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(en) Czech, Existence no. 3/2017: We need utopia [machine translation]

Date Sat, 8 Jul 2017 10:26:58 +0300

Another world is possible. Do not be afraid to dream about it, do not hesitate to go to him. Inspiration can be the summer issue of our anarchist revue. ---- Summer number anarchist revue, Existence is devoted to a topic that is unduly neglected by us, as if we had kept impose its inappropriateness, confirmation of "common sense" and "need to be realistic." Only two concepts are mere constructs tributary its time and ruling ideology. We called the theme "we need utopia" and we want him to point out the indisputable importance of imagination in the process of resistance against authority, and in the struggle for a better society. ---- Anarchists are berating into dreamers and utopians. It is not about anything, what we should be ashamed. In fact, it is our priority, that must not be taken under any circumstances. It will be necessary always and everywhere, even in the event that we have reached such proportions of which we dream today. It is never closed and nothing is still room for improvement and where to go.

Utopia as a literary genre dates from the same famous works of the English humanist Thomase Moora. It is a literary tendency depicting imaginary social structures in other parts first, and later at other times of the world. Much of the work that can pigeonhole this into place, but constructs a fixed and immutable order, often driven by an enlightened authority. However, they are interested rather they utopia, which is characterized by freedom, openness and casual work. In our main topic ie mainly follow the line of anti-authoritarian utopia and try to explain why it is so important for us, what should not be ignored and which way should proceed. Shortly we reflect on the meaning and dystopia that warn against various forms of totalitarianism, and antiutopias to convince us that a better world is not just possible, whether he should present any flies.

Dystopia illustrate our presence that is more than anything else characterized neoliberal hegemony governed Thatcherite slogan "There is no alternative". Is the motto of neoliberalism kills dreams, offering instead a consumer substitutes, and announced the end of history. Therefore, it is important to squeeze out from under the paving password Parisian revolt of 1968, which proclaimed, "All power to the imagination" and shouted: "Let's be realistic, enter impossible." Our ideas and actions have standing because they have the magic power to push the boundaries of the possible. Utopia past is a reality today. The ruling ideologues are aware of, and to eliminate effective resistance must atomize society and get rid of social imagination.

Anarchists do not tend to design detailed plans of future society. Our principles are the foundation of freedom and equality. Since that depends on a variety of organizational procedures, structures and approaches. Utopia is for us first of all attempt to formulate collective aspirations and desires, as well as the classics of the genre means criticism of the existing oppression and inequality. It is necessary to adhere to these principles, discuss them and expand the space of freedom. Their application allows many ways, adhering to the one we are no different from our ideological opponents.

We decided to dismantle the three literary and theoretical work, which can serve as a starting point for further ideas, discussions and screenings own. First, we book News from Utopia (1890) by Williama Morrise, the concept of exempt work influences acting upon it, and also what influenced those who came after him. Then we transfer to Latin America, where faith in the Argentine anarchist Pierre Quiroule issued in 1914, his utopian work of the American city of anarchists . Newer view of utopian thinking approach brings books Utopistika (1998) by the sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein. The development on the basis of previous estimates, what are the possibilities for the future. The theme complements the search for the utopian genre of ancient culture and a few observations from the work of famous anarchists who likes relying on science, Petra Kropotkina.

For a utopia among others fighting near the European area. Kurdish militia which supports in place a group of anarchist "interbrigadists" bravely facing the Islamic state and the hostility of the Turkish state. At the same time on the territories that are under their protection, they implement democratic ideas konfederalismu. Its foundations are read in an older interview (2011), led by Janet Biehlová Kurdish environmentalist and social activist Ercan Aybogou.

And what else? The history of the anarchist movement resembles a thorough description of the international anarchist congress, which took place in Amsterdam in 1907, and attended by two representatives z Cech, Karel Vohryzek and Ladislav Knotek. Vadim Damier theoretical text explores the relationship between anarchism and nationalism. A conversation with Mikola Dziadokem closer to the anarchist movement, resistance and repression in Belarus. At the interview follows an excerpt from his book Parallel world in color depicting the punishment of solitary confinement in Belarusian prisons.

Three reviews acquainted with feminist magazine Audacity , a new number anarchist magazine A-counter and a book by David Graeber Utopia rules . And of course there is the texts of the last three numbers of wall papers A3 , newsletter Anarchist Federation and the list of events of local anti-authoritarian movement for the last three months, which is dominated by a report from this year's May Day, a description of actions to support Squatting or looking back for the fifth year Anarchist Book Festival.

We wish you inspiring reading.

44 A4 pages, recommended allowance to cover costs CZK 45.
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