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(en) [Greece] Video: In Athens, anarchist protest against the war in Syria on the first day demonstrators were assassinated by Assad By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 14 Apr 2017 09:11:45 +0300

On March 18 , a day of remembrance of the first dead of the uprising in Syria in 2011, assassinated by the Assad regime, there was a protest against the war and in solidarity with the Syrian people in Athens, bringing together hundreds of people. Next, text distributed by the "Initiative of anarchists and migrants for internationalist solidarity to the Syrian revolutionary people". ---- At the beginning of March in 2011, as the Arab Spring spread widely, influencing uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, 15 teenage students wrote on the walls of their school in Daraa, Syria: "The people want the regime to fall." They were immediately arrested, detained and tortured by the secret service and the police. When their families protested, pleading for the release of their children, the response they received was threats and insults from none other than the head of Assad's secret service and cousin, Atef Najeeb, who reportedly told family members to forget their children and I made others, or else sent their wives that they themselves would take care of it. On March 15, angry people took to the streets of Daraa, demanding that the children be released.

The major protests continued during the days that followed, and then on March 18 the people of Daraa occupied central points in the city, with peaceful protests of permanence. The army was ordered by the regime to open fire with lethal ammunition against the demonstrators. 4 people died. Although the first protests were nonviolent, demanding that teenagers be released, they soon became an insurgency with broad popular participation and growing tension, with slogans about freedom, dignity, and reform. These protests spread, and at the same time the repression intensified, increasingly violently by the authoritarian and neoliberal regime. These facts have led to a growing radicalization of protesters, who have come to demand the fall of the Assad regime. </ Font>

They were unprecedented demonstrations in Syrian society, and the fear that was continually imposed by the brutal repression and propaganda of the regime, caused a political stalemate for decades. Economic inequalities were dominant in the country, with large economic interests in the hands of the Assad family and its affiliates, high patents of the army and administration were given almost exclusively to the Alawites (ethnic-religious group of the Middle East), while the vast majority of the population Syria - largely living in the countryside - was living in terrible conditions of misery and oppression. At the same time, although the regime opportunistically supported the Kurdish struggle for autonomy in Iran and the Tukkland, it systematically and brutally suppressed the Kurdish people.

A massive and popular uprising for dignity, freedom and justice occurred in Syria, a country with a totalitarian regime, where talking about political or social issues was totally banned for decades. The regime responds with brutal repression, aiming to destabilize the unity of the demonstrators, using religious sectarianism as a tool and carrying out extremist propaganda, according to which demonstrators appear as inciters of revolts and terrorists, foreign agents and dangerous fundamentalists. Kidnappings and torture by the secret police intensified, especially against activists and the more active part of the insurgency. The army fired lethal ammunition at the demonstrators on a regular basis at all protests. The refusal of soldiers to follow the order of generals (mostly Alawites) to shoot civilians led to mass army desertions. The Syrian people revolt.

While popular mass movements continued to increase in intensity, self-organized committees appeared in the social arena, coordinating resistance and daily life in the liberated areas. But as violence escalated, armed clashes gradually came out of the hands of the struggling society and became the responsibility of hierarchical structures of armed groups with various ideologies and policies, such as the Free Army of Syria and Al Nusra. In the end, a hard civil war will prevail, during which the old religious and ethnic differences will prevail and dominate.

We position ourselves critically in solidarity with the Syrian people's revolutionary fighters, the self-organized and anti-government communities in the neighborhoods, which continue to resist no matter how hard they have been hit. Against all forms of authority, against all would-be saviors. Beyond religions and borders.

Money, religions, nations, gender and race have established the boundaries that separate people. This is why we are against national and religious symbols. We desire equality, solidarity and total freedom for all. Against all domination and authority, the red and black flag is a symbol of the lower, and the only symbol we support.

Initiative of anarchists and migrants for internationalist solidarity to the Syrian revolutionary people

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ectLbbfELpQ

Source: http://www.provo.gr/poreia-allhleggyhs-sto-syriako-lao/

Translation> Yanumaka
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