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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - 13 th Congress (Nantes, 3-5 June 2017) -- Balance Sheet of Alternative Libertaire 2015-2017 (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 10 Jun 2017 12:57:01 +0300

The past two years were mainly marked by the social movement against Labor law in the spring of 2016 and by the refusal of security hardening under cover of anti-terrorism. ---- The increasingly decentralized AL federation has made progress in its ability to assist AL (CAL) collectives in organizing action. In addition to an increased placement of the Alternative Libertarian monthly, she was able to be responsive enough to distribute intervention materials that CAL had immediate need (stickers, leaflets, posters), and run campaigns based on Social networks. ---- It is impossible to enumerate all the actions and manifestations to which AL participated, from Brussels to Toulouse, from Rennes to Marseille during these two years. The general trends which characterize this activity will be considered here.

Business and social movement

Sur le front de la résistance au capitalisme, AL a activement participé à la préparation de la journée de grève interprofessionnelle du 9 avril 2015, avec une campagne virale, l'édition d'un autocollant et la production d'un contenu critique sur la façon de mobiliser. Rebelote avec le soutien aux syndicalistes d'Air France traînés en justice pour l'affaire de la «chemise arrachée», et avec ceux de Goodyear, lors des rassemblements de Paris et d'Amiens.

But it is of course the struggle against the El Khomri law that mobilized the most from February to September 2016. The organization has, on this occasion, endeavored to " walk on its two legs ", with both A capacity for political intervention (posters, stickers, leaflets, communiqués, etc.), and activists in social and trade union movements. On the union front, several LA militants have played a role in boosting the call for " blocking everything", drawing the contours of a trade union network of struggle. The collective experience of events was mainly summarized in the AL 2016 summer dossier.

Against safe hardening

After the attack on Charlie hebdo in January 2015, AL had refused to play the game of the ephemeral " national unity " behind the French government.

After the attacks in Paris in November 2015, Brussels in March 2016 and Nice in July 2016, AL maintained this line, reaffirming that the militarist and imperialist escalation would not in any way get out of the jihadist gear. Only social responses in Europe and aid to the progressive forces in the Middle East can defuse the jihadist threat here, and disintegrate it there.

From November 2015, AL participated in various prohibited demonstrations, braving the state of emergency, and contributed in particular to the animation of the unitary framework " Stop the state of emergency" which organized the demonstrations of January 30 And 12 March 2016.

International Solidarity

The war in Syria, the ravages of jihadism, the refugee crisis, the struggle of the Kurdish left and the fascination of Turkey have marked AL's international activity over the past two years.

AL defended the reception of refugees on European soil on the one hand, arguing in favor of freedom of movement and installation, demonstrating that " invasion " was a myth, and on the other hand participating in Public demonstrations in support of refugees.

Locally, concrete support actions were also initiated, notably in Douai and Paris, where the federal premises of AL helped to logistics a wild encampment rue d'Aubervilliers. AL also distributed material (stickers, posters) produced on the issue by the Libertarian Antifascist Campaign (Claf).

The organization also increased its support for the revolutionary experience of Rojava and its cooperation with the Kurdish left. Numerous study articles in the monthly magazine, public meetings, support for the Kobanê feminist reconstruction project, edition of a support tee-shirt, participation in solidarity demonstrations in France ... Without abandoning a necessary critical reserve Well accepted by our Kurdish comrades.

In Turkey itself, the Anarchist Revolutionary Action (DAF), in solidarity with the Kurdish left and struggling against the fascism of the country, was able to benefit from financial support (14,000 euros) collected by the francophone libertarian movement.

As for Greece, Alternative libertarian has relayed the action of the anarcho-syndicalists of Rocinante, in fight against the payment of the debt that imprisons the country, and against the treason of the Syriza government.

Finally, AL has relayed the campaign for the release of Alexander Koltchenko, a Ukrainian anarchist kidnapped and imprisoned by the Russian services, organizing several protest rallies in front of Russian diplomatic representations in France.

The bulletin of the international commission and the articles of the monthly Alternative libertarian show that our international activity extends well beyond the examples cited. It would become even more effective by making the Commission the common tool for all our international initiatives and by appointing at least one committee correspondent in each CAL.

In addition, during this mandate, AL will take the means of reflection and decisions concerning the structuring and development of our current internationally ; Which includes a review of our investment in the Anarkismo network, shared perspectives on its future, and how to implement the internationalism we are calling for.

Against racism

The last two years have been marked by an aggravation and disinhibition of racism, mainly directed against the Rrom minority and the Muslim minority or supposedly such.

In this context, and in particular during the anti-burkini outbreak of August 2016, AL constantly advocated respect for freedom of conscience and denounced the violation by the public authorities of the freedom of worship guaranteed by the law of 1905 on secularism.

In the fight against the state of emergency, then against the Labor Act, the organization systematically denounced the repression against the social movement and the impunity of racist crime committed by the police in the working-class neighborhoods. With Adama Traoré and Théo Luhaka having been the most publicized in 2016-2017.

As regards support for the action of racialized associations, AL welcomed the success of the March for Dignity of 31 October 2015, which confirmed the now pre-eminent role of these associations in anti-racist mobilizations. The organization supported the commemoration by the Jewish and Revolutionary Jewish group of the 10 years of the assassination of Ilan Halimi. AL was not able to establish relations with Asian associations after the murder of Chaolin Zhang in Aubervilliers in August 2016.

In terms of unitary work, AL joined forces with the Call Against Racialization Policies and the Manifesto for Political Anti-Racism, in the framework of the May 2015 and October 2016 Fora ATMF, the FUIQP, the UJFP, the Fasti, the CRI, the Gisti, the Cran ...

On the ecological front

The last two years were mainly marked by the fight against the airport project at Notre-Dame-des-Landes (44), opposition to the nuclear burying project at Bure (55) and mobilization to denounce The mascarade of the Cop21.

In the Loire-Atlantique region, AL was one of all the demonstrations against the ubucco project of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, sometimes with regional or even national reinforcement. The AL Federation published a poster, which was extensively pasted at the time of the June 2016 referendum.

The organization had decided to make the Climate Summit in Paris in December 2015 a time of political mobilization to underline the fundamental responsibility of capitalism in global warming. A lot of material had been produced (articles in the monthly, four-page pamphlet, leaflets, poster, stickers) and a national ascent was planned for the November 29 demonstration. The attacks of 13 November and the state of emergency have changed the situation. AL was able to speak at the " alternative summit " of 5-6 December in Montreuil, but the planned blocking action had to be canceled due to security measures. On the other hand, the organization braved the ban on demonstrating on 29 November, at the cost of a few dozen custody.

On the feminist front

Apart from the usual participation in the March 8th days, AL's feminist activity over the last two years was mainly marked by the launch of the campaign against violence against women in the fall of 2016.

As for the Cop21, a pack of complete material (special folder in the monthly, poster, stickers, leaflets, video) was produced by the federation. The CALs made November 25 a highlight, and organized public meetings to politicize this issue of violence against women.

On the cultural front

In early 2016, the organization decided to start a small campaign around the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution, based on the traveling exhibition carried out by the CGT-E. A poster and a special issue in Alternative Libertarian of July-August 2016 were also planned, but mobilization against the El Khomri law has hampered these projects. Nevertheless, a number of LACs organized events around the 80th anniversary of July 36, but with no federal material at their disposal.

Outside of the AL framework, in 2015-2016, several tours of the book Too young to die took place, which helped to rediscover revolutionary syndicalism. Whenever they wished, the CALs were able to organize or be associated with these tours.

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