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Date Fri, 30 Jun 2017 10:31:29 +0300

"Society without State does not exist" -- N. Toskas, Public Order Minister ---- "A State may not have any ethics. The most you can have is a police state" -- A. Camus ---- In April 2015 the hunger strike of the political prisoners and fighting demonstrations outside prison set with dynamic terms the need for a broader social and class rallying and fighting against upgrading the repressive arsenal of the state and the shield of the state of emergency. H, then newly formed, government SYRIZA- ANEL will hardly satisfy the demands of racers and will invade evacuating the occupied Rectory which was a reference point during the match and solidarity. ---- It was then visible, and then became even clearer, how stifling conditions -in economic and social level; that would continue to be imposed by the local and international political and economic elite in a growing segment of society, and will be accompanied by development and improvement of police and repressive mechanisms; dikastikon- and state propaganda mechanisms.

The evolution of the repressive strategy in more than two years left management of power, is entirely consistent with the enforcement process of modern totalitarianism and the consequent -pagia- targeting sovereign to eliminate the resistance that emerge from below, to hit the most active, radical and competing political subjects, to submit to the society in the state plans and bosses:

Targeted by the katstolis squats and self-organized class and social struggles

Faced with a series of lawsuits and legal proceedings are lately base unions because of their demands in the workplace and the effort put in mounds employer lawlessness and terrorism. At the same time, workers organanonontai class-or even attempt to organothoun- and to fight, even with their participation in a strike, facing the specter of redundancy and their targeting of the bosses. On April 7 fighters from unions, neighborhood assemblies and collectives were brought en masse from police forces outside the depot OSY in Piraeus when they tried to divide texts on the right to free movement. At the same time, the struggle conducted in Exarchia from social and political collectives against the state, mafia and social cannibalism is constantly targeted by an orchestrated ekstarteias mud and slander in the media, which paves the way for a broad repressive operation in the region.

Already in the summer of 2016 is in progress a renewed repressive campaign against katalipseon- temporarily halted but never stamatise-, both visible space race and as a self-organized structures for housing hundreds of refugees and immigrants who are trying to live out collectively and against the bleak isolation of the concentration camps laid down by the state policy. The conduct of the No Border Camp in July 2016 in Thessaloniki- and dozens of slanderous reports and reports on SME-evacuation followed three squats in the city (Orphanage, Charles Diehl and Hurriya), to follow the evacuations squatting and arrests in Villa Zografos and Alcibiades in Athens, Thessaloniki and Albatros Barricada in Larissa. Alongside continued targeting occupied spaces throughout Greece with continuous reports of hacks apologists of the regime, while only recently became known court order to evacuate three more squatting in Athens (Papoutsadiko, City Plaza, Cyclopi).

The dictatorship of counterterrorism and rags of "legal culture":
The cases of T. Theofilou, M. Seisidis, Iriannas V.L

A further field in which is evident enhancement of suppressor is that the manufactured persecution agonists followed by dikes- mock and perennial crippling sentences. Typical is the case of the anarchist communist Tasou Theofilou sentenced at first instance to 25 years in prison without any evidence linking him to the case of robbery in Paros for the accused, only obsolete data added to evidence from the police to serve a predetermined sentence. Even in the case of T. Theofilou happened to bear the unprecedented time to be tried at second instance in the appellate court and could be sentenced to a higher penalty because of the prosecutor's anti-appeal in his own appeal to the first instance court! The T. Theofilou brought under five years incarcerated and confronted both with the police structures and judicial arbitrariness and the possibility of more conviction in isovia- after the prosecutor's proposal in the second trial because insults in progression-as an agonist remains consistently dignity and purveyor to the side of the exploited and oppressed of this world: "the class war chose side with the wronged and oppressed, the excluded and persecuted by the guilty and the damned. " as he said in apology.

Moving to the same methodology as in Theophilus, the ASTYNOMIKO-speckled mechanisms have held another predatory sentence weight anarchic M. Seisidis. The M. Seisidis hostage found an older police and experiences of media construction of "robbers in black", and attracted the wrath of law enforcement mechanisms because of absconding road chosen. In these ten years it was targeted directly or indirectly by journalists parrots security and epikirychthike by the state in a modern version headhunters. Without any evidence to connect him with the charges attributed to him in mock trial following the arrest last summer took place a bid in the years of conviction as the final penalty of 36 (!) Years exceeded and the prosecution still proposal ...

The most recent event that confirms the existence and operation of a special exemption regime institutionally and legally regulated by the "anti-terror laws" 187 & 187A, ideologically and operationally oriented obsolescence, the slander and hit the most militant and radical piece of society, these the state defines as "internal enemy", especially the anarchists, is the sentence to 13 years of imprisonment Irianna V.L. An all respects absurd, untenable and vindictive condemnation was based on a scientific stale partial matching DNA mixture conviction which actually sought to criminalize personal and partnership of Iriannas V.L by one of the defendants in the same case, however, it has irrevocably acquitted by each category. In another special court humiliated every legal sense and common sense to accommodate the machine "guilty" of special terrorist courts and build careers of judges following the instructions of their political heads of counterterrorism and security through and even criminalization of what personal and friendly relations have a anatagonistiki to the regime political identity and positioning.

The struggle of prisoners in prisons against the tightening of "penal policy" and the special exemption regime

On May 18, dozens of prisoners and detainees in many prisons in the country have started mobilizations initially denying lunch blocking the cells, resisting thus the reduction and violation of fundamental rights and the "prison policy overall tightening" as implemented through in prisons. In the opening text of mobilizations said the "We the prisoners we prisons of the Greek State decide to join forces overcoming the artificial divisions that want to impose on us the basis of ethnicity and religious beliefs we have or have not to We assert a series of demands that concern us all and that are fighting fronts that come into conflict with the tightening of prison policy. The three requests concerning proclaiming the establishment of the Law 4322/2015 provisions, the abolition of the prosecution vetoed the institution of licenses and the abolition of abortion law on cumulative sentences served in the commission of specific offenses in prison, during or after the violation regular licenses. "

The just demands of the prisoners have individually its own significance and reflect the areas in which applied the repressive policy of the state prison as part of the wider repressive strategy.

Political prisoners in order to get the permits are entitled since they fulfill all the conditions required, blackmailed to make repentance or disclaimer statements as with D fighters. Koufodinas and K. Gourna whose applications for permission to aporriptontai- real cause - the fact that they continue to struggle and in prison participating in the ongoing protests of prisoners, to be placed on public issues and fronts of struggle out of prison and refuse to from iryxoun ideas and their revolutionary values as they seek the lackeys of the state. The same scheme for authorizations extended to other prisoners after suffice prosecutor's refusal and a formal justification for rejecting an application.

The introduction of modern totalitarianism, dictatorship of the State and Capital and expansion of control over every aspect of life, in line with increasing state violence upon society, upgrading means of restraint, the establishment of special "anti-terrorism" laws and extending the application thereof; such as the recent attempt to expand the "anti-terrorism" law in the public political discourse in the form of brute logokrisias- in increasingly wide range of social and class antagonism. The enhanced role of the judiciary and the judges function as the peak of repressive attack is primarily evident in the extensive interpretation and application of nomon- allows up to their violation and covers judicial afthairesies-, increased penalties even in cases of minor importance offenses to revenge detentions and excessive guarantees the continuous demonstrators convictions even with koukoulonomo although it has been abolished!

Prosecutions, imprisonments, heavy sentences, the evacuations squatting, deprivation of prison leave not intended only self-organized social and class structures, the most radical and militant parts of the movement, anarchists militants yet attempt to letourgisoun exemplified the continuous efforts to terrorize and discipline of the society in the state and capitalist dystopia of exploitation, oppression and exclusion of reserve.

For our part we must step up efforts for the organization, development and strengthening of the anarchist movement. To combat both ideological attack the regime attempts to slander, to aponoimatodotisei denervation and the race, and the repressive operations, moving towards creating a broad front of social connection and class resistances in social base. To support our solidarity with struggles on specific fronts trying to break the grip of repressive police and judicial mechanisms of the state.




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