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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL Décembre - Youth: Staying Ready to Bounce (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 18 Dec 2017 08:38:03 +0200

While the social violence of the Macron government would hope for a mobilization of youth, it is clear that this is not yet the case. The return is certainly not conducive to mobilize, but it is also questioning our practices and work to build a balance of power with patience until the resumption of classes in 2018. ---- Since the start of the school year, activists and student unionists have been trying to mobilize, against the Macron offensive, faculties and high schools. Prescriptions, drop in APL, selection at the university ... All ingredients that let hope for a mobilization of youth at least as important as spring 2016. Unfortunately, it is clear that for the moment we are not there. ---- Counterproductive practices ---- So why does it skate ? We can provide some explanations for this lack of mobilization based on objective factors: one in two students is salaried, often precarious, it does not facilitate mobilization. The orders have allowed the government to benefit from a favorable timing, the return is not conducive to mobilize, the majority of students have in mind the administrative procedures of the beginning of the year ; youth organizations no longer have the capacity to put thousands of students on the streets. The Unef in particular, which has declined sharply in recent years in terms of influence and credibility, has recently been further weakened by internal quarrels with the militants of unsubstantial France.

And while Solidarity student activists have struggle and self-management practices, unlike UNEF, their implementation is also not massive. More broadly, the educated youth does not escape the brakes that are at work in companies too: lack of confidence in our struggles, weight of past defeats, depoliticization.

But even where the long and arduous work of mobilization has been carried out, with massive distribution of leaflets, public information meetings, walkouts ... the general assemblies (GA) students have hardly exceeded the hundred participants. For the high schools, the walkouts were also very weak, and the lack of student movement did not help to promote them. Since self-organization is more difficult to set up in high schools, the better structured student movement usually contributes to the mobilization of high school students.

Faced with our difficulties to convince our fellow students to come to the demonstration or AG, we must also question our practices. Representatives and avant-garde speeches have been seen in GAs suggesting the possibility of launching a movement with incantatory calls to the general strike. Or by calling or voting in AG radical actions while the balance of power is not there. Practices often shared by some Trotskyist organizations or some autonomous groups.

On the other hand, that activists outside the university come to the student body is not a problem in itself, on the contrary, the convergence of the struggles is created above all by exchanges on the basis of the reality in our sectors. But that activists who are not in college come to explain to students what they have to do, it does not correspond to self-organization or self-management of struggles !

A response against the student plan ?

With the announcement of the " Student Plan On October 30, by the government, the issues specific to students and future students are all the more topical: cuts in the budget of higher education and research, sans-facs, registration problems, selection in Master. Of course, it is not a question of giving up the fight against the ordinances, besides that it is the break of the Labor Code or the selection in the college, it is our collective rights which will disappear for the benefit of the bosses who will be able to exploit us more. This denunciation of the global employer project and this link will be all the better when the student and high school mobilization vis-à-vis their own concerns will have taken. What counts now is to create a balance of power through massive mobilization, and " the student plan "Which sets up the selection in the college with expected and which accentuates the selection in Master can be a subject more explosive.

At the time this article is written, a first meeting bringing together many youth organizations has taken place, as well as an inter-union gathering federations of secondary as well as higher (CGT, FO, Solidarity, Unef, UNL, SGL) but neither of them have yet emerged from concrete mobilization tracks. The latter has the merit of being worn by many organizations, but will it actually be built locally ? First semester exams and Christmas holidays are not going to make it easy. If a movement can emerge, it must be built with patience until the resumption of classes in 2018. The priority is to question the speech of Macron and the false evidence that the media convey on the selection at the university . The causes of failure in college are above all the student salary and the conditions of degraded studies. And a better orientation in high school requires more resources, not " snake powder ". The implementation of the government plan may create a hell of a mess in the spring of 2018 as a high school student as a teacher. It will be necessary to know to profit from it.

Not to give up

So no, defeat and abandonment are still not options for revolutionaries. More than ever it is necessary to exchange between activists, mutualize returns, to understand why, at the moment, we can not mobilize around us. In youth as in companies elsewhere. And again, movement or not, victorious or not, the strengthening of our organizations is fundamental. On the facs, the federation Solidaires étudiant.es seems today the tool most likely to mobilize widely, knowing to create unity with the other forces, while ensuring a movement controlled by the base.

Let's stay on the war foot, ready to feel any change of atmosphere, to rebound in function.

Benjamin (AL Nantes), Dahel (AL Saint Denis), Marius (AL Toulouse), Quentin (AL Rennes)

Libertarian communists of all facets and crutches, let's organize !

Libertarian Alternative has decided to launch a campaign for school youth, high schools and colleges. During the movement against the labor law in 2016, the mobilization of youth served as a launching pad for the movement. Today, her absence from litigation is sorely lacking to encourage workers to strike. We consider ourselves, as students and high school students, as workers in training. The attacks of the government against the interests of our class therefore affect us first and foremost. There are also more specific attacks: selection at the university, budget cuts, lower APL ...

In universities, the construction of the most massive and self-managing union tools possible remains the priority of AL students. In high schools, the difficulties of building this type of union tools makes political intervention more directly necessary. But more broadly, in facs as in high schools, popularize the idea that capitalism, patriarchy, racism are not fatalities is more than necessary. To bring an alternative, a project of libertarian communist society, to give meaning to our struggles of today and tomorrow, that is the meaning of this campaign.

Organize yourself, join us: jeunesse@alternativelibertaire.org

AL Youth Commission

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