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(en) Ruptura Colectiva (RC): "There are no cartels here, no extortioners of the government"; Community Police of Eduardo Neri by Demián Revart (ca) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 6 Jul 2017 14:19:00 +0300

More than an armed alternative, it is a direct response to the extermination of the Guerrerenses ---- On the morning of May 31, a video was recorded in the Guerrero media in which we see the inhabitants of Mezcala, who have been imprisoned and imprisoned by two men, who have responded with a certain aspect of scoundrels despite the cries of the People and the cameras in their faces that would turn them into trending topic . One is a ministerial agent of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the other was his sidekick in the business of insulting and "charging flat" to dealers who have their food and grocery stores on the federal highway Iguala-Chilpancingo. ---- The lady who was extorted for 5 thousand pesos on that occasion had already been a victim of these individuals, so promptly and with all her nerves, she picked up the phone and dialed without hesitation the number of the newly formed Community Police of the Peoples of Eduardo Neri that when they ran into the aggressors began to interrogate them. Indeed; Were guilty and not for a single misdeed, several workers located them for incurring other aggressions against them.

When they were transferred to Mezcala they were disarmed. In their possession they had a rifle R-15 and a Glock 9mm, 7 cellular with which they operated the extortions, besides a bonche of documents referring to the PGR. How fanciful it turns out that "justice makers" are the new hitmen of injustice! ... (and that they even carry their work stuff where their contradictions turn into crime).

Already in the central esplanade of the town, no one put a finger on them, they were not even humiliated as they should. The community justice decided to appoint non-grata. Now, every ministerial agent has to enter these villages, he does it with a caravan of patrols. People have earned the respect they deserve.

This is the first act of many who, without fear of being mistaken, prove that the conformation of these autonomous security projects is a direct, logical and forceful response to the daily extermination that is lived in Guerrero, therefore, an act of biological survival . What does a people end up with so much injury and violence? Defend or disappear.

The people are awakening and with the periodic experience of their work, they will realize that it is not right to shake hands with a system - and its companies - that, as a Mediterranean actor who is skilled in using several masks for his show, may appear to be solutions In a situation when in fact it creates multiple problems from other sides.

"There are no cartels or government extortioners here, now we all take care of ourselves as one"

I: Our party, our rules

"Get on the side, Toro 01, get out of the way!" Exclaims one of the commanders on his radio as we make a few shots of the latch that they have installed in the village of Plan de Hares on the road. Obviously, the people have taken security in their hands and without asking anyone's permission.

Let's start oral history.

The Community Police of the Peoples of Eduardo Neri was formed after the armed uprising of about 3,000 people in the morning of May 15, 2017, although there was already a precedent of strengthening by the various problems of violence that hit the municipality. The movement is based on the federative principle, horizontality and free association of 10 communities (Mezcala, Plan de Liebres, Carrizalillo, Balsas Sur, Tepehuaje, San Miguel, Tenantla, Amatitán, Mazapa and Mancillas) residing the election of its members - Men and women - in the heart of each of their villages, as long as they decide to enlist in the PC in a free way and knowing that it is not a simple job.

The PC has a code of ethics and an internal regulation that is malleable according to the circumstances, leaving the power- always to do to the arbitration of the population, reason why the PC can be understood like a decentralized organ and in permanent communication with its people . "They decide, we just do." The community have no salary, "is the support of the people who push us forward in this work, also cooperates to feed us, one day and another day," says one of his volunteers about 55 years, While holding the boat with the donations and we wait with him to arrive the snack.

Tons ... what was it that at one moment or another one will choose to take up arms?: a wild criminality.

"They got up and disappeared if you could say something," the commander of the PC in Mezcala begins when we talk about the incidence of the three primary and more bloodthirsty cartels that have made Guerrero his "working mule" Enunciate another expression of sexist mood).

Since 2012, armed confrontations and extortion between the United Warriors, the Michoacan Family and the Reds have increased, leaving the population vulnerable and unprotected, as without an umbrella during the storm. Because of the geographic distancing and "being a border area between the two most important cities -Iguala and Chilpancingo- and where there is almost no communication with anyone, there were a lot of kidnappings and theft of vehicles - from 5 to 6 per week- At night. " The villagers tell us that " sometimes even the vehicles were shot to steal from them, without caring that there were women, children (...) and we only saw people head down the road at dawn to reach their community ".

Already inside, criminals "were well drugged and taken, " having as a common practice extorting whoever crossed them along the way, even beat their relatives and raided their homes in case they refused to "give the fee" .

Since the founding of the CRAC-PC in 1995 or the recent movement of self-defense groups in Michoacán in 2013, one of the most important lamentations in these armed phenomena is harassment, sexual harassment and at the height of violence, kidnapping Intentional to women. "They did not see a woman who got 'good' and put her in their cars or trucks, a girl went to the store and already felt a great insecurity only when walking the streets in the evenings" .

I have devoted a great deal of pages and essays to the issues of drug trafficking and the so-called "Narco-Estado" (which I prefer to summarize in that drug trafficking and mafias are historical extensions of the modern state) so I could already predict that In this context there were more branches of the genealogical tree of criminality besides the cartels.

Community blocks the Iguala-Chilpancingo road with trailers.

What if. They were ministerial police officers, the same ones who were detained on May 31, and federal officers who were also part of this criminal genealogy.

"The restaurateurs came and forced them to pay a fee of between 2 thousand and 5 thousand dollars a fortnight," says the commander of the PC Plan de Hares while we cross the federal route.

The federal police, meanwhile, "constantly asked for their refreshment and sometimes 200-300 pesos when they stopped at the premises."

- "Only for 200 pesos so much fuss?" - many will say ... but it is not a matter of whether it is a coin or a wad of bills, we are talking about dignity and respect for the fruit of work!

And it is necessary to make a territorial-economic reading to understand the seriousness of the matter.

These charges were often impossible to pay, why? The main economy in this geography are small businesses, trade in construction materials, agriculture and there are some fishermen who work in the inflows of the rivers of the Cañada del Zopilote, Huiziltepec and in the emblematic Balsas - hence the symbol Of the PC shield is a man paddling over the latter. To a lesser extent, Minera Gold Corp has given second-and third-level jobs as hauliers or miners.

"We are very poor in this area, we work day and night to reach us," says a member of the PC about 65 while holding his .22 caliber and walk in the heat of the afternoon with his humble huaraches. " We are more here than pa 'there," he finishes.

Is it clear that the extermination of Narco-State in Guerrero is not only against the security of its inhabitants, but also against their most basic material sustenance?

Starting the movement was not a prediction in vain, in other territories of Mexico and the world the air of tranquility returns when the peoples rebel. "Now there are parties, XV years, more family reunions than before and people walk very quiet. So we will continue with this project. If these people want to come, then let them come, we will not leave. "

The first rule of the new party in the towns of Eduardo Neri is that the cartels and extortioners of the Mexican State are not invited.

II: Maintain balance in the river, then conquer the ocean

We can issue, for the scarce month and a half of this project, few conclusions and future guidelines. But yes, there are. Let's see.

1) The permanence and strengthening of the Community Police of the Peoples of Eduardo Neri. The defense of a town is not a game , so day and night the entrances to the municipality are monitored with two main checkpoints, one in Plan de Hares on the road and another in the junction of this with Mezcala. At the time of writing, there are permanent barricades with sacks and small improvised canvases. To strengthen these spaces, the villagers are self-erecting several nodes of concrete surveillance, they tell us that "the lord of the sand gave the cement, the stone was loaded with the ravine, the labor was given among all, We are doing everything we can to make sure that they remain as soon as possible. "

In the checkpoints there are between 2 to 3 people from each village, totaling about 25 to 30 community members in each catch. This shows an equitable participation by people that comes from the most innate of the federative principle.

2) "There will never be a leader here, who will rule now and will always be the autonomy of the people." Because the government never provided support despite a series of constant complaints of crimes and ailments committed, some members of the PC commented that "nobody wants to choose", making reference in which it seeks to continue strengthening the relationship Between local commissars and popular needs, with minimal interference from the Mexican government.

As for the internal structure, the PC nuclei have a commander who plays the role of being a spokesperson in liaison meetings with internal and external authorities, as well as serious conflicts such as occurred on May 31 . "We are all equal here and before people."

A final consideration: the next step of the companions may not only be towards the reconstruction of their villages, but towards history ...

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