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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #273 - Macron & cie: They will not mar us on (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 12 Jun 2017 08:24:48 +0300

Phew. The specter of the extreme right was pushed back and Marine Le Pen was beaten. Even if there is no hope in institutional politics, one can not help but let out a sigh of relief. But this relief is short-lived because, after a second round marked by a strong abstention (25.44 % of those registered, never seen since 1969) and a tide of white votes (11.47 % voting and voting, a record under the V th Republic), very well that the candidate chosen by default we know does not promise a brighter future. ---- Emmanuel Macron thus succeeded his coup: taking advantage of the swallowing of Fillon and the implosion of the Socialist Party, the candidate of the liberal bourgeoisie and the business circles qualified for the second round and unsurprisingly beat Marine The pen. The election of Macron, which seemed still totally unlikely a few months ago, precipitates a clarification of the political landscape: the two big electoral machines (the PS and the Republicans) were swept away in the first round and are now likely to shatter In favor of appointments and elections, which put personal ambitions and apparatus loyalties in tension.

After the election, the recomposition

If the designation of a government partly composed of Republicans and the recycling of a large number of right-wing or " socialist " deputies under the label La République en marche have the effects expected by the Macron team, Attending a political recomposition around four major blocs.

The first of these blocks is the " macronist " bloc , which claims to be " liberal " to the Anglo-Saxon (that is, in theory, to give more room for maneuver to companies on the market and Giving more freedoms to individuals in society), but in fact, in a curious team, it gathers right-wing personalities who have not really shone by their tolerance (for example, Édouard Philippe and Bruno Le Maire abstained from voting Of the law opening marriage to persons of the same sex) and " left " personalities who have always passed the demands of the employers before the demands of the employees. That the Social Liberals of the PS, admirers of Tony Blair or Gerhard Schröder,

This block winner of the presidential election has the wind in its sails but is still fragile because, on the one hand, its electoral base is volatile and risks not offering him a parliamentary majority frank during the legislative elections, which would plumb the Macron and Edouard Philippe's claim to " govern by ordinances " ; And because, on the other hand, his social base is very small: the traditional bourgeoisie had preferred François Fillon to him, while the popular classes bitterly remembered his performance at the Ministry of Economy. Its supporters will thus be counted mainly among the big companies and the business circles but also among the small employers,

In front, three blocs will dispute the monopoly of the opposition in the political arena.

The first of these blocks is the biggest loser in the presidential elections: it is the traditional right that, if Macron's continued sabotage work is likely to end up in a very precarious position, stuck between an extreme Which is perfectly in control of the national security registry and a " running Republic " which plays the card of openness and efficiency.

Exposing the lies of the extreme right

For its part, the extreme right, structured by a strong culture of the leader and armed with a simplistic but effective rhetoric, remains for the moment united behind Marine Le Pen and continues to reduce all the economic and social problems to the The issue of immigration. The National Front was able to adapt to very different electoral fields (former industrial strongholds in the East and North, peri-urban zones, cities in the South), but this was only possible by adopting very elastic positions and By multiplying the large deviations.

Even if the hatred of foreigners and foreigners remains its business, many subjects remain very clever within the party frontiste and it is not impossible to attend, more or less long term according to the results of the legislative elections, To strong internal tearing. For the moment, the captain's daughter continues to lead the boat without much criticism and is likely to succeed in setting up a parliamentary group in the National Assembly, on which she will rely To pose as leader of the opposition in Macron.

The challenge for anti-fascist activists must therefore be to continue tirelessly exposing the lies of the extreme right and to show that the real opposition to attacks on capital is not the ballot FN but the Solidarity, social struggle and the collective self-organization of workers. Without it, if it does not encounter any resistance, Macron's anti-social policy will undoubtedly be a step forward for the FN in the upcoming elections.

Lastly, Benoît Hamon's supporters in the midst of a bloodless PS and supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon are determined to show clearly the difference between their progressive proposals and the program of the new President of the Republic. To prevent the current Republic from obtaining a majority of seats in the legislative elections of 11 and 18 June is the betting of these forces already threatened by a scattering of candidates ...

We understand those who do not want to leave their hands free in Macron and who want a left opposition to be represented in the National Assembly. But it is not our strategy: we do not think that the resistance to the liberal scroller can be organized by some irreducible in the corridors of the Palais Bourbon and we do not rely on the legislative elections to prevent the new government from implementing The anti-social program of the newly elected President.

What opposition to Macron ?

This antisocial policy, we will fight it. Because we are promised this summer a new reform of the labor code, in line with the El Khomri law, with priority to company agreements on branch agreements. We are told that 120,000 civil servants are being abolished while many public services are already under-staffed. For we are talking about 15 billion savings on health insurance by " reorganizing the health care system " and 10 billion on unemployment insurance - a decline in benefits and an even more unfair regime for workers and Employment. Because we are made dangled a pension system " fairer " - in other words alignment with the less favorable treatment,

But we are for the workers to take charge of their own affairs, so we will not fight this policy by handing ourselves to parliamentarians, we will fight it by organizing ourselves to resist. In the trade union organizations which have not resolved to negotiate the weight of the chains and within the struggle associations, nobody expects anything from the promoter of the Macron and El Khomri laws and there will be neither a state of grace nor moods. Gathering the militant circles is of course a first step, which allows to count, to motivate and to prepare. The " Social Front ", launched on May 8 at the initiative of several union structures, as well as the campaign " Our rights against their privileges "

Work of conviction and mobilization

However, we can not be satisfied to bring down those who are used to beating the pavement, especially if this leads to dissipate militant energies that would be much more useful on the ground, to carry out an indispensable work Conviction and mobilization: we must not merely convince the convicts, we must above all convince the indecisive and undecided. In order to achieve this, it is necessary, within our trade unions, that we take the lead and that we are preparing now to lead the hard life of the new government. The failure of the movement against the labor law in the spring of 2016 has shown us that in order to win, we must place the challenge at the heart of companies and services, through the strike and the blocking of the economy. Our task, in the coming weeks,

Benjamin (AL Paris-Nord-Est)

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