a chat in the telegraph. In contrast to the "Network", which was invented by the FSB. We do not hide: we have the "Network". If you think that our children have organized some criminal "Network", then here we also have a criminal, probably, "Network". Our actions give, maybe, a small result, but so, drop by drop, a desire is being made to do something to improve the conditions of the children's maintenance. Publicity has saved them. There is still no question of liberation, we are thinking about that they just stay alive.

That's how it happened with my son. I saw him at the first extension, a month after his arrest. I saw what he came. Gray, beaten. Fresh bruises on the head. It was clear that this could not last long. And his friends came to the next meeting. There were about thirty people. And when he saw everyone - he was happy. After that, a new stage began. It became clear that he would at least be left alive.

Julius Boyarshinov in his childhood / Photos are provided by Boyarshinov's relatives for ATS-Info

For me it was a turning point. When publicity began, it just saved my son. And now I'm afraid that it will weaken. And the guys will again be in isolation. This nightmare will begin again. Therefore, I never refuse an interview.

I go out every Friday to picket. There were doubts, especially when there was a championship. On the first day there was a feeling that I was just stopping people from rejoicing. But I decided to go further. Every time something unexpected happens. Here came the guy. He says: "I do not know anything about the" Network ". Then he walked away, looked, apparently on the Internet, came back. I told him about the other guys. He says: "I do not really share these views ..." I answer him: "It does not matter now whether you're left or right. It is important that you have some views and this is the reason to arrest you, in some way to blame. "

"Parent network" is already like a family. We agreed that when this lawlessness is over, we will certainly meet all together. All became native. In Viktor (Filinkova - OVD-Info ), my mother lives in Kazakhstan, and my wife generally had to flee, so I take the transfer to Yulik - and I transfer to Viktor. I really want to meet them. For all I experience. Wife sometimes read the article, and her tears flow. About Dima (Pchelintseva - OVD-Info ) or about Victor. Already as we treat our children.

Elena Strigina, Arman Sagynbaev's mother, chief accountant
The first gathered those who were in Penza - Pchelintsev, Chernov. I joined the process. Lawyers on the subscription of non-disclosure, but we had to bring out all our problems. I'm in Novosibirsk, we support communication with the rest through one banned messenger. Were on the ships in Penza - made T-shirts with the inscription "Freedom". From the outside it may look like a game, but we need to stay afloat. It is important to do something. And to cover everything that is happening.

Arman Sagynbaev with his niece / Photos: a screenshot from the Best of Russia contest website, a photo of a banner on Moscow street was provided by Sagynbaev's relatives for ATS-Info

Arman is very ill with a severe chronic illness. It's not necessary to torture him. His first testimony is ten years old. He talked to himself, not so much on others as on himself. He was taken from St. Petersburg to Penza. In the forest, the doors were opened and pulled out. Bury promised. The night was taken, and in the morning they took me to the interrogation of the investigator. Under this press, anyone will say anything. I will say that Kazan took and destroyed the chapel.

I kept this story a secret for friends and relatives. But after NTV's movie, everyone started ringing, making round eyes. Even before Arman's younger brother's school news came. Imagine - a brother terrorist. It is good that by now the publications have appeared fair. I gave references. Thanks to these publications, people read other information, and we are shielded from the negative of the society.

Svetlana Pchelintseva, mother of Dmitry Pchelintsev, cardiologist
This has multiplied our strength hundreds of times. Uniting, we fight not for everyone, but for all the guys. We absolutely like strangers and unfamiliar people - children-figurants - like our own. For each soul hurts. I think it's wonderful. A whole team of practically relatives is fighting for every guy. And what can parents stop? Nothing. In general, it's terrible - what happens. We do not want to, but we must somehow live with it. And more to help children. Therefore, when one mom has a minute of weakness, she can call another - and that one has the opposite emotions, and when a person hears support, it's important.

Dmitry Pchelintsev in his childhood / Photos are provided by Pchelintsev's relatives for ATS-Info

Dmitry Pchelintsev, father of Dmitry Pchelintsev, engineer
We are a parent committee. We are committed to supporting one another. Here we live in Moscow. The son sits in Penza. Parents who are in Penza, go to our children ... Children, it happened, we already have everything in common. We were in Penza and passed it all to all the children at the same time. If we talk with the head of the SIZO, we talk immediately for all the children.

All this helped both us and our children. We - the moral support. When you're sitting alone in a closed room and do not know what's going on with your baby, that's one thing. And when all the parents have gathered, you are discussing everything, and from the small facts a general picture develops, and more or less it becomes clear what is going on - it's different. In my opinion, publicity is very useful. This is confirmed by the actions of the investigator Tokarev - if Tokarev from this uncomfortable, if Tokarev because of this is angry. As he said: "In vain you raised all this, long ago would have already sat down." Accordingly, if it is bad for him, then it's good for me. I went to the Investigation Committee in Penza. They did not believe that it was possible. What the FSB is torturing people in jail.

Lena, Mama Ilya (Shakursky - OVD-Info ), said that Tokarev always brought us and the parents of Chernov as an example of "inadequate." I lamented what our children would get now for two years and that's it. This is generally possible to talk? Plant a person for nothing, and then sit and clap their hands. The FSB is the same Cerberus of Putin. Putin dismissed them a little, the leash weakened - they grabbed everyone before the election, before the World Cup. Now everything will be over - he will say again: "To the leg!" Let's see what it will lead to. And maybe they'll close it. Unfortunately.

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