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(en) Poland, Anarchist Federation, organize at Rozbrat -- Pawel C. Poznan darling ... Rafal Jakubowicz [machine translation]

Date Fri, 9 Mar 2018 08:41:29 +0200

... or a short story about how few PR treatments are needed to make Paul C. become Dr. Pawel Cieliczko. ---- Filip Springer in the book of 13 floors wrote: "«Factory of Housing and Earth»begins to harass tenants in 2010. In four years Piotr S., Pawel Z. and their accomplices turn into the lives of several hundred people from dozens of Poznan tenement houses. Most are located on Lazarus. It is a very neglected, but pretty district in the center - there are two large parks, the old buildings dominate, full of beautiful Art Nouveau buildings with large apartments. And more of them find new owners. As later revealed by Piotr Zytnicki and Marcin Kacki from the Poznan «Gazeta Wyborcza», they are bought by bus companies associated with Neo Bank, the Wielkopolska Bank Spóldzielczy. The well-known lover of literature and the resident of the salons Pawel Cieliczko also participates in the procedure. When the tenement house becomes too loud, its companies will take over the buildings.[1]. Springer referred to m.in. to the history of the tenement house at ul. Ostrich 11, belonging to the Beneficial controlled by NeoBank, which was started to "clean" in 2010, using, among others, such methods as disconnecting the media, dismantling the roof or plastering [2]. This tenement house was then sold together with the said company. "It was taken over by a Poznan businessman Pawel C., involved in the swindling of multi-million loans from one of the Poznan banks. He was placed among others charge of participation in an organized criminal group, because the extorted money flowed into the underworld. Prosecutor's Office - Piotr Zytnicki and Ludmila Annanikova pointed out - he does not know what happened to them "[3]. Pawel C. arranged a private dormitory called Sofa Hostel. Sofa is now a network of seven dorms - at ul. Asnyka, Lodowa, Rynek Lazarski, Malecki, Siemiradzkiego, Ostrich and Strzelecka[4].

Pawel Cieliczko is a co-author of the Poznan literary guide[5]and founder of the Kochanie Poznania Foundation. Katarzyna Cieliczko and artists and visual artists, graphic artists and photographers - Krzysztof Kakolewski, Tomasz Koryl, Anna Pilch Mikoda, Justyna Szadkowska and Agnieszka Zaprzalska also cooperate with the Kochanie Poznania Foundation[6]. Among them are graduates of the Poznan University of Arts.

The name of the foundation, "Kochania Poznania Foundation", whose slogan is "We operate for love of the city of Poznan", in the context of destructive, irreversibly damaging social tissue and activities of Pawel C. leading to human tragedy, sounds like a gloomy joke in the "Factory of Housing and Earth" "Piotr S. The Cieliczki Foundation is the initiator of the creation of, among others two squares on Lazarz - Skweru Gadul Lazarskich and Skweru Marszalka Ferdinand Focha. Why exactly on Lazarus? Not only because the foundation is based at ul. Matejki 55/2. "Lazarus is one of Poznan's districts, which in recent years has been trying to tell about itself anew, wanting to refresh or maybe even change its stereotypical image. One of the ways to achieve this is the action «Lazarus - Open Culture Zone», which this year was organized under the slogan: «Turn Lazarz - New Heroes». On this occasion, it is worth recalling the "old" heroes coming from this district, because sometimes it is in the past that you can find figures whose attitudes should be particularly inspiring for modern Lazadians "- we can read on the foundation's website[7].

Pawel Cieliczko realizes projects not only on Lazarz. "Poznan legends - cultural route" is a project of the Poznan Kochania Foundation consisting in organizing a permanent cultural route leading through urban squares, streets, squares and parks, where extraordinary events took place, which we know from legends and stories about old Poznan " on the foundation's website[8]. The Square of Three Trams is to be built on Jezyce. It is about three conductors, Helena Przybylek, Stanislawa Sobanska and Maria Kapturska, who were at the head of workers' protest during June 1956 wounded. "The square at the intersection of ul. Dabrowski and Kochanowski is the perfect place to honor these brave women. It is located near the ZUS building, from where the jamming station equipment was thrown and near the former UB building, from where the first fire was opened to demonstrators in June 1956. Geopoz is shocked that no one has ever thought of such an idea. The project is supported by MPK Poznan, which very much wants to get involved in commemorating the tram drivers. I trust that the councilors will support the idea above the divisions and during the next anniversary of June, the square will be able to be solemnly opened "- these are the words of Pawel C.,[9]. A simple PR catch meant that "Pawel C." in a magical way, like in the touch of a magic wand, turned into a media narrative connected with the underworld, accused of washing house cleaner in "dr Pawel Cieliczko", a respectable animator of culture and social worker.

The activities of the Kochanie Poznania Foundation are one of the most perfidious examples of using artwashing strategies. The term "artwashing" was initially used to criticize the corporate sponsorship of art and described cases of large corporations based on patronage of relations with cultural institutions to improve reputation and blur the negative impressions. Artwashing, a hybrid strategy for whitewashing the image through cultural activities, is used both by city authorities, developers, as well as corporations and apartment building cleaners. It serves to divert attention from controversial interests or even scams, to calm the mood and make the local community more alert, to create the appearance of pro bono activities and, above all, to tame unfavorable media. Artwashing is a gate leading to the salons. It allows various suspect types to embrace narcissistic ambitions and pose for lovers of art and discovering stories or, for example, propagators of ancient legends. Nowadays, the activity of artists and culture animators is increasingly described with this term, which are indicated as responsible for the processes of gentrification.

Apart from its strictly image-related benefits, running the foundation gives Cieliczce more tangible benefits, such as raising funds from the city budget. "In our opinion, our greatest success of the past year is the victory in Poznanski Civic Budget 2017 in the Stare Miasto area" - boasted in February 2017 "Team of the Foundation"[10]. It is to be expected that these funds will support gentrification processes taking place in the city. How? Increasing the symbolic and material capital of the space leads to its ennoblement (ubuzuzyjenie) and is necessary to work out, through speculation with real estate, the pension gap, "whose value - as Neill Smith believes - changes over time depending on external conditions"[11].

Exploitation by Pawel C., facebook administrator of the fanpage Square of Three Tramwaisters[12], the history of June 1956 is a vulgar manifestation of the gentrification of workers' memory. The initiative of commemorating the Three Tramwaiders, easy and quick to gain approval from residents, has been instrumentalized for the use of the media image of the initiator whose deeds and reputation offend the memory of the heroines of the Poznan uprising. On the eve of the commemoration of the sixty-first anniversary of workers' speeches, on June 27, 2017, "Pawel C." or - if someone prefers - "Dr. Pawel Cieliczko", he was sentenced to imprisonment and a fine. Soon, in March 2018, the appellate hearing will take place.

It is worth to see Pawel Cieliczka on WTK television, perorating about "contempt and exclusion" with which the heroine of the June met[13]. It is a pity that this newly-baked social worker is unable to translate his sensitivity, so demonstratively shown to Tramwajark, to the experiences of Poznan tenants from cleaned tenement houses.

The streetcar protesters in 1956 would probably protest together with the activists of the Wielkopolska Tenant Association against the common interests of Pawel Cieliczka and NeoBank (rightly called Neo-Gang), supporting the condominium pickets, such as the one that took place on June 7, 2014 under the cleaner's sofa academy Hostel[14]. Because the space fights that we observe in Poznan and many other Polish cities are currently one of the most important fronts of the ongoing class struggles. They are as significant as fighting in the sphere of production - at workplaces. This is a continuation of the rich tradition of workers' struggles, including the protests of employees and employees of Zaklady Przemyslu Metalowego H. Cegielski Poznan.

That's why it is worth it - I am thinking here especially of graduates and students of my alma mater, the University of Art - I think it over before the surname of the foundation can be given.


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