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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #257 (Jan) - culture, Group Interview The Three Eight: "We are there to recharge the batteries of our audience" (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 29 Feb 2016 15:17:13 +0200

Three Eight is five guys together to do street-punk / oi glory of anti-fascism and popular classes, fighting for a society without oppression. In November came out their first album. We asked ---- Alternative Libertaire: Can you introduce the band to our readers? ---- Three Eight: The group was established in 2013 in Grenoble, with, at the base, four friends. We already knew of demonstrations or collective. It has made our first repeat in Grenoble squat named Greta. We learned everything from start. We do not really know how to play, let alone together. And so the last two years were chained lot of concerts and there was an album released in November and its creation took about a year. ---- Can you talk about the album? ---- It is completely self-produced because they are members of the group who did everything. It is we who have found a place, put the plaquo and carpeted Finish to create a studio so-called Stud'Oï! Ourselves we recorded everything but the mix and mastering was done by a friend, Manu Akaes, a former Ya Basta. We looked for people who could support us to release the album and distribute it. These are just people who were in confidence, which are part of our activist milieu. In exchange for help, we give them CD and LP and remain independent. Therefore labels partner of the album, there's Fire and Flames is German, Hard Reality in Quebec, the French labels like General Strike, FFC and Rusty Knife Productions which are credited on the album. Their practices is self-management, they are not there to make money.

You say to the street-punk / oi, for you it is important to preserve a musical tradition that is part of aesthetics and dynamics of specific claims?

Yes, for us it's completely in a militant approach. We said no redskins or anything, it is not precisely label. People just have to listen to the words to get an idea of which side one is. We are in a struggle approach against all forms of oppression and discrimination that people can suffer through their taf, origin, sexual orientation, gender, etc.

What are your main musical references?

Is the cult bands of the genre, like Brigada Flores Magon, Opció K, No Servium, bottle Stage Camera Silens, but also groups other musical horizons like Ya Basta, Guarapita, Bolshoi or Los Tres Puntos. Full of more rap groups too ... And as musicians, there are ska influences, hardcore ... It is a mixture of different influences finally enough!

You've played in many self-managed places, squats ... It is important for you?

Since the beginning we play in these places that supports and some of these places is a little with us, we squatted them: we were going to see concerts, potos ... Then that kind of place, you give what you can, a small room and you see a nice concert, and that for us is important. Our concert is also an opportunity to meet their friends and girlfriends who are fighting militants, anti-fascists, trade unionists, anarchists, communists ...

And support those places that's important when we see the town halls, including that of Grenoble with the team (EELV / PG) Eric Piolle who said just before being voted "yes, we are going to squats promote it, "whereas now they are elected ben evictions are in Grenoble, including Roma. So all these inhumane practices, it disgusts us, and our way of doing shit that system is, among others, to support the squats.

In your text, what is the message you want to convey, and to whom?

In fact, the texts arrive in dribs and drabs. It's quite spontaneous, it has not tried to make a homogenous album, but rather writing texts when a subject inspires us. When we want to talk about an issue, we talk about it and write a text on it. We would like to talk to everyone. As themes are anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, the sexism, and it will continue in our next text. And the subject of migrants, it is important also. And saw the police violence at the moment, although we wanted to do a song about the cops. And we want to get out of classic subjects, there are plenty of other things on his mind but it will be on the second album ...

Compared to migrants precisely on the album that is released, there is a beautiful song called "Deep Eye" ...

It was written by Riad, bassist. In the mass media when they talk about refugees, they not hurt misinformation, or at least that's completely dehumanized. We hear figures, quotas, to choose such type of migrants, and we wanted to make this as real as possible and human tragedy. So this song is about a migrant fleeing poverty and war with hopeful to join France and who like so many others will not succeed ... Well, it's kind of a sad song , that of a chick who could be one of our sisters.

Do you think that music can have a function in a political project?

For us, music is unifying and it is clear we play in places where our audience is already convinced globally, so all together singing the lyrics with good sound punk behind, it is very stimulating. But we are not sure that it has a real impact on people, say that LTH is not a group that will make people change opinion. We are there to recharge the batteries of our audience. Potos that may come away with the feeling of not being alone. In all cases, we try either unifying but that's not enough: we think that we must move beyond the music, fight directly against oppression. But the music that can express anger, to vent, we are pleased we like that, after the public likes it or not like, and all the better if it motivates in!

A concert is the story of a night. The struggle is daily. When you're on stage, you're not totally the same: you play, it's comfortable. But when you're in the real activists are in direct and concrete struggle. So you still have many things to share.

So it's good that this musical stress relief is also a way to express convictions, his rage and solidarity ...

Yes, and must not forget that many militants need festive moments together. From time to time, must learn to relax a little bit. Especially in a social context where we tend to be more pessimistic. So when we do a concert and we not see a lot of motivated people, it's nice. Although times, demo, we see that there are fewer and fewer people ... But we are motivated for it is not lost!

Where did the band name?

It is proposed that Riad. This is in reference to the 3-8 system work, it echoes the working class. Although no member of the group currently hump with this pace, it was almost all done and just what we are talking we know and wanted to pay tribute to those who work like that.

Interview by AL Grenoble

Physical CD for 5 euros + postage via contact@lestroishuit.net or download free prices through the website lestroishuit.net

The group also has a page on social networking Dates of upcoming concerts updated on both.

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