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(en) anarkismo.net: Letter of Opinion from FAU - August 2017 by Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (ca, fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 3 Sep 2017 10:27:44 +0300

"Heber Grandson, the cowards / enemies of your home and of your country killed you / they killed you because they fear what lights / by your constructive arm of new classrooms ..." ---- Thus recalled in his verses payador Carlos Molina to comrade Heber Nieto, one of the Student Martyrs, murdered in 1971. Long is the list of comrades killed by repressive forces. Long the list of "Student Martyrs", of those young militants that faced with tenacity the repression of Pachecato and the advanced fascist. In that long list is Heber Nieto, "the Monk", militant of ROE and of FAU assassinated the 24 of July of 1971 by a sniper from the building of the BPS under construction. "El Monje", along with other comrades, were at the top of the IEC, building halls, which they had conquered after a major struggle. At those moments, Other comrades developed a solidarity toll in the vicinity in support of the conflict of paper workers of CICSSA. The deployment of a major police operation, after a small incident with a bus that tried to run over the toll mates, triggered the repression of students aged 13 and 14. "The Monk" was one of the greatest that day, he was 17.

There were the "brave defenders of institutions and order" to shoot gurises and kill a militant like Heber Nieto, a guru below, who felt and lived injustice in his own right, who found a place of militancy in ROE And in the FAU, who put his shoulder on all tasks, a builder in every sense of the word.

"Sweet brother, companion of ours / lighted by my people in the bowels / companion of the red and black school / who defends the greatest of causes ..."

Heber Nieto added to the list of fallen comrades: as early as 1968 the repression blinded the life of Liber Arce, Susana Pintos and Hugo de los Santos, with that fury responded the above to the student and popular mobilization, because they knew that Their interests were at stake. But, the town has managed to keep their names and banners high. Rescue your fight and your example. Rescue the ideas they were fighting for. In this way, the student groupings of ROE took the name of the companion Heber Nieto.

Those years were hard. The repression of the Pacheco government fell on workers and students, freezing salaries and nullifying workers' gains, denying the right to the student ticket, all the mobilizations ended in strong clashes with the police. 1968 was a year of rupture, of break in our history. The economic crisis of the country became evident, its structures crunched and the dependence that bound us - and ata - the foreigner could no longer be concealed by the usual bourgeois myths of "like Uruguay there is no". The Uruguay of 1968 was Latin America, it was the struggle of the people together with the struggle of the peoples of the continent: it was the struggle of the Argentine people against the dictatorship of Onganía and the Cordobazo of 1969, were the guerrillas in several areas of our continent and The example of Che,

Popular struggles that resisted the imperial project for the area, where American capital monopolized entire sectors of industry and finance; The great military and economic support to the Armies, the training of torturers at the School of the Americas in Panama and the "advisers" in tortures such as Dan Mitrione who traveled the continent, support to the fascist groups that proliferated and had direct line with The Yankee embayada. The direct US military intervention in Santo Domingo in 1965 and the instigation of several coups were an angular part of the imperialist policy in the region.

The FAU, outlawed at that time, decided to build a Strong Town. To strengthen popular organizations: trade unions, student guilds, neighborhood associations. Nuclear to the whole of the militancy with the will to fight in a field of Resistance, and in the same strategic framework, to develop the necessary activities to build an own armed apparatus, which will later be the OPR 33.

No one gave them anything

In 1958 it was the conquest of Autonomy and Cogobierno of the University, a conquest sowed by a long and crude struggle that had several general strikes and an intense mobilization of the trade union movement. There, in the joint fight, demonstrated in the street and with joint acts, in the confrontation with repression, the slogan "Workers and Students United and Adelante" arises.

At the same time, the workers of FUNSA in the context of a conflict, they put to work the industrial plant under workers control and they produced tires without foremen nor employers, demonstrating the self-managing potential of the working class. This shows the political moment of strong popular struggles that were lived.

In that period, the FEUU was dominated by a third-party position at the international level, with no alignment with any of the empires in dispute, either with the Yankees or with the USSR, a position linked to the struggles of peoples without tutelage, Which promoted important debates within the student and popular movement.

The defense of the Teaching, its budget and against the Interventora from 1970 were part of those struggles and resistance to authoritarianism. The conquest of the student ticket was not a gift from anyone, it was the result of the long struggle of students since the 1950s and continued after the dictatorship.

To the students, as to the people as a whole, nobody ever gave them anything. Neither entrepreneurs nor politicians. Everything has been conquered with much effort by several generations of companions and companions who have fought for just claims. And on that path you have to follow.

Like "El Monje", to be all builders of a Strong Town

"The Monk" was convinced that the people should be builders of their destiny. That the people should be strengthened in the struggle, finding the ways to build a different society. In that endeavor, "the Monk" put all his youth and his life. He built his bit to forge the popular advance. "The Monk" proposed and militated for the construction of a strong people, a people whose basic social organizations can assume the resolution of their affairs and society as a whole, that can replace the state and bourgeois organisms by agencies from town. Pueblo Fuerte to defeat this bourgeois power, strong people to build socialism and freedom.

In that forge of a strong people, walking in the construction of Popular Power, today there is task. And you have to pull your shoulder. To forge a more just society, without bosses, neither milicos nor politiqueros, demands of a permanent effort that must be organized. In that task was "The Monk". That task we must continue. To continue the example of Heber Grandson and his task!!

"Heber Grandson, it is a lie, you have not died / never die those who fight, those who advance / you will live in the victory of your people / who will make yours your libertarian flag
And your example, will be voiced in other voices / other fists, other blood and other souls / partner of the red and black school / who defends the greatest of causes ...

In the name of your idea and your people / that honor you with the fight / and not with tears ".

Carlos Molina


"From Sacco and Vanzetti to Morroni, the crimes of a class, the validity of a struggle." That was FAU's propaganda after the repression of the filter.A slogan that marked those responsible for both crimes - and others - the long of the time.

23 years have passed, 23 years of keeping the memory high, demanding justice before the greatest repression after dictatorship. On the night of August 24, 1994, not only three Basque comrades were extradited, but a fierce repression of the Uruguayan people fell on clean bullets, horses, patrol cars, "strips" everywhere. Two comrades killed by the police: Fernando Morroni and Roberto Facal, two workers, two sons of the town murdered by the murderous bullets of the Uruguayan bourgeoisie. Governor Lacalle, Gianola was the Minister of the Interior, the pressures from Spain had been coming for some years. The Uruguayan government made a "mandadito": it served to the siding of the Spanish government, which accused ETA of being settled in Latin America, in exchange for revolvers and patrol cars. Again the "

But the peoples keep fighting and raise their flags. The Uruguayan people developed solidarity and fought for the right of asylum. But the repression of the filter also had an effect on domestic politics. It also served spurious objectives of the Uruguayan bourgeoisie. He disciplined several political sectors within three months of the national elections that year. He disciplined entire sectors of the popular movement, marking the limits of the "politically acceptable" within the framework of the capitalist system, at a stage of neoliberal flattening. In those years the manufacturing apparatus was dismantled, unemployment grew, and from above they thought of disciplining the downbeat people who resisted these policies and, in addition, had stopped several privatizations with the 1992 plebiscite.

Secret meetings and tapes circulated in those days. Thus was known the plans of Gianola to create a National Guard to repress throughout the territory, project of long breath that has managed to implement Bonomi 20 years later. Student march 20 days after the massacre of the filter, a march that maintained the dignity and the rebellion that several political sectors did not have and called to boycott the mobilization. There was talk of more dead and settled the political calculations of those who were thinking about the elections. The political shifts towards "good manners" have been constant since then.

They both ran ...

That logic only leads to where they are. To manage what the capitalist system allows, to manage the multinational capital business. In addition to the corruption inherent in the system. Not even comply with the emblems of their political campaign as 6% of GDP for Education. Not even putting all that they call "education" within that category, will reach this emblematic figure. An Accountability is voted that does not contemplate the popular demands or minimally attends to the most basic social needs.

And above, the vice president is a total inept, giving a great flank for the right to strike. There has been a mini-crisis of government, where the "Licenciado" would be about to resign (at the time of writing this letter), in moments where the right hits popular rights in Brazil and Argentina, and destabilize in Venezuela, murder Popular militants in Colombia in greater numbers than before the "peace accords", here also the right wants to generate their "breeding ground" for the 2019 elections. It seems to be doing well; And some surveys give the National Party some advantage over the FA. They have already installed the speech of security and greater repression and are shown in "change clothes",

The paths of popular struggle ...

But the paths of popular struggle do not go in that direction. "The bourgeois institutions only the bourgeoisie can serve," had already said FAU in the 60's and maintains full force because it is a pillar of the system, which is why it is necessary to deconstruct it, to enable popular processes that allow disassembling the whole scaffold Bourgeois, all its social, political, economic, ideological institutions, habits, all the filth produced by this system.

Building a new subject and a new society requires tenacity and a process of construction of Popular Power that is already played now and here and now in every struggle, every assembly, every action, every factory, study center, Office, neighborhood.

Generate processes of struggle and confluence in the fight of more and more vast popular sectors. Strengthen the Resistance, the will to struggle and organization necessary to advance in a process of accumulation of forces of our people.

In this month that calls us to the struggle and the memory of our comrades who gave their lives for a just society, to follow their path, to continue adding to the daily struggle for Socialism and Freedom.


Related Link: http://federacionanarquistauruguaya.com.uy/

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