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(en) Poland, rozbrat: Discussion about the 500+ program, part 1 Attack [machine translation]

Date Tue, 29 Aug 2017 18:42:34 +0300

We present three articles about the 500+ program. Originally published in the magazine A-Tak. ---- When the 500+ program was introduced, it was a fierce attack by the opposition and people who were not its beneficiaries and thoughtless adoration from the authorities and their media. How can you rate him today!? The assessment depends on what it would serve. ---- If it is an elective sausage, it pays to the government (until it runs out of money and the resulting crisis will deprive it not only of the points earned through the program, but also of those that did not). ---- It would also be good to introduce other XXX + programs by giving money, for example, being white, a woman or a man (not a woman or a man, for example), being baptized or even without a reason, eg to anyone with a PESEL number . The public would be happy, because anyone who is not happy that they give him money "for free" (about the bill that will pay us all, few people think, he does not feel it directly, and 500+ so).

The distribution program has its pluses and for the whole, oneOf them is the fact that the poorest have a bit more, which they would not get eg for honest work (such a system). Some will spend it with their head and others without (for example, they will drink a "good change"), but one and the other spend the money spinning (generally weakening, especially in the face of the inadequacy of the current EU milking team). On the other hand, more money on the market is causing inflation - an increase in prices is motivating now that people can afford to pay more than ever for the same as the profit of the 500+ beneficiary actually reduces the price increase. How to judge this dimension?

From a political or ethical standpoint it followsSimply corrupting society by the authorities, and the society is unreasonable not only because of the cost to pay for it, but also ordinary selfishness. The star - in times when he was still "right" - said he should "take and not chit", ie any concession or gift of power to use (in the end they do not give of his, And what we used to do and what we normally used to be), but that is no reason to change our evaluations and choices, because we support the power (and probably 40% of those who believe in elections , Supports the current government), then the power has no reason to buy us and give you another bribe.

The 500+ looks like a part of the programPro-family, and especially the way to increase the natural growth. For many people, the situation did not improve, for example they got 500+ and 750- (parallel to 500+ the reform of the 6-year-olds in schools was reversed, turning the entire yearbook into a kindergarten, which left three-year-olds So the parents had to
look for a place in private kindergartens - hence the 750 minus - or give up work, which gives 1-2 thousand less, making the illusion more profitable). Would not it be more sensible to build a sufficient number of public kindergartens, as a one-off action for the same money would be spent over the years? In turn, from the point of view of natural growth
Paying for the second child does not make sense, because there would be more children need to have first first, and for that 500+ is not entitled.

Maybe the authorities count on the ban on sexual education , contraception and abortion as a source of motivation for having children? Experience has shown that today's main problem is definitely having a baby at all, then most often joining the "subculture (!) Parents" and does not stop at one (this is seen in every kindergarten where children come from parents Older or younger siblings). However, more sense than paying for each child would pay for being a mother (treating this role as a profession), whether it would be 1000+ or whether you pay health insurance
And retirement in the amount of, let's say, like insurance paid from the average salary. Motherhood would no longer be regarded as a time wasted from a professional point of view, it would not reflect as much as today's present and future income (income or insurance would be irrespective of whether one works or not). Meanwhile, turbulence behind schools, lack of places in kindergartens and nurseries, etc. The opposite is true (authorities are comforted by a slight increase in natural growth, but it is much lower than it should, and it is not so much the policy of the authorities as the entry into the adult life of the baby boomers of the Polish People's Republic.)

Equally negative is the wave of "hejtu" against familiesLarge, caused by the envy of 500+ people who do not have children, which rolled - after the program was launched - by some media, especially social. It has been suggested that the pathological nature of such families (addictions, social assistance, etc.), which - as the research showed - generally proved
untrue. There is yet another paradox: the 500+ program was meant to support the idea of a mother-child peering at a children's home, which in the absence of kindergartens seemed very real, yet a cash injection from a conservative government allowed many women to send their children to private kindergartens and self- For a career or personal development - something that is not the ideal of real men, it favors the liberation of women in the same way as the authorities' decision provoking a "black protest".

RS @ - Alternative Society Movement

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