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(en) federacionan arquista iberica FAI: May 1, 2017: Against precariousness, corruption and war. For the indefinite general strike (ca) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 15 Apr 2017 10:08:04 +0300

Precariousness and corruption in Spain ---- The government and the media continue to insist on the country's progressive economic recovery. However, the unemployment rate exceeds the more than four million people, being black labor, labor precariousness, income of insertion of the autonomous communities (RMI in the Community of Madrid), and family savings and pensions Greater, the supports that workers have in Spain to deal with the difficult situation in this country. Social services in Madrid are collapsed and social investments are becoming smaller. More and more money is destined to the outsourcing of services, with some direct consequences the precarization of social services, worse service, ---- Child poverty in Spain has increased fivefold during the crisis. Between 2008 and 2015, the number of children in severe poverty has increased to more than 400,000. The precariousness and destruction of the jobs have led to the enormous impoverishment of the working families. This results in lack of access to resources of minors, poor diet and serious health consequences.

Every day, family evictions continue to be carried out in Spain that can not afford abusive mortgages. Hundreds of thousands of evictions have been made since the crisis began, while spending on public housing by the state has been reduced to 50%. However, hundreds of thousands of homes are empty. Up to 30% of empty homes in Europe are found only in Spain. To such an extent it has arrived that, sadly, one of the first cause of death in Spain is suicide.

Spain is one of the countries with the greatest inequality within the European Union, ranging from the second to the fifth position. This gap, far from diminishing, has increased disproportionately as a result of the crisis, polarizing society. More than 30% of the Spanish population is at risk of extreme poverty due to low wages, unemployment and job insecurity. On the contrary, 1% of the Spanish population concentrates more wealth than the 70% more impoverished. Politicians play their role in promoting policies that reinforce and protect the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few.

It has been more than proven, that the political representatives are not very interested in the social situation. Moreover, their objective in the end is none other than the living of state institutions. The senator of the PP Eugenio Gonzálvez expressed clearly: "that the assholes work". The assholes that we have to pay him and the businessmen their salaries, their vices and their standard of living. Of course, this gentleman is not going to resign from his position.

On February 23, the black card statement was issued . In the same, representatives of the PP, PSOE, IU, CC. OO. And UGT, counselors at Caja Madrid, after spending hundreds of thousands of euros of public money on "representation" expenses for years, are condemned to derisory penalties for misappropriation. Most likely none of them will step into jail, either because of the low conviction or because of the money.

The plot of the Punic, is another of the cases more sounded and with more media repercussion in Spain. In the same have been stopped and processed dozens of members of the PP, the PSOE and entrepreneurs for corruption, payments of illegal commissions and money laundering through a corporate structure. This case has splashed deeply to the dome of the PP of Madrid. The same ones that soon fill the mouth of democracy and freedom, and imprison those who fight injustices.

The war in the world

The capitalist economic system does not only wreak havoc in Spain. Various wars shake the world today. Some more media, some less. Most with justifications such as the defense of peace and the promotion of democracy. However, behind these conflicts caused by EE. The United States, Russia, China, Iran, the EU in general or Britain and France in particular, dominate the economic interests of large multinationals and the geopolitical interests of States, which revolve around the construction of large infrastructures, Control of gas, oil, reserves of minerals and other natural resources, etc.

Behind every weapon, every missile, every bomb, every fighter plane and every army there are businessmen who profit from the business of death and suffering. An example in Spain we have in the former defense minister Pedro de Morenés and Álvarez de Eulate , linked to the high Spanish nobility and businessman of the armament industry.

Spain is one of the leading arms suppliers in the world in the last 50 years. The excuse is defense. However, among its clients are several countries that are involved in conflicts against other countries or in internal conflicts. Some of them are the United Kingdom, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya or Venezuela.

On the other side we have hundreds or perhaps thousands of civilian casualties who die every day because of the armed conflicts that shake the world. Millions of workers who have to get by day to day to die, in order to support their families.

There are reasons to organize. Towards the indefinite general strike

Both within the borders of the Western world and outside, the workers have to suffer the miseries to which we are condemned by businessmen and politicians. Inside we have to suffer the relocation of factories, the destruction of jobs and the continued fear of unemployment, as well as the frustration of never being able to reach the standard of living that we are trying to sell as the ideal of any rich and developed country . All with the sole aim of exploiting us, making the most of our work with minimum wage (and if you save Social Security, much better), and play everything in the bag.

Outside the West, the business of war and the imperialist interests of multinationals and states keep millions in poverty on the five continents, suffering hunger and endless wars that never cease.

The relocation of European industry is another maneuver of the employers to save costs in manufacturing and production, having thousands of workers and children in subhuman conditions and semi-slavery. This is how his fortune Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex and applauded in Spain as an exemplary entrepreneur. It is organized by politicians who create corruption plots to enrich themselves and by businessmen who finance political parties to promote policies that defend their class interests against workers.

Faced with this situation, it is necessary for the workers to organize to put on the table the most effective tool with which we have both local and international level, the general strike indefinite. To stop the onslaughts of neoliberalism both in Spain and against the wars that devastate the peoples of the world by the business of a few businessmen and politicians.

Far from the pacts unions, which are part of the neoliberal machinery, we have the alternative of creating and fostering networks, groups and unions that operate horizontally, assembly and solidarity, which are the best tool to block the neoliberal assault, both In the work environment as in the social environment, and to defend and promote our interests as workers.



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