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(en) Poland, rozbrat: "Freedom. Freedom for everyone. " A memory of Robert Brylewski Marek Piekarski [machine translation]

Date Thu, 7 Jun 2018 09:12:49 +0300

We present the memory of the late Robert Brylewski (who visited and on Rozbratowych boards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otETEd1ImTw ), by a participant of the Poznan Anarchist Federation - Marek "Sancza" Piekarski: ---- If culture has any meaning in changing the world for the better, then in this country it certainly was in it - Robert Brylewski. ---- On Sunday, another important person left me. A man whose creativity shaped my entire generation. I think it's not just mine. It made music taste, but it also inspired the socio-political attitude. Robert gave us a unique culture because he was an exceptional man, living and creating in exceptional circumstances. ---- The first time we met many years ago, although I regret that so late. When we got to know each other, I became convinced that it belongs to the people with whom I want to be. Not so much in the revolution of action as in the revolution of the spirit. It's something that complements and inspired resistance. Something without which sometimes it is really hard to survive in the hustle and bustle of everyday struggle. Robert, with his attitude of life, extended what he expressed in his music. An uncompromising spiritual missionary? Because how to put this multidimensional figure, which in nothingness could create such original and important for time and place projects as Kryzys, Brygada Kryzys, Izrael, Army, Falarek or 52um? How much he had in himself and how much he wanted to share it! The legacy he left is incalculable, but it is nothing compared to what he was a man.

In fact, everyone knows who he was for alternative culture. He started when it was necessary to have great determination and courage to be different. He belonged to the protoplasts and Polish punkrock, and reggae / dub. In every culture there are generations that result from themselves, but also contest themselves. Probably, however, the counter-culture in this country would have a completely different character if it was not for Robert. Before the generation came, having a little more contact with it. what abroad, to be able to take whole handfuls, not to say - copy, that's what.

Some time ago I spoke to Arkek Marczynski from Antena Krzyku who told me that he radically separates the environment which symbol was Robert from what we commonly called the "independent scene". I was surprised, I asked - why? Arek told me that he was always irritated by the hippie manner that hovered over Robert. That it did not have much in common with what "our environment" carried, although it would be more appropriate to refer to - the generation.

I think that there is a lot of truth in it. However, this is no truth when we confront what happened in this country and where we are today. Because almost nothing was left of this "independent scene". So to be honest, the only thing that stays is to trace who did what, what was left of him, but also where he is now.

The "independent scene" drew not only from Robert's artistic output, but also from its potential in other fields. If it were not for Gold Rock Studio and Bryl's production, there would be no recordings of the most important bands of this scene. From the Witch World, Apathy by Ewa Braun to the Post Regiment.

Robert never betrayed his ideals. Until the end he remained an independent artist. He did as many as many of the "independent" that he could only dream of. He had his independent from the "independent" approach to the world. I liked and appreciated him in it. After my colleagues proclaimed him a traitor and declared public "distancing", he wrote to me in a letter:

"... I certainly will not accept the role of the icon, it's like a prison, I want to provoke, because this is often my role, those on the right, to show whether they are underlaid eagle or swastika, --- and those close to me ideologically - or left side, ... - do they want to play in HWDP, kibolstwo - robbery, pseudosocjalizm (in which I spent all my youth) ... do they want to look for freedom, free themselves from power - in a mature and lasting way, "... this is a war for those persistent, not for those quick ones. "

It's only in the sphere of culture, because Brylu never strained on activism. He always said that what he can, what he can do is make music. Many times, however, we could count on him. I remember, as in the top of the Army and Israel career, Robek offered benefit concerts for the colleges that we got for blocking the dam in Czorsztyn. When I suggested that he perform at Rozbracie or for Vengeance, he never refused to play for minimal money - because it's traffic! When I asked if he would not sign any protest letter with his name - he never refused.

Always ready to work and creatively work. Sometimes when he talked about some projects in which he participates, I looked with surprise. Because of it, it happened that it attracted him into strange places. However, thanks to this he reached deeper into himself and did not waste time on discontent. Timon made a special characteristic of his person in the movie "Polish Shit", which Robert was mega-caught. Exposing the Polish business and with a distance to show its role in it.

Once I had a dream with which we laughed together. Namely, Robert and Zbyszek Libera, there were vampires who killed bad artists, and gave good and the gift of eternal life to the good ones. I do not know where it came from, but the dream was long, symbolic and multithreaded. Those who know the physicality of Robert and Zbyszko themselves know that they would ideally fit into the role of some Nosferatu. Observing contemporary native culture, it would be interesting to see my waking dream.

With Robert and Zbyszek and Mariola Przyjemska, I have one more memory which also shows the kind of emotions that were created around Robert. Once, the team slept with me when we woke up in a hangover and this characteristic form of dislike for the next day. Zbyszek says - Robert, you do not have any herb by accident? Robert looked and said, "You know who, by anyone, I have by accident. And pulls out a full plastic bag. - For your own use, from own cultivation, not some. He picks up the barrel and the day begins to cheer.

Whenever I had time, I called Robek to sit and talk.

Last time we saw it, it was a winter holiday. How is it holy, everything is closed. We walked around Warsaw and found some place. We ordered a beer, when it ended, I got up to buy another one. Robert appeared next to him and says, "No, Sancho, I bet! I rarely have hajs, but we have the end of the year so I got royalties from Zaiksu! "He charmed me completely. The more that I knew his situation. With the rest, he was not afraid to talk about it in public, to the reflection of those who considered him a commercial traitor and those who dreamed of being an imaginary "rock star" - like him. Sam said it was another provocation, but I think it's very good to expose the rules of the game of capitalism.

When I think about him today in sadness, I am proud that despite the turmoil, we managed to do something together. I will miss you.


freedom for everyone

for big and for low

for beggars and for the rich

land for everyone

land for everyone

wipe the boundaries from the map

that divide us

solve armies

that destroy the world

earth for all the earth

what I see is the time of aggression

what I see is the time of aggression

when we need it

freedom for everyone

land for everyone


Do not give up!

No demagogy, no pressure

No propaganda, no deceit

Do not give up

Do not give up!

Do not give them your hand

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