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(en) anarkismo.net, Cyprus: 43 years since the fascist coup In Cyprus by Dmitri (gr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 26 Jul 2017 14:23:42 +0300

Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will be able to live freely and peacefully only if a massive anti-imperialist and class movement develops. A movement that will fight and carry out an unwavering struggle to isolate the fascist supporters of the partition, to leave the guarantor forces, all the armies and Anglo-American bases, for a free and independent Cyprus, for the prospect of social liberation . ---- 43 years since the fascist coup ---- On July 15, 1974, the junta in Greece, in cooperation with the fascist gang of EOKA B 'in Cyprus, under the roof of the Union slogan with Greece, attempted with a military coup to overthrow the Cypriot government and To murder Makarios. ---- It was not the plans of some fugitives or some local nationalists who mistakenly judged the political circumstances, but we can now prove that we are talking about a US-led plan that was assigned to the fascists of the junta and EOKA B to carry it out.

The tragic consequences of this intervention are known: Arrests, torture and murder of left and progressive people who resisted, A coup d'état and the best reason for Turkey to invade Cyprus 5 days later and to continue its murderous work, having since that time occupied 37% of the territory of Cyprus.

These troubles have been brought to us by imperialist antagonisms and conflicting nationalisms that have been steadily rising since the 1950s.

Yet in the past years the situation was very different. In the 1940s, the left led the anti-colonial struggle, having even been killed in protests by colonial police. At that time, bi-communal class struggles began to develop. A typical example of the general strike of public workers in March 1944. The result of the strike was to earn workers the Automatic Indexing Index, the ATA institution.

The civil war in Greece intensifies ideological conflict and political segregation in the Greek Cypriot community. The nationalists set up an organization X in Cyprus, according to the standards in Greece that had headed Griva. The chicks in Cyprus attempted to intimidate the left and collaborated with the colonial police to crack down on the guilds.

In 1948, the biggest and most fierce strikes took place in Cyprus with the participation of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot workers. The right-wing guilds and the chitts strengthened the cracks, the police were shooting strikers of miners, while autonomous groups of workers responded with dynamite! At that time arrests, trials and imprisonment of strikers took place.

The point of reference then to the massive anti-colonial and class mobilizations was the demand for "complete self-government" expressed by the left, gathering the most radical elements from the two communities.

The move of AKEL to the slogan "union union only", abandoning the evolutionary approach it had previously, and its reluctance to support dynamic forms of resistance, leaves the field open to the church and the right wing to take over the hegemony of the anti-colonial struggle . The culmination of these developments is the arrival of Grivas in Cyprus, after Makarios's call, to lead an armed struggle with a view to union with Greece and the establishment of EOKA.

Clearly since then the goal of Griva and his agents was the extermination of the left. On the other hand, however, EOKA participated in pure fighters with anti-colonial motives that collided with the Bolsheviks and fell into battle or hung up. Kyriakos Matsis, for example, had stated: "I do not care whether this land is living by Turks, Greeks, Jews. What is of value is that those who water it with their sweat and walk on it free, its masters, will have it. "

The response of the nationalists to the Turkish Cypriot community is the establishment of the TMT, a paramilitary organization formed by Rauf Denktash and the Turkish military Rizha Vouruskan in 1958 and aimed at partitioning. In the same year, leftists were murdered in the two communities with the trash of the traitor. The English exploit the conjuncture and incite ethnic conflicts.

In 1960, with the enactment of the Zurich-London agreements, a state protectorate was created. These agreements put into operation a series of clocks that in the next few years would damp Cyprus in the blood. They put the new state under the tutelage of the "guarantor powers" of Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The system of governance of the State of Zurich was extremely dysfunctional and contributed to ethnic competition and segregation.

Under these conditions, Britain retains to date 5% of the Cypriot territories in its possession, and in these territories it develops military bases that serve as a base and behind the NATO wars in other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

In 1963, the political crisis created by the Makarios proposals for a change of constitution and the refusal of the Turkish Cypriot leadership to accept them turned into an armed bicommunal conflict. In those hostilities, the "fascist" and subsequent Sampson coup d'etat "mastered", with massacres of Turkish Cypriots in various villages such as Omorimita.

And the Turkish Cypriot classes dominated the propaganda of partition by the fascists of Denktash and TMT. This policy required the Turkish Cypriots to cut off any cooperation, transaction and even contact with the Greek Cypriots. This policy was promoted by the ruling civilian-military circles in Turkey (Special War Office) and aimed at the ethnic / geographical segregation of Cyprus through the creation of "pockets" Which the Macedonian government on its own side favored and normalized.

Against the nationalists, many Turkish Cypriots, trade unionists and Communists strongly resisted the peaceful coexistence and solidarity between the two communities and paid their lives for many times.

In June 1964, the Greek government of George Papandreou appointed Chief of the Supreme Military Administration of Cyprus Defense, Griva, and sent him to Cyprus (he had returned to Greece after the independence of Cyprus). At the same time, the mission, with all secrecy, of military forces in Cyprus, of the notorious "Cyprus Division", begins to "shield the Greek defense plans". Grivas, with his descent in Cyprus, took over as head of the National Guard with the consent of Makarios.

The real goal, of course, of the mission of Grivas and his Division in Cyprus was not "defense". As revealed today by US State Archives documents, the descent of Griva and the division in Cyprus was decided with the incitement of the United States and the tolerance of Turkey. The main mission of the division was to avert the risk of Communist rule in Cyprus.

That same year, the Turkish Air Force, pretending, bombarded the area of Tillyria threatening with military intervention. Turkey's interventions with the tolerance and disguised support of the Nato circles, Were denounced by Ernesto Che Guevara on 11 December 1964 from the UN General Assembly.

It was the time when America's Minister of Foreign Affairs Acheson proposed a solution to partition by joining a piece of the island with Greece and the northern piece with Turkey. Makarios rejects it, is accused of abandoning the slogan of the Union and at the same time seeking an alliance with the Union and Egypt.

In November 1967, after the operation of Griva in the villages of Kofinou, Agios Theodoros and the death of 25 Turkish Cypriots, Turkey's invasion of the island was prevented only in return for the withdrawal of the Greek division from Cyprus and the recall of Griva in Greece. In 1971, the junta again sent back Griva to Cyprus, who is secretly going to organize EOKA II.

The funding and armament of the fascist gang was provided by legendary junta soldiers through the National Guard, as well as by businessmen carrying out CIA plans. Bombs of bombings, kidnappings, political assassinations and sabotage in general by the junta's organs in Cyprus are on the agenda. The fascists of EOKA B have the aim of merging - a union of Cyprus with the Greek junta.

Makarios originally does not openly break with the Colonels, but tries to keep distances. But when the colonel is tightened, he sends an ultimatum to Gyzikis, requesting the withdrawal of Cypriot officers. The junta's response is the organization and execution of the coup.

Grivas died in January 1974 and did not manage to live the coveted coup he was organizing. (Evidence from the three projects). The actions of the nationalists gave Turkey the right opportunity to invade Cyprus on the pretext of protecting the Turkish Cypriot community and to do what promised the American plans for partitioning the island.

43 years later, coupans have not simply been unpunished, but they have been enjoying for many years, positions in public and governmental mechanisms such as army and police. And not only that, but some of them are owners of TV channels, hotels, right-wing and right-wing parties.

The organization and legitimacy of nationalist and neo-Nazi parties praising the action of the ego, Makes the situation even more explosive with tolerance and cover-up of all other parties. The concerted effort to disintegrate and heroinize murderous couples is not of course limited to these parties, since couples are now housed politically even in the DISY government party. We do not forget, of course, that the President of Democracy, Nikos Anastasiadis, was a lawyer of members of the eco b.

Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will be able to live freely and peacefully only if a massive anti-imperialist and class movement develops. A movement that will fight and carry out an insurmountable struggle to isolate the fascist supporters of partition, to leave the guarantor forces, all armies and Anglo-American bases, for a Cyprus free and independent, On the prospect of social liberation.

Bandiera - Collectivism of Anarchists and Communists

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