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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #256 (Dec) - Jewish and Jewish revolutionary: "Antisemitism is a structural element of French society" (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 14 Jan 2016 17:47:41 +0200

In March of the dignity of October 31, 2015 (see also page suivvante), a few dozen people marched behind a banner "Jewish revolutionaries and Jews." It was the first appearance in the street Young eponymous collective. Meeting with Elijah, one of the activists and founders of the Parisian collective. ---- What JJR? What are your goals ? ---- We are a group of people of the Jewish national minority, we have two objectives. First, the emergence of the revolutionary movement in the fight against anti-Semitism as an anti-racist struggle and also within reach of the Jewish minority of people who want to actively fight against anti-Semitism and who are faced with a political vacuum. We also want to fight against reactionary ideas and reflexes within our own minority.

Your lyrics often include many historical references, why is it important to you?

We are not in a culturalist approach or with the ambition to live a righteous history to folklore. We analyze the past to understand the present. We say that "the past is gone nowhere." Those who think that anti-Semitism does not exist or is marginal and those who, instead, theorize a "new antisemitism", tell us that there was a break in this case. On the contrary, we believe that history repeats itself, with a current situation which may be compared in many ways to the colonial era with a bourgeoisie that seems to favor the Jewish minority with the effect of "disappearing" in the eyes of the oppressed -es, to divert anti-capitalist feelings toward a fantasized Jewish community. Yesterday Drumont today Soral, things do not change that much.

Sometimes you are criticized for using the term "Jewish national minority". What do you mean ?

I think the accusations come from misunderstanding of the term. We do not say that the Jews and the Jewish form a minority nation. We say that French society is based on a national novel itself based on a "national majority" fantasy, which would be white, European and Christian. We believe that there is also the blow of national minorities, who oppose this majority, which will never be "natural" members of the French nation, whose allegiance will always be called into question and whose shares, including policies, will be read in connection with this non-membership of the national majority. We wrote a more comprehensive text on the subject.

In a few words, what is anti-Semitism for you today in 2015?

Anti-Semitism is a structural element of French society, the French national novel. This is a structural oppression, as well as all forms of racism. It is an oppression that can be violent and brutal as soft or "funny". This results in the dieudonniste vocabulary that is quite present in all strata of society, this also results in discrimination in hiring and housing and of course attacks or assassinations.

And for Zionism? Are you doing a particular analysis as Jews and Jewish?

We believe that Zionism is a headlong bourgeois front. We think this is a poor response to anti-Semitism. The aim of Zionism is to protect Jews and Jewish, while in contrast the ideology isolates them from the other oppressed and are therefore the game of the bourgeoisie. Moreover, Zionism today is the desire to maintain the state of Israel as a Jewish state and as "the Jewish State". It is considered that the place of Jews and Jewish in Israel, this is our home, our second or first home. For us, instead of Jewish and Jews is no more there than here, and each one has the right to live where they wish. Finally, it is clear that Zionism in practice it is the oppression of the Palestinians and we are opposed to colonialism whatsoever - in Palestine, as in Kurdistan, Western Sahara, Kanaky or Tibet, for example - the name of our Jewish and universalist ethics.

How was your first appearance?

There were good and less good. We have three appearances for the moment under our belt: an intervention in a conference against racism, our procession to march for dignity and a public meeting in a Parisian militant place to introduce ourselves. The conference has generally gone well despite some remarks rather limits the margins of it. The March of dignity was more mixed in the sense that we have received a lot of encouragement but also more openly antisemitic invective and a person making a scoop in front of our banner (we made it clear the picture and have spree of the demo). Finally, our public meeting received a lot of threats and insults from extreme right-wing Zionists, who also tried to attack, but it was a great success, exceeding our expectations in terms of number of people present and made contact.

You make the choice of single-sex organization. Why is this important?

In the same way that women organize themselves, we believe that if we do not carry this fight, nobody will do it for us. We believe that the emancipation of the oppressed-es will be the work of the oppressed themselves are, we accept support with great pleasure, but believe that our experience of antisemitism allows us to better fight. We also think that to talk to members of the Jewish minority, have a common experience helps us. Our voice on the reactionary ideas that are typical to it (such as Zionism) is stronger and less perceived as an assault by Jewish and Jews. Our commitment to JJR is not an end in itself but a tool, a strategy for achieving equality. As we organize a social class basis to abolish social classes, we organize a social race to abolish basic social races.

What is the role of the revolutionary left organizations in your fight? What do you expect from them?

We have for the moment no group to group relationship with revolutionary organizations. However, we have more personal contact with certain to be members or relatives. We belong to the revolutionary movement, just as they, therefore we invite them to our initiatives and support us, as the March of the dignity and our public meeting. Our role is also to help the deconstruction reflexes and anti-Semitic tendencies present in the revolutionary movements.

Interview by François Dalemer (AL Paris Sud)

For more information: https: // juivesetjuifsrevolutionnaires. wordpress.com

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