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(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups - No to a state of emergency and security measures! Do not let an authoritarian regime to settle! (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 29 Jan 2016 09:53:19 +0200

Coordination of Anarchist Groups calls to mobilize against the state of emergency, its inclusion in the Constitution, and the new anti-terrorism law to be presented in early February by the Cabinet. ---- We call for strengthening the initiatives that oppose these draconian measures, and to make the national day of January 30, 2016 to allow a successful challenge to expand and create enough power struggle to roll back the state. ---- To authoritarian rule: the démocrature 1 ---- Following the November bombings, the government's responses are recorded in the security field. The reinforced Vigipirate trivializes the massive presence of soldiers and police in the street; border controls are reintroduced; state of emergency allows including any arrest, search, banning public demonstrations and meetings 2 on ministerial or prefectural decision without review by a judge.

The inclusion in the Constitution of the state of emergency aims to strengthen its legal system and prevent any recourse to the Constitutional Council. As for the new anti-terrorism law, its purpose is to significantly expand the powers given to the police and prosecution outside emergency 3. Thus perpetuating measures that fall under the exception, the removal of rights commonly accepted in representative democracies is inscribed in law: separation of police powers, judicial and legislative, right to assemble and demonstrate. For several years, with blows of security laws and measures, the democratic veneer cracks, but this sequence appears to be a fatal blow to what remains of our collective freedoms; the State is our essence in the service of the dominant, but we are witnessing a kind of regime change, the transition towards an authoritarian government and police.

Tools to stifle social protest

Under cover of emergency, the protest against the COP 21 of November 29 was banned and repressed by force. Hundreds of arrests and 317 guards to view took place that day, and house arrests 'preventive' of activists took place ahead of the event. Prohibitions on demonstrations on public roads have multiplied, while at the same time were allowed sports events and trade events such as Christmas markets. Easy to understand that these measures have nothing to do with terrorism but allow the state to stifle social protest. While the deterioration of our living conditions and working empire, the government is preparing to dismantle what remains of the Labour Code, these security measures provide the legal base to the State to suppress any hint of resistance. All Seuse-s-worker should feel concerned by these attacks on our freedoms.

The government appealed to the responsibility of trade unions to assist in the building of "national unity" against internal and external enemies to fight, the better to silence the social inequalities and possible challenges.

State racism and xenophobic climate

Under the state of emergency, there has been several closures of neighborhoods, hundreds of house arrest and thousands of searches in people of Muslim faith. In early January, thus had 3021 searches, which led to the final four on anti-terrorist administrative procedures. These measures have affected many people who have nothing to do with terrorism. They reinforce the amalgam to all Muslim-es, more generally, racialized people and neighborhoods.

The proposal to extend the deprivation of nationality and to include it in the Constitution falls within the state racism and just feed the myth that the internal enemies of the "nation" are immigrants or of immigrant. It formalizes indeed a sub-category of citizen-not-s, all persons with dual nationality, which incur a double penalty in addition to their conviction, that of losing the French nationality and all the rights that go with it. On inequalities, we move on to legal inequalities; a hole is opened, and a simple change in the law will come and change the reasons for the deprivation of nationality. Already, the party Republicans and FN play upmanship to extend the list of these conditions.

This racist measure must be fought with force, but it should not take his opponent es forget to denounce the whole state of emergency.

This state racism fuels xenophobia that is spreading and becoming commonplace, evidenced by ever higher scores of the National Front, particularly in the last regional elections. But also the recurring violence of fascist groups against migrants camps like in Calais, or lately, the ransacking of the mosque in Corsica and xenophobic demonstrations that followed, carriers of all amalgams between aggressors, terrorists and people immigrant. These racist acts benefited from net governmental complacency.

We lose our freedoms, but we will not have security

The increase in security measures can prevent indiscriminate terrorist attacks, perpetrated by people ready to die. As the latest attacks, the arsenal of security laws does not guarantee security, but just restrict our freedoms, often insidiously but sustainably.

Worse, the current climate talks and feeds identity, national and religious folds. The designation of enemies (indoor and outdoor) creates scapegoats, distracting the population of social violence, violence of capitalism and the state.

The amplification of the imperialist war policy of the French state was a response to the November attacks. Western states bear a responsibility to the growth and the emergence of religious fascists movements in the Middle East; the path followed by the French state and its allies are not a solution but rather feeds the problem.


We have to fight in the coming weeks against the state of emergency and the new anti-terrorism law, real damage to our liberties.

But beyond that we must oppose the imperialist war policy of the French State, to the rise of racism, corollaries of this state of emergency, and to all safe and draconian laws. We must assert our international solidarity through the reception of migrant-e-s and support for progressive forces in the Middle East, particularly the revolutionary process in Rojava.

Our struggle against all isolationism has to go through an ideological offensive, in order to deconstruct all racist discourse, fascist, religious, nationalist, and by the struggles against social inequalities.

Faced with fascist violence, capitalist, nationalist, and say we have to build class solidarity.

In January 2016,
Coordination of Anarchist Groups

1 démocrature = formed the words "democracy" and "dictatorship"

2 See the document "What is the emergency? What does the new draft anti-terrorism legislation? "

3 See the document "What is the emergency? What does the new draft anti-terrorism legislation? "

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