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(en) Greece, anarchist Federation - Turkish state (or, another state death industry) (gr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 9 Feb 2016 08:23:12 +0200

From the torture and murder of thousands of opponents in Junta of Evren and continual war against the Kurdish people by the demonstrators and militants murders (Berkin Elvan in Geza, Tahir Elche in Diyarbakir) and bombings in Sourouts, Ankara and Istanbul, State violence, imposition and brutality, never left the neighboring country. - Military coup, nationalist, mafias, strategy of tension and ruthless political staff over time were in the physical space of the Turkish state and the Turkish bourgeoisie. ---- The rise of the AKP in power in recent years, marked the end of the "secular" ideological orientation of the Turkish state (the army as a regulator of political life, focus on Turkish nationality and language as homogenization element and oppression of the multi-ethnic composition, marginalization of organized religion and Islamist political forces, despite the occasional instrumental use of the latter to suppress radical segments of Turkish society).

The turn to religion as the central element of the Turkish state and the associated reduction of the political influence of the army, however, did not disturb the continuity of state enforcement policy, in no way reduced the intensity against the Kurdish movement and antisystemic political forces. Today we observe that despite different starting points and targets of Kemalist state and AKP (Erdogan's party), the defense of Turkish national interests have eliminated these differences.

Instead, the new alliance strategy of the Turkish state (Saudi Arabia, ISIS) intensified its crackdown against the organized parts of the Kurdish people: it is not only the opposition of the PKK in the Kurdish assimilation strategy based on common (Sunni Islam) religion. The real threat to the Turkish state is the libertarian political turn of PKK, as the PYD to track the Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). The current project of the Kurdish movement in Turkey and Syria are now much more than a national liberation movement left type.

The adoption of the federal organization and self-management of society, effective women-men equality and practical challenge traditional patriarchal logic of a winning female army (YPJ) and, above all, the proposal of a social organization model, not only Kurds but all peoples of the region, irrespective of religion and language, is a mortal danger not only for the Turkish state, but every ruler in the Middle East.

Given the multi-ethnic composition of Turkey, the doctrine of internal enemy over time constitute the cornerstone of national cohesion, while the repressive policy of the Turkish state against the Kurdish militants, exercised independently of the government. The AKP then, is but another product of the Turkish militarized state apparatus; another pawn in the service of Turkish nationalism.

With this new ideological enclosure and sometimes policies backs EU and US, Erdogan continues its strategy of tension (who re-established the power in the elections of November 1), unleashing the most severe attack in recent years in Kurdish towns and districts of eastern Turkey. Since last December, the Kurdish cities of Diyarbakir, Syzran Silvan, Sirnak and Silopi, pounded by the Turkish armed forces on the pretext of the war against "terrorism."

The military blockade has left many areas without electricity, food and water, while curfew prevents access to hospitals and funerals, causing the wounded to die of bleeding and the dead lie for days in the streets or to rot within in homes, alongside their relatives. Entire neighborhoods have been razed by Turkish tanks, while the dead have exceeded 200, the first victim of the civilian population.

Yet, despite the magnitude of the repression, the inhabitants of these regions dig trenches and build barricades, continuing to do what they have learned from children: to resist by all means against the Turkish state totalitarianism. The Kurdish people are paying the price for the ongoing struggle for freedom and independence, the struggle of the revolutionary Rojava in Syria, the resistance of the PKK militants in Turkish Kurdistan and the victorious struggle against the fundamentalists-obscurantists of ISIS: the links of the latter with the Turkish state obviously not limited to possible transactions, such as the great victory at Kompania was not only defeat the ISIS, but also for its allies.

Critical political corollary to the companies and the general policy of the Turkish state, is the EU summit in Turkey last November. The resumption of negotiations on Turkey's accession to the EU at a time of sharpening confrontation with Russia and renewal of conflict with the PKK and other Turkish political organizations, is nothing but an attempt landscaping of Turkish foreign and domestic policy.

In the context of the conflict large and small imperialisms in the region, European leaders reward on East ally for the 'vigor' demonstrating against Putin -Mr opponent of EU interests in Oukrania- and further legitimize the Turkish strategy Syrian issue. Ie, the North American and European imperialism, the reward from the East ally, against the Russian.

The attack on the organized Kurdish movement and the simple Kurdish people can not leave us indifferent.

Our class and internationalist solidarity with Kurdish fighters in Turkey and Syria, is a duty for all those who understand that the struggle for social justice and liberation knows no borders and nationalities.

We stand with all our soul beside resisting Kurds of eastern Turkey, the Kurdish women and Kurdish armed rebels, the Turkish women and Turkish militants, who are fighting selflessly toward religious fundamentalism-obscurantism and state totalitarianism for their autonomy, revolution and social justice.

Death to fascism - Long live the life

anarchist Federation

February 7, 2015
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