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(en) anarkismo.net: Direct democracy now! Bar reform on the streets and build Popular Power! by Brazilian Anarchist Cordination (CAB) (ca, pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 1 Jun 2017 18:15:52 +0300

Text from the CAB about the situation in Brazil. ---- Barricades in Paraná (Brazil) ---- Brazil is experiencing a political earthquake, breaking the rot of the country's elites and further weakening the ties that hold them in power. The orchestrated operation that allowed the recording between President Michel Temer and the owner of JBS, the largest meat company in the world, alters the correlation of forces in the country and plays gasoline in the political and social crisis. With political instability, the government has more difficulty mobilizing its base and moving forward with reforms of retirement and workers' rights, the biggest attacks on the working class. That is no reason to commemorate, we must not take weight from these struggles. Now is the time to move forward, to massify the mobilizations with the blockade of the streets, paralyzes towards the general strike to block the social cuts and the reforms. We must deepen democracy, but direct democracy, where the workers in their work, study and housing decide the direction of the country. We can not accept the crumbs of those above, we need to impose a popular program of social rights built and decided by the people. We need to build direct democracy, in neighborhoods, in favelas, in slums, in land and housing occupations, in factories, in schools outside the agreements of those above.

The coup that brought down the PT / PMDB's fourth mandate from the presidency made it possible to begin a successful crackdown on the people at an overwhelming pace, with broad support in Congress and in the media, notably the telivision network Globo . Michel Temer approved the reform of education, the law of the ceiling of expenses, law of the outsourcing, privatizations and different attacks - begun during the own government of the Workers Party (PT). Decades of bureaucratization of the struggles for large trade union centrals and the practice of co-opting leaders of large social movements by the PT have helped and still help to demobilize the people and make it difficult to massify resistance against these attacks. In spite of this, other sectors such as students and indigenous people, Give renewed encouragement to the social struggle. The growth of popular dissatisfaction with the pensions and retirement reforms of Temer manifested itself with great impact in the streets, in the mobilizations by the general strike of the days 15 and 28 of April, making the coup makers back down with their proposals.

With more than 90% rejection, the Temer government has no legitimacy to support this false democratic system. This only serves to keep the businessmen and the political class from stealing and killing the people. The Lula and Dilma class conciliation government was a government for businessmen and the rich, with some crumbs for the poor. And the innumerable allegations of corruption only make evident the disgusting relationship of favoritism that exists between big business and the state. Corruption cases are not isolated events, but it is what causes the state and the private sector to move. That is, the representative system serves not the interests of the people, but for capitalism, so that the political and business class can advance their projects.

That is why "magic solutions" such as privatizations, outsourcing, attacks on labor rights only serve to make entrepreneurs benefit more. In the same way are attacks on social rights, attacks on indigenous and their territories, landless and peasants, women, LGBTTs, genocide of black people and residents of favelas and poor neighborhoods, criminalization of poverty. All are measures and policies for the right and the conservative sectors, entrepreneurs, landowners, bankers impose their ideology, profit more, concentrate more wealth and exploit more people. Entrepreneurs, like João Dória, are not different from other politicians, are enemies of the people. If professional politicians are in disrepute, The justice system tries to use legitimacy with anti-corruption operations to increase its power in the state structure. The leadership of the Judiciary, the Federal Police and the Public Prosecutor's Office, with sectors aligned directly to the United States, have the massive support of the Globo network to accumulate power with dangerously authoritarian biases. It is necessary to repudiate that escalation and to avoid any illusion in salvation by the bourgeois justice.

Old media play a crucial role in the tangle of interests of the ruling class. The Globo network, which supported the Parliamentary Law Mediatic Coup, built and legitimized the current coup, now placed on the stronger side, with the Attorney General's Office (PGR) for the departure of Temer. The purpose is to recover the conditions to approve the reforms with the election of a new president by indirect elections. We can not underestimate the role that communication giants play in the ideological field. The position of the Globe against Temer does not mean any advance for the popular field. In the discredit of the professional politicians she discards old bets, like Aécio Neves, and orient their agenda by the worldwide tendency to leverage the candidacies of personalities apparently "

It is necessary to question the reason for the denunciations to arrive only at this time. Although they have ruled out some politicians and triggered some instability, the action shows loyalty in the agreements between state and capital. The criterion is economic and there is interest in defending a company that recently faced the operation "Weak Meat"; An action that, if on the one hand showed the poor condition that our food is produced, first served to American interests to weaken a competitor in the international dispute of the meat market. It should be noted that it was the PT / PMDB government that fattened JBS via the BNDES with millions of dollars, transforming the company into one of the largest in the world.

Down and Left, Direct Democracy now!
The fact is that the pattern that led many people to the streets in that 1 year Temer government can become a reality: Michel Temer's departure from the presidency of the republic. And we ask ourselves: what now? What is the next step? We know that with weakened coup leaders and their oscillating parliamentary base, there is a lack of conditions for continuity in the processing of labor reforms and foresight. Now it is urgent to massify the fight against the reforms and to recover the rights that were removed by coup plotters from the past and from the current situation of the PT / PMDB. In addition to stopping the reforms, we need to build a project that will make the rich pay the account of the crisis and recognize the political elite, entrepreneurs and media as enemies of the people.

Only the organization of the people and the pressure on the streets can prevent reforms and attacks on social rights. Nothing will go in the direction of parliament. We have to prevent entrepreneurs and the political elite from making their summit agreements and blows to continue with their project. Mobilization and popular pressure are now necessary and urgent to prevent the progress of reforms amid this instability. They are necessary pressures to impose the popular guidelines to the government, also in the case of a direct election. And the mobilization of the people today is urgent to prevent the worst of the scenarios, which is a suspension of the elections in 2018 through a political-military intervention and persecution of the combative sectors of the left.

The left electorera demands direct already to the Presidency of the Republic and the Lulismo can appear, as in years back, managing to appear like supposed popular exit in the middle of the earthquake of the political crisis. We can not fool ourselves! We have affirmed and continue affirming: we must overcome the petismo and all his inheritance in the left. The belief that Lula will have to face the crisis and bring improvements in the living conditions of the bottom is not sustained. An election of Lula would represent only another class pact with the bourgeoisie and the bosses, in even more withdrawn terms than in previous years.

The important thing at the moment is that the struggle has to be from below and in the streets to advance a popular rights program! Promote organization, mobilization against the reform of retirement and labor rights and for the construction of a popular project with independence of class. To catalyze the popular dissatisfaction in revolt and to advance in the struggles in the premises of militancy. Do not let yourself be led by punctual solutions, in that process of reorganization of the left and summit agreements to save bourgeois democracy. There is no rabbit in cardboard, the output is to build popular organization in the neighborhoods, in schools, in the workplaces with the poor and oppressed people. We must demand the suspension of all anti-political measures initiated in the PT government and continued by the coup leader Temer.

The moment is unfavorable for us oppressed and oppressed, but the crisis and the dispute between the elites open space for other projects. We need to use dissatisfaction to delegitimize that system and channel the social struggle.

Direct democracy now! For the suspension of all anti-political measures! Against the fiscal adjustment and the rights cuts! Out Globo coup! Build People's Power against Adjustment and Repression!
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