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(en) Catalunia: Embat joined the feminist strike of March 8 (ca) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 12 Mar 2018 12:14:55 +0200

From Embat, Llibertària Organization of Catalonia, we add to the unitary manifesto of the Feminist Strike of March 8 that we reproduce below: ---- Manifest 8M ---- TOGETHER WE ARE MORE! ---- Today, March 8, women around the world are summoned to the FEMALE VAGA . ---- Every March 8 we celebrate the alliance between women to defend our conquered rights. We precede a long genealogy of women activists, suffragettes and trade unionists . Those that led the Second Republic, those who fought in the Civil War, those who fought against colonialism and those who were part of the anti-imperialist struggles. However, we know that it is still not enough: there is a lot to be done and we continue to fight .Sorority is our weapon; It is the multitudinous action that allows us to continue moving forward. The date of March 8 is ours, it is international and it is a vindication.

Our identities are multiple, we are diverse . We live in towns and cities, we work in the workplace and in the field of care. We are paies, gypsies, women with functional diversity, migrated and racialized. Our ages are all and we know lesbians, trans, bisexual, inter, queer, hetero ... We are the ones that are not there: we are murdered, we are the prey, we are the ones who stayed in the sea, we are the ones who stayed on the borders
We ALL . Together today we stop the world and call:

PROU! In front of all the sexist violence that crosses us.

PROU! Of aggression, humiliation, marginalization or exclusion . We demand that the State Pact against sexist violence - insufficiently inadequate - provide resources and means to develop real and effective public policies that help achieve a society free of violence against women and girls. We denounce the repression of those who face the struggle for social and reproductive rights.

PROU! Of sexist, sexist and invisible violations that women live regardless of our age and condition. WE WOULD be able to move freely for all spaces at all times. WE WANT to enjoy our right to live a life free of sexist violence. We point out and denounce sexual violence as a paradigmatic expression of the patriarchal appropriation of our body that affects migrant women and domestic workers even more. It is urgent that our claim, not one less: you live want to be a reality.

PROU! Of oppression for our sexual orientations and identities! We denounce the social, institutional and labor LGBBIphobia that we suffer many of us, as another form of sexist violence. We are women and we are diverse. If they play at one, we all play!

We are the ones that reproduce our lives. The domestic and care work we do for women is essential for sustaining life. Mostly free or devalued is a trap in the development of capitalism. Today, with the cure strikeIn the family and society, we give visibility to a job that nobody wants to recognize, either at home, poorly paid or as a shadow economy. We claim that care work is recognized as a social good of the first order and we demand the redistribution of this type of tasks.

Today we vindicate a society free of oppression, exploitation and sexist violence. We call on rebellion and fight against the alliance between patriarchy and capitalism that wants us to be docile, submissive and silent.

To achieve a life free of violence, we must act in all areas of our lives. In Catalonia we are experiencing an escalation of repression: police charges on October 1 with allegations of sexual assault. Feminists are also committed to the defense of democracy and freedom in our country and we understand that criminalization and / or judicialization of peaceful forms of social protest and political vindication are also forms of institutional violence that we must denounce. That is why we denounce the application of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution and demand an immediate suspension.

We do not accept being subjected to worse working conditions, nor charge less than men for the same job. That is why today we are also doing a work strike .

It strikes against glass roofs and job insecurity, because the jobs that we can access are marked by temporaryity, uncertainty, low wages and unintended partial working days. We engross the unemployment lists. Many of the jobs we carry out do not have guarantees or are not regulated. And when some of us have better jobs, we find that the places with the highest salary and responsibility are men's couples. Private, public, institutions, and politics are reproductive workers of women's labor exploitation.

PROU! of wage discrimination due to being women, of scorn and sexual harassment in the workplace.

We denounce that being a woman is the main cause of poverty and that we are punished for our diversity. Precariousness is aggravated by many of us because of being older, being migrated and being racialized, to have functional diversity or a picture away from the regulations. We vindicate that our work situation allows us to develop a vital project with dignity and autonomy and that the occupation adapts to the needs of the life: the pregnancy or the cures can not be object neither of dismissal nor of labor marginalization, nor should they undermine our personal or professional expectations.

We consider fundamental to denounce oppressive policies and policies against migrant women.

We also demand pensions that we have earned . No more pensions of misery, which force us to suffer poverty in old age. We ask for the co-ownership of pensions and that the time devoted to care tasks, or that we have developed in the field, is recognized in the calculation of pensions in the same way that labor work and we request the ratification of ILO Convention 189 which regulates domestic work.

We call strong against the savage neoliberalism that is imposed as a unique thought worldwide and that destroys our planet and our lives. Women play a key role in the fight against climate change and in the preservation of biodiversity. That is why we are firmly committed to the food sovereignty of the people. We support the work of many companies that put their life at risk to defend the territory and its crops. We demand that the defense of life be at the center of economics and politics .

We demand to be the protagonists of our lives, our health and our bodies, without any aesthetic pressure. Our bodies are not merchandise or object and, therefore, we also do a waste of consumption . It's enough to be used as a claim!

We also demand the depathologization of our lives, our emotions, our circumstances: medicalization responds to the interests of large companies, not our health. Just consider our life processes as diseases!

We demand the total decriminalization of abortion , including minors, as well as their legalization and free coverage in the public health system. We repudiate any type of interference in the decision of women about our bodies. We stop, we decide!

Initial education is the main stage in which we build our sexual and gender identities, and for this reason, students, teachers, the educational community and the entire feminist movement demand our right to public education, secularism and Feminist free of heteropatriarchal and imperialist values from the first sections of education, in which professors are majority, to the university.

We also vindicate our right to an affective-sexual formation that teaches us in diversity, without fear, without complexes, without reducing ourselves to mere objects and that does not allow a single sexist or LGBBIphobic aggression in the classrooms.

We request the maintenance and extension of scholarship programs for students of all educational levels.

We denounce the public budget allocated to schools administered by Opus Dei and all the schools that are segregated by sex. We demand a unique, public and free education network with a gender perspective.

We demand an advance in coeducation in all areas and spaces of education and education that do not relegate our history to the margins of textbooks; and in which the gender perspective is transversal in all disciplines. We are not an exception, we are a constant that has been silent!


No woman is illegal . Tell us PROU! to racism and exclusion. We call it very strong: not to wars and to the manufacture of war material! Wars are a product and extension of patriarchy and capitalism for the control of territories and people. The direct consequence of wars are thousands of migrant women and refugees all over the world, women
who are victimized, forgotten and violent.

We denounce the migratory and border policies of Spain and the European Union and we demand the reception of all migrants, for whatever reason, based on the right to human mobility.

We denounce the oppression that on women migrant workers has the current legislation and public policies in this area. We demand the repeal of the Immigration Law. We demand the immediate closure of the CIEs.
We are free women in free territories!

We denounce budget cuts in the sectors that most affect us women and LGBTI: the health system, social services and education.

We denounce corruption as an aggravating factor of the crisis.

We denounce the patriarchal justice that does not consider us subjects of full right.

We denounce the serious repression and cuts of rights that we are suffering.

We demand the recovery of the historical memory and the protagonism of women and their struggles as well as keep the memory of those that are no longer there: Truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition.

We vindicate the total separation Church and State.

We demand full equality of rights and conditions of life and the total acceptance of our diversity.


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