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(en) Greece, "dignified horse" - APO: Announcement of the General Strike of 14 December in Patras (gr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 25 Dec 2017 18:50:25 +0200

On Thursday, December 14, a General Strike in the public and private sector was scheduled, following a call by GSEE-ADEDY. A strike of "customary" character, from the now known "rifles in the air" that call out the sold out and employers' unions, since every year it almost systematically calls up the period before the Christmas holidays. In spite of the growing attack on the part of the government on job vacancies, a strike without much preparation in the workplace and without the time to propagate it into broad social groups, was doomed to have little involvement and to end up with a stupid strike demonstration. ---- As anarchists, we chose to participate in this strike mobilization, recognizing its many problems, trying, with all our strengths, to contribute to its success. Besides, it is our standing to actively participate in the class struggles with the aim of interconnecting them in a common direction that recognizes the state and capital as the main responsible for social inequalities, and on the other hand the development of a mass, horizontally organized, emancipated class movement, which will strive for generalized social self-management through the social revolution.

For many years, in Patras, an independent appraisal has been convened in the annex by forces and militants participating in racing student clubs and associations, class associations and initiatives, organizations of the Left Party and assemblies, groups and initiatives of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement. It then follows a common course with trade unions and organizations gathered in the Workers' Center, which most of the time isolates its outdated leadership, preventing it from being at the head of the demonstration. We support this particular call by considering that it is very important for today to increase the class struggle to create an autonomous and distinct class movement, consisting of grassroots organizations and grassroots initiatives,Such a movement must stand against the bureaucratic, party-controlled and top-organized trade unionism, which is a fundamental devotee of class cooperation and "social peace".

About what happens at the Patras Labor Center

In the last period, there is a lot of work going on in the EWC. Associations adjacent to PAME have carried out sequential squabbles on the site by blocking the rigors of the election campaign, which its leadership tried to impose two weeks ago to regain the majority. With the capture and constant mobilizations, they have managed to show the sold out and employing role of the EWC's leading, cohort and employers' team, presenting with evidence the existence of ghost clubs with an indeterminate number of members, without registers, and with choices made in the dark. Their existence is solely due to the leadership's expediency to acquire more representatives in the election of the EIC and is in no way related to trade union action that they have never developed.

It is a fact that the degenerate treaty in the EIC is the same as what has been happening for decades now in the trade union movement - the first and best GSEE - whose leadership consists of state-run workers, late MPs and bosses of the bosses. Even bosses, owners of housing companies, appear as members of the board of directors of the Patras labor center, forming a condition that is a duty of the working class to overthrow it.

On the other hand, as much as we recognize the correct intentions to overthrow the sold out leadership, we can not overlook the fact that this initiative of the PAME trade unions simply wants to reverse the situation for its benefit, being fully party-controlled and seeking to impose a new formula coup d'etat on the workers with the ultimate goal of denervation and encroaching of the class resistances on partisan partisans, the exploitation of the races, the distortion and the defamation of the combatants and the care of the combatants of the forms of struggle.

As anarchists, we think that Workers' Centers must be open to all struggling workers. Within them, processes of aggravation of the struggle in the workplace and in the society at large must be carried out, processes horizontal, far from any attempt of mediation and manipulation by party and bureaucratic trade union mechanisms. For us, Labor Centers must go into the hands of those who really belong. In the hands of workers, the unemployed, the precarious, the retired, the immigrants, the students. In the hands of all of us, who are daily confronted with the systematic bleeding of our lives from the state and capital. Faced with the bleak future that the state-capitalist system holds for us, we choose not to remain mere spectators.

To make labor centers a starting point for the creation of struggle communities, folk assemblies, squares, neighborhoods, labor and youth councils in workplaces, schools and schools outside rational assignment, on the basis of self-organization.

About what happened in the strike demonstration

Given the treaty described above in the EWC, the clubs adjacent to PAME decided for the first time to call in a strike gathering in front of the Workers' Center at 10 am rather than at George's Square, as they are used to. In turn, the student clubs calling for an independent pre-concentration in the Annex, wishing to support the challenge of the leadership of the EIC by these unions and without wanting to under any circumstances be forced to make their course behind the current leadership (whose call was at 10.30 at the same spot), transfered their call for 9 am in the Annex so that later, around 10, meet in a joint demonstration with the clubs at the EIC.

Naturally, we did not have delusions about what the clubs would be in the head, nor about the inherent weaknesses that the attempt to jointly merge an independent merger with them would have. A party, in fact a course, has no mood to interact with subjects alien to it and would show it on the road.

However, as we said in a statement from Wednesday, "considering the interference and the joint demonstration with the forces that constitute the independent concentration from the Annex to General Strikes (student clubs, class, political organizations and unconquered fighters) we decided to move our call for 9 am in the same spot. "

The responsibility of those who took the decision to transfer the call is important. On the one hand, the achievements of the independent class gathering in Patras and the creation of a third class pole in the strikes were undermined, and without achieving any osmosis with the demonstration of the EIC, the concentration of the Annex seemed to be the poor and undesirable relative as it attempted to isolate itself, initially by placing a municipal garbage truck in the middle of the road and then clear chain closures between PAME and other protesters. And one can not claim to be unaware of the hegemonic role that PAME wants to have on the backs of workers and demonstrators.

As if this did not happen, the PAME Davavail of the concentration was even more explicit when the course arrived at the new harbor near the venue of the Regional Congress of Development and Production Reconstruction with central speakers the President of the Republic, the Deputy Prime Minister and many ministers. At the sight of the police forces that had blocked vertical Akti Dymaion Street with cages and five MATs, PAME's security guarded a barrier so that no protester would be able to approach the police blockade. At the same time, they conducted "negotiations" to allow the course to come closer to the conference. In fact, the necessary guarantees were given by PAME to ensure the "smooth" conduct of the concentration "without opening a nose". This statement is a movement of controlling and demarcating demonstrators and suppressing those who are not subdued. Operating as an informal, internal, repressive mechanism, the KKE, with PAME vehicle, attempted to impose its hegemony on the road, to predetermine the extent and content of social and class resistances by bringing them to measure.And one can not claim to be unaware of the attitude of conciliation and the provision of guarantees that the PAME and KKE forces often give to the police and the role of internal repression in the movement they play. October 20, 2011, and keeping the House from PAME in place of MAT is not that far.

It is, therefore, even greater responsibility for those who have decided to stand behind PAME and continue the demonstration when it is restarted after the "necessary" guarantees have been provided. Because the rationale of reconciliation with police forces was legitimized in the street, the meaning of intervention in the conference area was distorted and all the prospect of conflict and rupture with the state and its representatives at that time were in the area. So the decline of the MATs every other advance meant for the movement. On the contrary, what happened was - we want to believe moments - to retreat to the dangerous path of fatalism and the futile acceptance of the hegemony of a party party mechanism on the road, through the imposition of a narrow ideological framework of controlled protest.

As far as we are concerned, refusing to get behind the PAME concerts and from the fatalistic view of the rest of the course, we walked out of the block where the police block was set to the center of Patras.

If something worries us more, there is a small presence of a collective, organized and intransigent with the institutions and the state, a subversive pole on the road. A shortcoming that certainly prevents the strengthening of the social and class struggle and is a brake on our constitution as a powerful movement that will put the question of the overthrow of the state and capitalist dictatorship, the question of the social revolution, in realistic terms. In this direction, we must all work even harder in the coming time, while the delusions of reformist management are being demolished and the sold out party and trade union leaderships are embedded in the hope of forming another inter-systemic power pole.

Besides, the history of social and class struggles shows us that the proletarians have nothing to expect from institutions, parliaments, elections, bureaucratic trade union leaderships and class struggle mediators who talk to bosses for their charity. All they have to win will be the result of their widespread, organized, militant and radical struggles. Only the total overthrow of the state and capitalism, the social expropriation of the wealth that we ourselves produce and pours out a caste of rulers, the organization of the underground social and class counter-attack, the revolution for a new society of communal, solidarity,

... until the overthrow of the world of state and capital, anarchy and libertarian communism!

anarchist group "dignified horse" & comrades, comrades
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