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(en) asr anarshism: Remembrance of Maryam Faraji and all the liberators who are captured, lost or killed in the fight against the criminals of the Islamic Republic [machine translation]

Date Tue, 7 Aug 2018 09:01:34 +0300

There are no official and exact figures of political disappearances in Iran. The International Day of the Dead is compulsory on the month of September. The names and files of 522 people who have disappeared formally during the past 40 years in the Islamic Republic of Iran have been registered with the UN Working Group on Missing Persons, of which about 100 are women. Little information has been published about these disappeared people, but the members of the first Iranian Baha'i community after the 1979 revolution, Pirouz Davani and Saeed Zeinali, have been among the worst political disappearances in Iran over the past 40 years. ---- In international law, the missing disappearance of a person is allegedly secretly abducted or imprisoned by the government or a political organization or a person or third parties with permission, protection, or with knowledge of the state or political organization, and this situation by refusing to declare the fate Or the place where the person is kept for the purpose of placing the victim outside the protection of the law.

Here, we record here some of the suspicious projects of security institutions about the deaths or disappearances of some of the most recognized religious, political and civil activists who initially started with the memory of my dear Marim Faraji, we do.

1. Maryam Faraji:

Maryam Faraji was kidnapped and then killed by the criminals of the Islamic Republic of Iran ( this is the case when Maryam Faraji is really the body that they are posing. ) According to another hypothesis, Mary may still be captive of the torturers and burn someone else's body In the name of the government, there are dozens or perhaps hundreds of bodies that are "unknown and unscrupulous." Anyone who can steal a defender, and replace "an unselfish body" in his place. ), By creating a counterfeit project and scenario, have not left behind their systematic crimes, and it seems that public opinion and people after

Maryam Faraji, December 12, 96, was arrested at the same time as the student arrests and protests of Dehma in Tehran, and he was interrogated for 10 days in Evin Information Section 209. Maryam Faraji, a civil rights activist in the lower court, was held in Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, headed by Judge Ahmadzadeh, on April 19, 1997. He was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and two years' imprisonment.

The burning corpse Mary Faraji, a 33-year-old civilian activist of Kord and a senior student of International Management who had left her home on Thursday, July 14, was discovered by the police, and the legal practitioner claimed DNA from the father of this civilian activist. That the identity of the corpse is confirmed. ( Murmur Faraji's murder, "Work is their own" )

I believe that the main accused in this case of the disappearance and murder of Maryam Faraji are all those who were familiar with his case in the court and the prison and the security agencies, namely, Judge Ahmadzadeh, at Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, as well as the interrogators of Maryam Faraji in Evin Prison Item 209 of the information interrogated. All those who have filed Maryam Faraji in the court and in prisons and security agencies and the fate of their lives in their hands. These are the first defendants in the case of Maryam Faraji who will be investigated one day after the fall of the Islamic Republic by the family and the people's court.

2 - Neda Agha Soltan

Wikipedia (February 3, 1982 in Tehran - June 30, 2009 in Tehran) was one of the dozens who during the popular protests against the election results of June 22, 2009 on June 20, 2009 in the Amirabad neighborhood of Tehran (North Kargar St. , Intersection of Shahid Salehi Street and Khosravi Alley) was shot dead by a Basiji. The publication of a short video of his mobile-minded moments of death was a reflection of the media in the world. According to the Time magazine, the moment of his death was the greatest death of a human being in the history of mankind. The agent of Neda Agha Sultan's murder is one of the Basij militia engineers arrested for a short time by protesters. The accused of murder, later named as Abbas Kargar Javavid, was summoned by the court one year after his death, but disappeared.

However, Seyyed Ahmad Khatami, a member of the board of directors of the Assembly of Experts and the Imam of the Provisional Imam of Tehran, also referred to this issue on Friday, July 5th, and described it as the work of his protesters, whom he called "Rioters": "In a recent upsurge, a woman was killed, Obama cradled her crocodile tears and shot West. Anyone who watched her film finds out that her work is overwhelming. It's taken from the place where the woman's car was parked. This lady was in the alley. They are arrested in a quiet alley that they do not. It turns out that if the system was working, it would be in the street. "

Ezatullah Zarghami had said that "The CNN and the BBC presented one by one with some fictitious images like the death of the same woman (Neda Agha Soltan), and then a gentleman named Arash Hejazi in this field was fired and now he is lost and grave. They launched ... ". The Venezuelan ambassador also stated that "in the second round of the election, the country also launched such a scene, such as the death of the woman in that country, and the scenario was also launched there, and they wanted to say that Mr. Chavez's vote was fake, but failed. "[

According to IRNA, during the incident on Saturday night at the site of the murder, Amir Abad, no special conflict occurred, and the location of the rifle was far from the unrest of the Saturday evening of Khordad, Azadi Avenue.
There are various narratives about the murder of Neda Agha Sultan in pro-government media or close to the government:

He also claimed that "refer to the name of Neda Agha Sultan. The translation of his name into English is shouting Mr. Shah. That this country with a history of 30 years of the Islamic Republic failed, and should Mr. Reza Pahlavi back. "
On June 21, 2010, a movie called "Intersection" was broadcast on the network of three Iranian television. In this film, different assumptions were made about the murder of Neda. The PMOI group kills one in Iran. Neda's family rejected the invitation of the creators of the film to attend.
Iran's ambassador to Mexico in an interview with CNN in Spanish, claimed that the likely cause of death, the CIA is
Official media affiliated with the Islamic Republic also consider the incident suspicious of said different reaction.

According to Tabnak, the Fars News Agency claimed that Neda Agha Soltan is alive
Raja News, also quoted the sound of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as saying that Arash Hejazi is the main killer of Neda.
Among other things, Neda's collaboration with his killers (proposed by Sima and Sima) and the project to read this issue by some opposition from the regime and Western intelligence networks to strike the Islamic Republic of Iran, referred to today by the Vatan daily
The younger newspaper, the Revolutionary Guards Corps, claimed that the BBC's correspondent had hired a thief to kill Neda Soltan.
The IRNA official claimed that the evidence obtained by security and law enforcement experts reinforces the hypothesis that Neda Agha Sultan was mistakenly targeted as a sister of a member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq executed in Mazandaran.
Pictures of Neda Soltani in 2009 were released instead of Neda Agha Soltan in cyberspace, and many at various events took pictures of him instead of Neda's photos. In an interview with the New York Times, he claimed that he was pressured by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence to face Neda Agha Sultan in front of the camera and announce that the entire Neda murder incident was conspiring. After this incident, he traveled to Turkey and resettled from Germany, where he was stolen in a book called Chahar.

In December 2009, Basij students rushed to the British embassy and accused the BBC of involvement in the incident, demanding the extradition of Arash Hejazi as the murderer of Neda Agha Soltan.
At the beginning of the street theater, a student as a BBC Persian broadcaster participated in the Fars News Agency. Then another student in the role of British intelligence officer MI6 described Arash Hejazi's mission to murder Neda Agha Soltan. He gave Hejazi a mission to Iran, giving money, weapons and expressing Arash Hejazi's mission as well as giving a ticket to Iran. In the next episode of the theater, a student who played the role of Arash Hejazi and covered his face with the image of this person, described the manner of killing Nada Agha Soltan to one of his colleagues. The next episode of the theater was Neda Agha Soltan's murder scene. Arash Hejazi, accompanied by Neda Agha Soltan, was instigated against the Islamic Republic and instigated a slogan, leading him to the corner of the murder site. His colleague encouraged him to do this, and after that, when Neda Agha Soltan was chanting, Arash Hejazi's fellow behind him with a gun hiding in his shirt, behind Neda Agha The sultan was shot and murdered and then ran away from his vehicle. In the next section, Arash Hejazi, with the presence of murder, fired the people and Neda's body and began slamming the slogans against the Islamic Republic. The street theater ended with a slogan by students In the next section, Arash Hejazi, with the presence of murder, fired the people and Neda's body and began slamming the slogans against the Islamic Republic. The street theater ended with a slogan by students In the next section, Arash Hejazi, with the presence of murder, fired the people and Neda's body and began slamming the slogans against the Islamic Republic. The street theater ended with a slogan by students

The show was protested by the family of Aqa Soltan and announced that it was only the government officials who killed Neda. (Wikipedia)

3 - Sane Jaleh:

Sane Jahla (1363 in Tehran, Tehran, Tehran, Tehran) was a student of the performing arts of the Tehran University of Art and a member of the Sunni Kurds who was shot dead during the protests of the Green Movement on February 25, 2010.

Protesters' news sources have identified Jaleh as one of the protesters killed by security forces. The site introduces the word from members of Mir Hossein Mousavi's campaign headquarters, and Saham News website has released a video showing Sane Jaleh along with Ayatollah Montazeri. He also wrote articles in the magazine Azma from magazines sponsored by the Green Movement. He also played in a short film called Brick in the wall, whose content was protesting the state of affairs, which has been confiscated by the government.

The government's media has identified him as a Basiji who was killed by the MKO during a demonstration on 25 Bahman. The Fars News Agency has also released a video claiming that Jaleh's membership card is in the Basij Resistance Force. Some of his friends, including Hatf Soltani, who was arrested in the Kahrizak detention center, denied the attachment and considered him a supporters of the Green Movement. The Green Road also claimed that the family was under government pressure to introduce him as a supporter of the government. The Fars News Agency published an interview with his father and cousin and, in the words of his father, wrote that his son was a guardian of the Qur'an and worked for God for all his life, but some of God did not let the fruits of my life work. And according to his cousin, the writers of the plot want to send young people like Sanei, who was the protector of the Qur'an.

While the toilers, Director General of the organization, "the representatives of the leader of the university» Picture J. waiting inside the fake had described, Hossein Shariatmadari in an interview with Iranian state television hail spies and infiltrators, the government announced that during the meeting with Montazeri good news to They were given. These remarks came at a time when Condoleezza Jaleh Brother Sanef denied any allegations of being militant and said that Basiji's card was issued on the same day that his brother was killed by the government.

Also, two of the authorities in the western mobilization of the country, donating 75 million USD in cash to Father Sane Zhelah, which the father refuses to accept.

Bahman Mahmoudi, secretary of the dormitory council of Raqaz University of Art, made an interview a few hours before the release of the arrested on the funeral of Sane Jaleh with Fars News Agency on 28/11/1390, which apparently resulted in the release of the 33 people: "Tehran University of Art no The Islamic Association does not have Sane Jaleh as a member of this student association. Mahmudi emphasized that he was very impressed and hard to say: I reiterate that Tehran University of Art has never been an Islamic Student Association, and Sane Jaleh was not a member of any group at that time.

His funeral was held on 27 February with a massive crowd of people from the University of Art to Tehran University. The ceremony turned into a scene for supporters and opponents of the government. Calama reported that since the early morning, the University of Art was in favor of the occupation of military personnel and a number of students were attacked and a number also arrested, according to Sajjad Rezaei, Secretary of the Islamic Association The university also wrote that students were not allowed to take part in the funeral. On the day of the burial ceremony, Ghanee Jaleh, brother of Sane Jaleh, in an interview with the Voice of America network, said Sane was not Jaleh Basiji and his family was under pressure from government officials. Sana Jaleh's brother said: "He was a fan of Ayatollah Montazeri and the Green Movement, such as Bahman Ghobadi, whose counterfeit cartoon was forged by his cousin, who is a member of the Ministry of Intelligence. He also said in the interview: "Unfortunately, the body of Sane Jaleh will not be delivered to us, our family will not participate in his termination ceremony, and this ceremony will be held by the enemies of Sane Jaleh. After this interview, Janeh Sultan Jaleh, brother of Sala Jaleh with the Voice of America The relationship with the disclosure about Sane Jaleh was arrested by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence in Paveh. (Wikipedia)

4 - Chain murders:

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence issued a statement that claimed responsibility for the murder of Parvaneh and Dariush Forouhar, Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammad Jafar Pooyedeh, four critics and dissidents in 1998, saying that a group of "arbitrary" employees of the ministry were involved in their murder, although According to the families of the victims, "judicial review of these murders was either not carried out or carried out in vain".

Pirouz Davani, however, was completely excluded from the chain of murders. His brother said: "They pulled out Pirouz and Majid Sharif from the case and summed up the chain of murders in four murders. At the same time, Mr. Zarafshan, one of the family lawyers, interviewed and questioned where the two cases were? He said that Dhani's sentence was given to Najaf Abadi by Mohseni Ejeed's fatwa. Not only did not respond that Mr. Zarafshan was arrested for the two cases, but later part of the case was released abroad, and Mr. Lahiji fissured the case and explained that Dari Najaf Abadi said that they were Communists and should be killed. And Mohseni Ajeee has issued fatwa of murder. "

Wikipedia: Though a total of murders have taken place over many years, the victims of these killings were more than 80 writers, translators, poets, political activists, and ordinary citizens who were involved in various ways such as car crashes, knife blows, armed robbery shooting And injections of potassium were killed in order to simulate a heart attack.

In the interrogation documents Saeed Emami has come: "Ali Fallahian, although he was a Shi'a ruler, was not usually issued in person and in sensitive cases. He received these sentences from Ayatollah Khoshtak, Ayatollah Mesbah, Ayatollah Khazali, Ayatollah Jannati, and sometimes also Mohseni Ejey. We only gave news and information to the gentlemen, and then we were waiting for orders. "

5 - Pursuit:

On September 3, 1998, Iranian writer and translator Pirooz Davani left his home in Tehran and never returned home. Iran's security and judicial system has not provided any official explanations about the fate of Dohani after 20 years, and Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei, the Attorney General of the Special Clergy, who was accused of issuing the fatwa of the murder of Pirouz Dhani, declared he did not know.

Pirouz Dawani, according to journalists who pursued the killing of dissidents in 1998, is one of the victims of these killings, known as "chain killings". According to her family's family, she was released from her home in September 1998 to visit her sister, but never came to her home. The Labor and Workers' Newspaper in Iran, December 2000, quoted Akbar Ganji, a journalist who was pursuing chain killings, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhei, the Attorney General of the Special Court for the Clergy, introduced his murder.

"Mr Hajjarian, a former security official in Iran and reformist theorists, told his sister's wife that he had killed the victor before he was assassinated," said Jensen Duanei. Amir Farshad Ebrahimi, a former member of Ansar Hezbollah, also stated that he was buried in the garden of the 160th building in northern Tehran, known as the Hangout. But the only response we heard from our officials was false declarations and, in the end, they did not even know the victorious. "

Pirouz Davani was arrested in September 1981 due to the support of the Youth Organization of the Tudeh Party and seven months in prison. He was arrested again on March 12, 1369, and was sentenced to three years in prison and fifty lashes after seven months of arrest.

When he disappeared, he was 37, threatened by the security forces, according to his family. While Mr. Dunani's family asked the Iranian judicial and security authorities to explain his fate, he was summoned to the Revolutionary Court in December 2002 in the name of him and "to provide some explanations."

Hossein Dawani believes that these summons were part of the psychological play of government with his family. He says: "They constantly rushed to the house, and they were making a lot of horrible things." They said that you killed your son, and you could get your body and then laugh. These phones did not have everything. My mother went, but they said, "What do you want to see the men's bare body?" It was so terrible that my mother was formally damaged. They called home and said they should have a wedding party for your son in the graveyard and ...

He continued: "I told my mother that these mothers wanted to make you crazy. Do not answer, but he said I can not go. My son is my child and I have to follow up. I would say you know your mother, but if he's alive, he'll be back. When they kill someone or torture so much that they bring it to the TV or kill him, or if he's alive, you will see him on the TV, and if not he killed him. But my mother did not hesitate to go and pursue. He stroke and died.

Hossein Dawani reminds: "Reza Yousefian, the sixth parliamentary representative in an investigative commission in an interview, said that we asked Druja Najaf about the victory and told about the assassination of Pirouz Davani, but later the commission found some problems. And the rest of this did not repeat. "

The pursuit of victorious Dhani family inside Iran has not yielded any results and they complained to the UN Human Rights Council in January 2002. "

6 - Saeed Zeinali:

July 23, 1999 Saeed Zeinali, a graduate of the computer science department of Tehran University, was arrested in his home in Tehran, and 19 years later no news of his fate has been found. Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi, the current speaker of the Iranian judiciary, announced on 13 January 1394 that there was "no evidence" that he was arrested.

Ten months after Pirouz Davani's disappearance in Tehran, Saeed Zeinali was arrested in front of his mother's eyes in his residential home. According to his family, he was a computer science graduate from the University of Tehran, and only five days after July 18, 1999, he was arrested and arrested at an unknown location. Mr. Zainali's family follow-up has so far been out of the question.

Akram Naghabi, mother of Saeed Zeinali, in a conversation with the BBC Persian said: "Three agents came with a gun and said they would ask Saeed for 10 minutes. Saeed was 22 at the time of his arrest. Two or three months after the arrest, I called the prison, saying, "I am fine and looking for my work, after which I have no news of my son."

Mahmoud Salarkaia, former deputy prosecutor of Tehran in prison affairs, and Mohammad Reza Naghdi, head of police intelligence protection in 1999, are among the officials who, according to Ms. Naghaki, talked with her about her son, and Mohammad Reza Naghdi told him that your son was a kid Our operations have been arrested.

But the followings of Saeed Zeinali's family did not reach any conclusion at all, and Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi, a spokesman for the judiciary, said his detention was not approved.

Last November, last year Hashem Zinali, father of Saeed Zeinali was released and released on bail of 500 million Tomans. Mr. Zeinali, who was sentenced to 91 days of imprisonment and 74 lashes, announced that he had been imprisoned in Section 2 (a) of the Guard during his arrest and asked him not to pursue the fate of his child.

Earlier, on September 17, 2010, both mother and sister Saeed Zeinali were arrested and released on bail. According to sister Saeed Zeinali: "The interrogator said that after eleven to twelve years your mother fell into two bone pieces? I said she is the mother has the right. The same two pieces of bone my mother wants. His bones are bone. Give the same two pieces of bone to your mother. If you are dead, show us your grave, tell us that it is not alive so that we know where Said is, where is his living or dead. But he said to your mother if he was looking for a saeide to follow and a problem for all your family members."

7 - Yusuf Svilavi:

Youssef Saylawi, 59, a Ahwazi Arab citizen who disappeared at the age of 50 and 9 years ago, and Alireza Piri, Tabriz's dentist, including the missing in recent years, and Gulro Rahimpour, another disappeared force in Iran, according to the Justice Organization for Iran Recently, his name has been added to the list of United Nations Working Group on the Dead.

According to his family, the Ahwazi Arab citizen, Youssef Saylawi, disappeared from his home in November 1388. Amnesty International, in a statement to the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in April, called for clarification of the status of this Iranian citizen. According to reports released by human rights websites, two daughters of Mr. Silavi were educated in Syria and he disappeared after returning from Syria in Iran.

The pursuit of Mr. Silavi's family has not had any results so far, and son of Yusuf Saylawi, Mona Silvai, has said in interviews with the Justice Organization for Iran of his father's latest situation: "From the day my dad was missing, we do not have any information about his situation. Although some told us they were in Ahvaz Prison and then transferred to Evin Prison, but nobody officially provided us with any information about my father. "

8 - Alireza Piri:

Tabrizi's dentist is another Iranian citizen whose family has reported his disappearance. Mr Piery's family says he disappeared from work on December 29, 2010.

Father Alireza Piri says some of those released from the Tabriz Information Detention Center have said that he was there. The guard of a class car park where Mr. Pierre's car was found there also said that he had seen three of his men. But officials from the security and judicial institutions have not given any explanation about the fate and condition of the dentist.

Mr. Pierre says that after eight years he has no news of his child's status and fate: "We went everywhere, awareness, prosecution, prison and information, wherever it was needed. They will not answer us. Two weeks ago, we opened a letter to Mr. Farhangi, the representative of Tabriz, and no one answered us correctly. "

Alireza Piri's mother, however, says she denies her child's arrest, and in response to them they say that she has probably been blamed for her.

Mr Pieri's family told the Online Online website that he had no political activity, jobs and good income, and in 2009, his store was turned into a campaign for Mir Hossein Mousavi's election campaign.

9-Golro Rahimpour, 15-year-old neonate, disappeared prophylactic:

Gulro Rahimpur, a 15-year-old infant who is now 34 when she is alive, is one of the strangest cases of missing disappearances in the United Nations Working Group on the Dead.

According to a report from the Organization for Justice for Iran, Gulro Rahmipour, a missing baby, two political prisoners, was arrested in Evin prison in Tehran on April 20, 1993, following the arrest of his mother and father. The prison authorities, 15 days after the birth of Gulro, separated him from his mother in the general prison of Evin prison on the pretext of medical tests, and then told his mother, without showing the corpse and providing any evidence, that the baby was dead.

Despite the continued follow-up of her mother and father, Gulro, from the prison and his family outside the prison, the body of the baby has not been delivered to the family, and so far no information has been provided to the family about the death, the burial ground, and the document certifying his death. Not yet According to the same report. Hossein Rahmipour, father of Gulro Rahimpour, was a dentist and a member of the "Road Kargar" organization, who was executed six months after his birth.

10 - Missing Baha'is from June 58 to August 59:

The members of the first Baha'i Faith disappeared after the coming of the Islamic Republic in Iran and their two colleagues on May 31, 1359. After 38 years, twenty months after the coming of the Islamic Republic in Iran, there is no news of the fate of nine members of the Baha'i Faith in this country. Abdolhossein Teslimi, Houshang Mahmoodi, Ibrahim Rahmani, Dr. Hossein Naji, Manohehr Ghaemmaghami, Ataollah Mogharpay, Yousef, Baya Naderi and Kambiz Sadeghzadeh were arrested during the bombing of the Baha'i gatherings, and so far there has been no news of their situation and Yusuf Abbasids and Hashmatullah Rouhani, who was arrested at the same time, is not available.

However, they were not the first Baha'is who suffered this fate. In May 1358, Mohammad Moawadh, a Baha'i citizen and November 20, 1358, Ali Morad Davoudi, secretary of the Baha'i Faith and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tehran disappeared. The pursuit of the families of any of these people has not reached the conclusion and has not yet taken responsibility for dealing with them.

11. Mohammad Mokhtari:

Mohammad Mokhtari (September 19, 1989 - Feb. 25, 2010 in Tehran) is one of two people killed in the street protests on February 25, 2010 in Tehran. Fars News Agency officer in charge of shooting this young man "Fatters and mercenaries and The Mujjadyat Mokhtari, brother of Mohammad Mokhtari, told his security forces after his brother was killed on February 25, 2010, in a telephone interview with Messiah Aliinezhad, "It's painful that they even stole the coffin of my brother.

Mokhtari's father, on the eve of the anniversary of his son's death on the 25th Bahman protest rally, said that they wanted to introduce Muhammad as a Basiji, but Mohammad had introduced himself before his death, and they did not know if Mohammad was introduced as Basiji. What the answer to his Facebook writings was after One year, Ismail Mokhtari, father of Mohammad Mokhtari, in a conversation with the Green Red in explaining what happened on the funeral, said some women, who were unknown to their family, played the role of Mohammad Mokhtari's mother attending the funeral in front of the cameras. And they chanted slogans in which The funeral of Mohammad Mokhtari, one of the dead on February 25th when government-sponsored by the government, was interpreted by the government's opponents as "martyrs of robbery." Now, the father of Muhammad Mokhtari, who, according to himself, still does not know if his family is allowed to celebrate the anniversary, reveals the attempts made a year ago to introduce Mohammad Mokhtari to the Basij, saying that the night Mohammad died, the clock Half a half after midnight they went to their house and asked them to send a photo of Mohammad to introduce him as a Basij before the funeral. On the eve of the anniversary of the death of Mohammad Mokhtari in a protest rally on February 25, 1989, with his father, Ismail Mokhtari, about some details of what happened at the time of the death and burial of this young man, as well as what happened in this year. Wikipedia)
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"The Anarchist Committee of the Peoples of Iran (KAKA)" is one of the members of the " Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan " who are present in Iran.


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42. Address of the Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan at Instagram



43 - The Ahwaz Anarchist Anchor Point on Facebook

https://www.facebook.com/%D8%A2%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%B1%D8%B4%DB%8C%D8%B3%D8%AA%D9%87%D8%A7 % DB% 8C-% D8% A7% D9% 87% D9% 88% D8% A7% D8% B2-2021321021440113

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