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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - international, El Libertario (Venezuela): "Chavo-madurism" is nothing less than a pure dictatorship" (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 7 Aug 2017 14:39:44 +0300

Venezuela is engaged in an unprecedented social movement. The Maduro government maintains itself in power and uses a bloody repression, weighing the specter of a real civil war. The illusion of a so-called "Bolivarian Revolution" to the people, as it was sold by Hugo Chavez at the dawn of XXI th century, cracks under the yoke of a dramatic social reality. Interview with activists of the El Libertario de Caracas group on their action and analysis. ---- Alternative Libertaire: For four months, the political and social situation in Venezuela is very tense with constant demonstrations against the Maduro government. Can you come back to the reasons for this revolt ? ---- El Libertario: The government claims that this movement is the result of a vast conspiracy of US imperialism, the bourgeoisie and the extreme right-wing opposition. This explanation, full of old Stalinist recipes, is simplistic and largely false.

The main causes of discontent are related to the economic situation which is catastrophic, consequence of our exclusive dependence on the export of "our" oil. Now that this extraction is less and that, above all, oil prices are falling freely, it is the entire economy of the country that is suffering. The economic mirage of Chavez's Venezuela and the misconception of this inexhaustible oil revenue, which a few years ago was still illusory to "build socialism", is collapsing, and with them the social gains and impoverishment Dizzy of the popular classes.

Another aspect to be highlighted in this context of popular revolt relates to the very nature of the governments that have followed each other since 1999, with the following characteristics: galloping corruption, real incompetence and authoritarianism which exasperates with its share of Repression and state violence.

Today, "chavo-madurism" is nothing less than a pure dictatorship.
The institutional opposition to Chavism, an alliance of social democratic and right-wing parties, called the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), claims to be the sole representative of these mass demonstrations. In fact, the movement is the consequence of the economic crisis and the popular lassitude of seeing this political-military caste clinging to power.

A relatively new element is the participation, now massively, in the manifestations of the "people from below". What elements explain this rupture between the people and Chavism ?

There have always been critical sectors within the people, especially in the labor movement, which entertained no confidence sirens Chavez. These minority groups there are still 14 or 12 years, have continued to grow with the disappearance of the undeniable charisma of Chavez, whose death coincided with the decline in revenues from oil revenues.

From then on, it ceased the illusion of the unconditional popular support of the regime, and this all the more as its drifts (corruption, inefficiency and repression) became patent.
One of the symbols of this divorce, relates to the social policy of Chavism. For years, the regime boasted its social policy, in connection with a supposed distribution and redistribution of resources from oil. In particular, it put forward what were called "missions", namely: a vast program aimed at improving the daily life of the poorest (popular stores, neighborhood sanitation, the right to health and education ) Since the advent of Maduro, the "missions" have been stopped, hence the increase in discontent and involvement,

What is the role played and the weight of the libertarian movement within this movement against Maduro ?

Anarchism has always been present in the historical tradition of the class struggle in Venezuela, as in much of the Latin American countries. A tradition, however, weaker today, despite the efforts we have been striving since 1995, around our group and our newspaper El Libertario.

Although we are unquestionably a militant minority in the political landscape of the country, we try to fit into all the social struggles.

We affirm our identity in opposition to any form of authoritarian power (that denominates "government" or opposition parties). We defend our slogans: self-management, direct action and autonomy of social movements.

What prospects opens this cycle of protest ? Do not you fear that the possible end of Chavism will not be blessed bread for a return to the business of the old oligarchy under the command of Washington ?

From our libertarian point of view, we struggle for an egalitarian society, freedom and fraternity. Thus, our immediate prospect is the frontal and uncompromising battle against the "chavo-madurist" caste, which, under cover of a pseudo-socialist and revolutionary discourse, still holds the reins of the power.

At the same time, we have no illusions about what might happen as soon as Chavism is overthrown. We are convinced, as anarchists, that our struggle will continue whatever the government in power, whether it be under the orders of Yankee imperialism or Havana.

Interviewed and translated by Jérémie Berthuin (AL Gard)

More information on the social and political situation in Venezuela on the Blog El Libertario: http://periodicoellibertario.blogspot.com .

Articles in French on Venezuela and the libertarian movement on: http://www.nodo50.org/ellibertario

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