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(en) Poland, rozbrat.org: Manifa 2017 - What are we fighting? [machine translation]

Date Thu, 16 Mar 2017 14:44:59 +0200

6 years ago we said enough! we organized in Poznan, zalozylysmy union, polozylysmy on track to paid attention to us, for the young and for those who do not have access to public nurseries, creches zablokowalysmy privatization [...] Today in solidarity with you! We are strong, we unite, we will not give up and act! ---- Agnieszka Commission OZZ IP the Teams Nursery Accessories in Poznan ---- It is the work of our hands, our bodies builds wealth of this world, and we know how the profits appropriately redirect.[...]On a day like today in many cities of the world we show how strong we are. A global movement that is born before our eyes represents 99% of the women of this world. It does not represent those that stand in power.[...]Let us not say that the only chance for us is that we have been szefowymi that will use our other sisters.

Agnieszka Commission OZZ IP at Amazon Polish

If you are in a situation in which I was for years that you have to toil 16 hours a day, wasted money, and for that money can not buy themselves food in the place where you work, and your boss tells you that low rates will reward you the tips you need to start organizing!

Agata Poznan Inter-Commission Working in Catering

Nothing we can not stand in the way to regain control over our lives, over where and under what conditions we live. If we do not have access to decent housing, we will take care of it for themselves! We will occupy empty buildings![..]I've none of us will not be alone! Today we go out on the streets as a tenant, workers, migrants, on behalf of all of us in the struggle for the rights of all of us!

Greater Association of Tenants

Such statements could be heard on Sunday Manifa, which on March 5 for the 12th time passed through the streets of Poznan. Similar demonstrations were also held in other cities, m.in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Lublin, Tri-City, Wroclaw or Torun. All were held under the common slogan "Against the violence of power." They emphasized in such a way that over the past 27 years, no Polish government has not improved the living conditions of women and their families, which is why we are constantly forced to go out into the street. The demonstrators chanted slogans: "Do not tighten the belt, tighten the fist", "city for migrants, not nationalists," "Members build a hell of women", "every authority bothers us," "my body, my choice".

At Manifa distributed newspaper devoted to the struggles and conflicts, involving mainly women. Below is one of the texts published in it:

What are we fighting?

Against which we protest? Against all forms of oppression of women. Against low wages, hard working conditions, cuts in social security, inefficient health care, limiting access to housing, under-financed health and education, excessive workload at home, hunger emeryturom, acquiescence to violence, reduce the rights of migrants, forcing us to be obedient nationals, female employees, wives and mothers.

What do we want? Total pay for our work, regardless of whether we do it in the factory, at school, in the office or at home. The development of public welfare institutions for children and the elderly, access to means of subsistence, we need every day, universal health care, social security, the impact on all areas of our lives, liberation from the role of cheap labor.

For the last 27 years in Poland, no government has questioned the neo-liberal course of privatization and social cuts. Reducing spending on schools, hospitals, kindergartens, canteens, community centers etc. still causes deterioration of the living conditions of many women and working families. Between 1990 and 2005. Number of public kindergartens fell by 38% and nurseries by 74%. The percentage of children attending extracurricular activities decreased from 50% (in primary schools) and 70% (in high schools) to only 10%. State shirking duty of care for the elderly and children, flips it on the shoulders of women. At the same time the loss or reduction of wage and price growth of maintenance caused the "renaissance" extended family with a man as its head.

Democracy without prosperity

Polish governments postulate the general welfare for all treated as a dangerous utopia blocking the development of genuine democracy, the basis of which it is to be civil society. Civil society it becomes a synonym for the dismantling of state welfare institutions and replacing them with non-governmental organizations. In Poland, the flourishing of the third sector was accompanied by the introduction of anti-crisis package, welfare cuts, lengthening the retirement age, the prevalence of contracts junk, lifting the 8-hour working day, the introduction of an annual period, another wave of closing schools and kindergartens, an attempt to privatize nurseries, mass evictions on the pavement, selling urban parks developers etc. the citizens participating in public life to absorb the results of liberal policies oriented to maximize profits, privileges for entrepreneurs and the development of individual careers for the elect.

A telling example of this was the action of Poznan authorities that in 2011. Drafted the privatization of municipal nurseries referred to as "socialization". It assumed the transfer of the management of their associations or foundations that emerged at a competition. Councillors persuaded the sitter to "taking over their workplaces," referring to the idea of self-government and democracy. Nursing seemed aware, however, that politicians are trying in this way to avoid responsibility for the underdevelopment of the care sector. Participation was reduced to poverty for the management and co-about how to reduce the necessary spending authority. Not expected to increase the impact of childcare workers on the city's budget and increase spending on care sector - this still had to decide only councilors. In response to the attempts of politicians workers joined the union, blocked the "socialization" (ie privatization) of crèches and plans to raise tuition for parents, and also won a raise of their extremely low wages. Civil society in the fashion of a liberal opposed workers' solidarity.

Feminism liberal??

The development of democratic institutions in recent decades went hand in hand with the dramatic increase in social inequalities. It is not surprising that a significant proportion of ubozejacego society that is paying dearly for the exploits of government, democracy is an empty slogan. Instead of a democratic state and civil, it will have access to even the minimum social security. From the perspective of workers permissive environment based around the PO, Modern and CODE-u are just as antidemocratic as the right under the sign of the PiS or the Catholic Church. The difference between one and the second is now that the liberals in the struggle for the lost stools, trying to use social discontent for their own purposes.

From April 2016. We had to deal with a wave of protests against the project Ordo Juris delegalizujacemu access to abortion. Demonstrations of 3 October were the culmination of several months of mobilization. "The strike women," was the slogan in turn mobilization that has served the expression of anger and highlight its economic backgrounds. There was no formal organization. The strike is a form of pressure applied by the employees, in this case a woman refusing to perform the duties imposed on them. The strike draws attention to the subordination of our lives working rules, including reproductive labor. From October issue of access to legal abortion it ceased to be only a problem of free choice and began to refer to the place of women in the capitalist division of labor. For many months, they talked about the problems arising from the lack of social security, nurseries, kindergartens, health care, affordable housing. Moving issues junk contracts and undeclared work, which enable operation of the current and all previous governments. It distinguished the women's movement of the movement led by the liberal elite whose sole purpose is to take power now exercised by the PiS. Protests intensify against the right to abortion for a long time were organized in a non-hierarchical manner, with the participation of many different environments and people, without leaders.

Their success now trying to use environmental liberal. Another Strike Women, held two weeks after the first, by the environment associated with the I-CODE, put on one of the leader of Wroclaw. The same environment created the National Association of Women Strike, trying to cram password mobilization in the narrow confines of his own organization. Liberal activists representing the interests of the middle class are now trying to channel black protest to restrict itself to criticism of the ruling party, as it did so CODE. Liberal attempt to exploit discontent women to re-gain power after he lost it on a national and global scale. This situation forces us to pose the question of whether feminism in general has something in common with liberalism, which for decades experience on your own skin? Is feminism is based on women from sitting on the supervisory boards of companies or in senior positions in state institutions? What is the cause of low-wage women, cuts in social security, the prohibition of abortion - the lack of women in parliament and an economic system that promotes inequality?

Our feminism

fight against the oppression of women must go hand in hand with changes in the organization of our societies. Only one criticism of the conservative political party, arbitrarily imposed demands and blurring the problem of economic inequality existing between men, let's leave liberalkom - polityczkom, businesswomen, prezeskom NGOs. Their "feminism" ignores the fact that we live in a society increasing class divisions. The feminist movement will not gain recognition among those who really need it until we question the capitalist division of labor and exploitation is also used by women to senior positions against the rest of the women.

Quite often the answer women's groups in the economic oppression comes down to the postulate of equal pay for men and women employed in the same positions. Although it is important to demand, it relates to leadership positions and often better paid feints. Women and men employed in occupations in catering establishments and in institutions are generally equally poorly paid. More efficient in terms of elimination of social inequality is to redirect public resources for care, health and education (including the financing canteens) - not only the development of the institution of care, but also raising the wages of employed people in them. Increasing social benefits and shortening the working day while increasing wages are essential ways to obtain independence for women, who are now chained to the homes and workplaces, where patriarchy reigns supreme.

Economic demands associated with all areas of life of women living off of work. Material conditions of our lives have an impact even on our sexuality. As long as the only rule of operation of the current economic system is to maximize the profits of the elite, so long we will not affect it, when and under what conditions we are born offspring. Still it tells us that the decline in the birth rate is not the economy, but no one asks whether we and our children want to serve it. The liberation of women is liberated from having to surrender our lives work.

newspaper distributed at this year's Manifa - strike women continues!

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