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(en) Greece, Patras, anarchist group "dignified horse" APO - Excerpts from the Declaration of the 2nd Conference of the Anarchist Political Organization APO (gr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 8 Nov 2017 08:04:17 +0200

"The generalized crisis of the world of the state and of the bosses leads with mathematical precision in a way unless a broad and international front of struggle and resistance is established. In war-torn societies, the widespread and aggravation of geopolitical antagonisms and war operations to the limitations of a great war and the establishment of the emergency regime as an iron grid to control and suppress all aspects of social activity." ---- " War and Fascism, this is the system's" response "to its total and profound crisis, to its own contradictions, caused by the insurmountable conflict imposed by its basic principle, the exploitation and oppression of man by man. ---- Excerpts from the Declaration of the 2nd Anarchist Organization of the Union

The recent Greek Prime Minister's visit to the US marked the most marked way for the renewed Greek-US defense agreement signed on August 29, 2017. In addition to the Greek government's commitment to upgrading F-16 aircraft worth 2 billion euros, with the upgrading of Suda's NATO base and its role in the wider region, as well as the transfer of "special weapons" (in military terminology) - nuclear weapons on the merits - at the base of Araxos. Already, a few months have already begun preparations for upgrading the specific base by enhancing the wire rope and working inside it. Recently a leaked letter-letter from the NATO summit in Brussels to the Greek Ministry of National Defense,

The base of Araxos has been the site of sporadic US nuclear deposition for 50 years, while the wider area of Western Greece (Araxos, Andravida and Aktio air bases, Patras and Igoumenitsa ports) have been used as the base of the USSR for military operations in the Balkans and the Middle East. Nuclear weapons eventually disappeared in 2001, following long-term struggles of the anti-war movement, with NATO's secret enterprise, initially to Italy and then in an unknown direction. Today, the B61 nuclear bombs are being restored in Araxos, which are located in Incirlik, Turkey. After all, the base is, according to NATO design, always on hand to welcome aircraft that load such bombs,

In addition, the Tsipra-Tramb meeting discussed the extension of the agreement on the use of the Souda base and the possibility of creating a new base in southern Crete. The official agenda of this meeting (similar to that of Obama's visit to Athens one year ago) identifies its real extensions in the field of power management, enforcement and competition: geopolitical correlations, refugee, economy, energy.

The turmoil in US-Turkey relations following the recent turn of the Turkish government Erdogan to Russia and Iran in a number of areas has led to the upgrading of the role of the Greek player in the wider region. This is evident from the planned transfer of military equipment from Incirlik's base to Turkey to Souda's base in Crete, but also through the undertaking of an active initiative by Greece on regional developments and the upgraded co-operation it promotes with a number of neighboring countries. Proof of this is also the tripartite (Greece - Cyprus - Israel, Greece - Cyprus - Egypt) and the four - party (Greece - Serbia - Bulgaria - Romania) conferences and joint military exercises in the Cypriot EEZ.

It is undisputed that the world's political and economic bosses are attempting an unconditionally relentless attack on the peoples and areas of the capitalist region, including warfare, dictatorial-theocratic regimes and overthrowing others, instigating civil conflicts, destroying productive forces , control of wealth sources, economic bleeding of entire populations, environmental destruction of entire areas and of course a huge number of human beings n. A treaty that shapes endless "skull sites" ready to be plundered and "reconstituted" with a view to controlling populations and areas,

Upgrading the military bases (in Greece and elsewhere) as well as upgrading the role of Frontex and NATO is part of the preparations for the widespread warfare of sovereignty, initially in the field where the most powerful power blocks , the Middle East and the Southeast Mediterranean, as the bleak prospect of a global conflict comes back to the forefront and planning of the military-political staff.

In this context, the US State is the leading force of the Western block of sovereignty taking the lead in the campaign to establish modern totalitarianism internationally. In the same direction, the powerful "defensive" bloc of which the US, NATO, - the ideological vehicle the "war on terror" - attempted to expand its power and expand its "vital space" by constantly putting "Fire in powder stores" with more typical examples of the two wars in Iraq, the war in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, and the creation of the state of modern apartheid in Israel.

War operations in the capitalist region, as well as the deepening of control and repression within western societies, the aggravation of the plunder of the great social majority and the destruction of the natural world are the result of the long-term pursuits - and the unresolved contradictions that they entail - state-capitalist system.

In this enterprise of colonizing every aspect of social life from the dominating barbarism, the American state has been leading for decades having a central role in strengthening the global processes of restructuring the state-capitalist world through the creation and upgrading of supranational power mechanisms, standard "repressive lab. The "anti" terrorist crusades that have caused thousands of deaths and massive uprooting of large populations, the massive killings of black Americans, the institutional shielding of the regime through special laws, prisons and militarized suppression bodies, are joints of the generalized war declared by the American state within its territory and internationally as a pioneering part of world domination,

An attack is being carried out with growing tension on the part of the international political and economic elites, an integral part of which is also the Greek state. A common basis for this unequal alliance is the preservation of the governing organization of societies, the exacerbation of the conditions of modern slavery, the denervation and suppression of social and class resistance, as well as the preservation of the primacy of the Western block of sovereignty and the strengthening of its power in the field of international geopolitical competition. The military, political, economic, and cultural expansionist of the Western Powers Bloc is attempting to derive legitimacy and consensus from the misery it produces globally: war, uprooting, poverty, social cannibalism, are at the same time derivatives of the state-capitalist system and the fears of the impoverished masses. The ideological aspect of this expansionism involves the promotion of the state-capitalist world as an inevitable reality within which there can be only bourgeois-democratic pseudo-dilemmas of the management of generalized authority septicemia.

The Greek state, as a member of the European Union and of NATO, is firmly oriented towards the aspirations of the dominant political and economic elite of which it forms an integral part. Today's government (like all the previous ones) has fulfilled and continues to fulfill its mission in its entirety, which is no less than a continuous effort, in its part, for the unimpeded imposition of the modern dictatorship of the State and Capital, Modern Integration. This common pursuit, which unitely unites the Greek and American states, is the basis of every ruling alliance.

The complete alignment of the directions of the international economic and political elites with the locals outlines the bleak reality of the oppressed: poverty and misery, the constant longevity of human life, either as a mute suicidal death in the metropolis or as a blatant drowning in the open air of the Aegean concentration camps, unemployment and unpaid slavery for them, wage slavery with hours of galley to pentecost for the rest.

Within this reality we have a duty to organize our resistances. Putting mounds on the plans of world leaders who promise only death, poverty, wars, refugees, misery and misery. Grasping the thread of the anti-war mobilizations of the past years and drawing inspiration from them, to build a strong internationalist movement from the bottom up against the war against modern totalitarianism. In the direction of building this movement, the resistance to nuclear weapons at the base of Araxos, as well as the wider attempt to upgrade the role of the Greek state in the international warfare, will be another important battle to be given.

This is the time when we must politically engage with comrades and fighters internationally in order to deal with the common assault we accept. Together, all the exploited and oppressed of this world can resist the murderous plans of the state and of capital. To build a broad and international front of struggle and resistance against war, fascism, poverty, impoverishment, racism, state and partisan terrorism.
Faced with the attack of the decadent power world, we have to contrast the solidarity of our common struggles. Faced with the dystopia of modern totalitarianism, where the vast majority is impoverished and subdued, we contrast the libertarian society, organized by the federal social councils "for the Freedom of Everyone and Equality of All."



MONDAY 6/11 - 18.30 - PL GEORGIOU

SUNDAY 12/11 - 11:00 - IN ARAXO

anarchist group "dignified horse" - a member of the Anarchist Political Organization

Patras, November 3, 2017
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